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How Kids Dance Schools Benefit Early Development of Little Dancers

Time and time again, parents always ask us, “It is beneficial for toddlers and young kids go to kids dance school? Aren't they too young to be dancing?" The truth is, the ability to start dancing is innate and primal, developing in children before they can even form words! And dance is a powerful tool for developing physical, emotional, social and cognitive attributes of a growing child. Our kids dance school designs dance classes to make it age appropriate for children as young as 14 months. Participating in kids dance classes and exploring their innate ability have numerous benefits on early childhood development. These benefits of partaking in kids dance classes ranges from increasing their amount of daily exercise to making new little friends with shared interests.

kids dance schoolPhysical Development

Physical development is one of the most obvious benefits dance classes have for children. They are learning a great range of motion, body awareness, balance, muscle strength, coordination, and endurance. Movement patterns require the child to use their entire body to reach a level of fitness that is unparalleled by other activities. At kids dance schools, little dancers begin to understand that the possibilities of movement are endless and fun to explore.

Social Awareness

At kids dance schools, children have the opportunity to learn in a comfortable social setting. They must take turns, work as a group, cooperate, share, understand space, form lines, watch and support one another, perform, and interact. The group dynamic at a child's dance class challenges young ones to understand themselves in relation to others and to respect others as they share and move through space in unison. They also learn how to communicate, listen and express ideas with people other than their parents. For example, at kids dance school, little dancers start to pay attention to when it is and is not appropriate to talk in class. Taking classes at a dance school for children also helps to reduce anxiety about new people and places as children learn the social skills required to initiate relationships with other children their age.

Cognitive Developmentbenefits of dancing for kids

Through experiences in dance school, children understand that movement can be used as a response to an idea or problem at a young age. This creates a cognitive link to a solution or outcome. This type of cognitive development creates an awareness of how to function in the world. For example, it is very common in EvOLvE dance classes for children to be taught to leap over a "river" (scarf or mat) so they don't get wet. This idea achieves several different concepts: leg extension, transferring weight, problem solving, imagination, balance, space recognition, etc. The idea is that physical expression or solutions give young ones another way to handle the world while their verbal communication develops.

kids dance schoolEmotional Maturity

Kids dance school provides a structured outlet for a healthy physical and emotional release that helps develop emotional maturity of the little ones. There are endless opportunities for little dancers to experience and share various emotions through dance moves. Dancing not only helps them achieve the ability to creatively express their emotions, but also increases their self-esteem and confidence. Take EvOLvE annual recital for instance. At first some dancers may be intimidated or too shy to perform in front of an audience. However, through practices and dance classes, dancing helps them to get more and more comfortable with their own body and abilities, thus alleviate their fear of performing in public.

Therefore, as long as kids dance schools design kids and toddler dance classes in an age-appropriate way, it can maximize benefits on early childhood development. Taking dance classes allows young children to be more physically active, more comfortable in socializing with their peers, and encourage cognitive development. If you have a very young toddler and would like to start slow, try our You&Me: Parents/Toddler interactive class first and see how your little ones handle it. We know that taking the first step can be the hardest, but we guarantee that both you and your little dancers will be thankful for your choice later!

Family Day and Dance Classes In Evanston, 4S Ranch and Fremont

Family activity opportunities are everywhere! No matter where you live in, there is always a kid-friendly or family-friendly side of that city. This year, we are introducing our kids dance school to new locations in three different cities: Evanston, Chicago; 4S Ranch, San Diego; and Fremont in Seattle! Dance classes in Fremont and Evanston will be open in January 2015. All of these areas offer entertainment for kids that fosters learning and fun. Read on to explore the vibrant and exciting activities your family can do either before your child's dance class or afterward.

1. Evanston

Evanston is a special and diverse city in Chicago with its historic neighborhood, bustling downtownKids Dance Class Evanston and Lake Michigan. Along with these attractions, our kids dance classes in Evanston are located at the center of the city, which is accessible and close to everything in Evanston. A 10-minute drive will take you to the Evanston Farmers Markets in Ecology Center, which is a great place for your family to have some fresh, affordable and locally grown food after the little dancer’s morning dance classes. Similarly close to our dance class is Evanston Public Library. If you want to boost your children’s learning potential and would like your kids to be exposed to the merits of reading, this is definitely the place to take them after classes. It offers special programs and story hours for preschool age children at least 20 months old. If you are up for a longer drive, Up to 30 minutes, the Chicago Children's Theater is a great option. The fun and inspiration that it passes to little dancers is worth the visit. This theater, geared towards kids as the name suggests, is devoted not only to delivering visually stunning children’s shows but to educational programs for young performers as well. It is a good opportunity to show your kids where they can apply the dance techniques they learn in class in Evanston.

2. 4S Ranch/Rancho Bernardo:

Kids dance class in 4S Ranch4S Ranch and Rancho Bernardo are lively communities with endless opportunities for sports with so many public parks and playgrounds, and active youth sport community organizations. We hold our kids dance class in 4S Ranch at Kid Ventures, the neighborhood play center with creative play facilities aiming to help nurture your child’s imagination and creativity. Here your children can play different roles and explore different skills in various scenarios in its play village such as theater, nursery, pirate ship, etc. When your kids are done with dance class in 4S Ranch, just take them out of the classroom and Kid Ventures is right there. Warning: the kids may have so much fun they won't want to leave when it’s time to go home! Another great spot in 4S Ranch for family activities is the 4S Heritage Park. It has two play structures, one of which is designed for smaller children and a basketball court for Dads and their friends. There is also large grassy field for all types of sports where your dancers can practice some new dance moves they just learned in class. Only 3 minutes away from our 4S Ranch kids dance studio, this public park is perfect for a family gathering, a walk with the dog, or a casual stroll. while waiting for your kids taking their dance classes.

3. Fremont:

Our new dance classes in Seattle is located at Fremont Health Club. Fremont, isKids Dance Class Frement known for its unique, quirky and artistic atmosphere. For families who would like to try biking with your little ones after their dance classes, head to Gilman Bike Trail. There are a couple of places to rent bikes that are designed to carry little bikers at the back and offer helmets for kids as well. It’s all relatively flat so it’s good for kids or parents pulling a trailer. Gas Works Park is the public park near our dance school where you can go right after class for family activities. It is an ideal spot in Fremont for kite flying with kids, watching the sun set across the lake and just chilling out after the children have spent all their energy during dance classes.

We all do our best to encourage family bonding time with our kids rather than plugging them in to the TV, smart phones or iPad (however tempting that might be). It is such a wonderful bonus to be able to have that enriching time with the kids in such a convenient location to their dance classes. Dance classes in Evanston, 4S Ranch and Fremont are surrounded by many amazing family friendly attractions as listed above. Check them out after picking up your kids from dance classes and enjoy the family fun!

Four Things to Look For in Kids Dance Schools For Your Young Dancer

If your children are interested in taking dance lessons, your choice of kids dance school is crucial to your little ones’ future learning experience. What and how a dance studio teaches will have an impact on young kids’ physical and emotional development, especially if it is their first dance class ever. Yet it can be overwhelming and time-consuming to search for the right one. There are so many factors to take into consideration: instructors, dance styles, facility, proximity, etc. No worries, we’ve got your back! Here is our advice of 4 main things to look for in kids dance schools for your young dancers.

1. Specialization in your child’s age

kids dance schoolSelecting an age-appropriate dance school for your little ones could not be more important. It will not only improve learning effectiveness but also avoids physical damage from doing dance moves that their bodies cannot handle. Dance To EvOLvE is a San Diego-based kids dance school specialized in teaching toddlers and kids from 2-6 years old, thus all of our kids dance classes are oriented towards children in this age range. Our dance instructors are experts in both dancing and teaching. They are knowledgeable in teaching proper dance techniques for young children, and experienced in communicating effectively with them. So always look for a kids dance school that is dedicated to little dancers of your child’s age. 

2. Specialization in the type of dance that kids enjoy the most

Ask your kids what type of dance they would love to try and pick the dance school thatdifferent dance style in kids dance school is specialized in this style. Beforehand, you can show them some videos online to give them an idea what each dance style is like. Dance studios that are specialized in your kids’ favorite type of dance will maximize their dancing experience through quality teachers and professional skills. For example, EvOLvE is focused on a variety of dance styles for children for over 4 years. Each teacher is carefully selected by his/her experience, passion, and professionalism in certain dance. No matter if it is ballet, tap dancing, hip hop, salsa or jazz that your children are interested in, you can always find a class here presented by our talented teacher crew.

3. Core value on the little ones

kidx dance schoolAll kids dance schools are not necessarily alike, even when they offer the same dance classes. It is the core values of a dance school that makes a difference. Different dance schools have different beliefs, guiding principles and attitude towards details of dance classes, such as how little dancers should behave in class, or what the atmosphere of dance classes should be like. Parents are able to find out about a school’s value in multiple ways, by going through its website, by talking to its teachers or by visiting one of their dance classes. Always choose dance schools that put your child’s feeling and growth as priority. Our dance school emphasizes letting young kids have fun while dancing, and allowing them to learn though laughter in a warm and welcoming atmosphere. We encourage little dancers to participate in our classes in an active, engaging and creative way with limited downtime, because we believe that they improve faster with a smile and a giggle.

4. Location

Last but not least, location plays a key role in parents deciding on the right kids dance school as dance school Needless to say how inconvenient it is to commute during rush hour, it would be even more annoying if it happens to be dangerous weather (rain, sleet, snow anyone?) and you have to drive across half of the city to drop your little dancers off. Therefore, make sure that the dance school you pick is in accessible, convenient area, ideally close to your work or home. Dance To EvOLvE is a mobile dance school with multiple locations. Our classes are available in many areas throughout San Diego, Chicago and Seattle, so parents have a variety of options to choose from when deciding where they would like their kids to take dance classes.

In a nutshell, there are 4 things to keep in mind while selecting the best kids dance school for your new little dancers: it has to be age appropriate, specialized in the dance style your child wants to learn, focused on little dancer’s development, and located in a convenient area. We know that finding the right kids dance school can be tricky, but it will be all worth it when you peek into the studio and see your little one twirling to the music or "breaking it down" with all the enthusiasm their little bodies possess.

What makes a good dance teacher in a kids dance school?

There is a real difference between being a good dancer, a good dance teacher and a good kids dance teacher. Too often, people think that because some are good competitive dancers, they will be good teachers or even good kids dance teachers as well. That is not necessarily the case. Little do they know that dancing is one skill, teaching kids how to dance is another. Young kids and toddlers are not like average adults who can understand most of the things that teachers convey, or express what they feel towards the content they are learning. To successfully teach children dancing, dance teachers in every kids dance school has to develop their own methods of catching little dancers’ attention, delivering their skills effectively, taking good care of each students and so on. Obviously the criteria for a good teacher will depend on the kids dance school’s philosophy and age group that they are teaching. But in general, here are some key qualities that are imperative to any kids dance teachers and are also what we look for when hiring and mentoring our Dance To EvOLvE teachers.

teachers of kids dance schoolProfessionalism: Kids dance school teachers need to be able to answer parents’ questions and communicate important information. They need to be reliable to be at class consistently and to be on time. 

Knowledgable About Dance Development: The instructors in childrens dance schools need to know when students are ready to advance. It is crucial that they do not teach above the student’s age or level if their muscles and strength are not ready. Different levels of expectation should be applied to different ages of little dancers. For example, for our Magical Munchkins tap dancing class for 2-years-old toddlers, teachers would expect just the movement of legs and feet from them. However, if it were Start Shiners tap dancing class for 5 years old, the teachers would require the little ones to actually make the sound from dance moves.

Truly Passionate: Teaching in a kids dance school should be a true delight for the instructors. Great teachers enjoy the art of teaching dance, and enjoy being in the studio as a teacher watching their students grow. Their enthusiasm towards dance and teaching is contagious and will definitely affect and shape the little dancers’ attitude in dancing as well. Plus, teachers must truly love this age group, no faking it with a 3-year old. 

Good Class Management: One of the biggest characteristics of great dance teachers that wekids dance teacher kids dance school see missing in a lot of great dancers is the ability to manage a class. The little dancers need to stay engaged and focused in a way that makes class fun while keeping them safe. Class management is imperative to a successful, efficient and productive class in a dance school for children. This is an acquired skill and should definitely be continually watched so the teacher can improve.

Good Preparation: A unique thing that our kids dance school’s teachers are required to do in order to maintain high quality classes is a lesson plan to ensure that teachers are not just ‘winging’ it week to week. All our teachers, for all ages and levels, also must complete teacher shadowing and a teacher development workshop once a year. Teachers can learn so much from each other and it is important to watch others to keep those creative juices flowing.

kids dance school kids dance teacherEvery kids dance school has different sets of criteria about choosing teaching staff. The teachers are what differentiate or ‘make’ a kids dance school. Dance To EvOLvE has some of the best teachers around but they are all different and have different teaching methods. Some teachers are higher energy and louder and some have a much calmer quality to them. Neither of these types is better than the other, but just different and can have different effects on your little dancer. Thus it is also important to find out who is the right teacher for your little dancers. The first thing parents should do is to visit the website of the kids dance school they select and look at the description of its dance teachers. Pay attention to their education background, dance experience and personality, which is revealed in the way they introduce themselves. Besides reading the introduction of teachers, parents can also try visiting a kids dance teacher’s class and watch to see if the class seems organized and well run or if the little ones have enough time dancing and taking breaks. Talking to teachers directly after class will be helpful too. Prepare specific questions about little ones such as what the teachers will do if their children are not following instructions. 

Overall, picking the right dance teacher for your child is essential to the kind of dance experience your little ones will have in the future. A great, skillful teacher with the qualities mentioned above will guide the little dancers to develop the same passion towards dance he or she has already discovered.

4 Fun Kids Dance Themed Party Ideas

Have you ever needed to plan a party for your little one, yet had a hard time coming up with some fun kids themed party ideas in San Diego? Have you gotten tired of just a simple get-together with desserts and some presents already? Here we give you four interesting kids dance themed party ideas for your child to have a special and memorable day! 

1. Ballerina Theme

How about a ballerina themed party! Because how could girls say no to dressing up in tutus, ballet shoes, tiaras and imagining being the princess in Swan Lake? Ballet Dance Theme PartySince your child might already be taking ballet dance classes in San Diego, a ballerina party would be a great way to make dance even more fun in their lives! Trust us, as the little princes and princesses leap and twirl, the other kids who have not taken kids ballet classes will try to join in the fun! You can even hire a ballet teacher to come in to teach all the kids at the party a choreographed dance. Then they all perform together and the kids become the party entertainment!  If that option is out of your budget, show a short ballet dance video for kids to mimic together. This theme works well for kids between the ages of 2 and 10.

 2. Hip Hop Theme

hip hop dance theme party idea and party planingThis is a perfect theme for both boys and girls! Find a great, high energy kids hip hop dance instructor to come in and teach a fun class that will have your guests thinking of your party every time they hear the songs. The teacher can choreograph a customized routine to the birthday girl or boy's favorite song for a mini show at the end of the party. You can ask your little guests to dress in hip hop gear, including super star glasses, snapback hat, etc., and have them list their favorite hip hop songs. It would be even more fun to take pictures of kids in dance poses, and film the show to give as a party favor! With the right teacher, you and the other parents may spot the next Michael Jackson or Justin Timberlake in the house! Make sure that you host the party where there is enough space for children to dance it out, such as at a local kids dance studio in San Diego, or your backyard. This theme is great for kids ages 5 and up.

3. Disco Theme

Disco Dance Theme Party Idea and Planing

What is a better way to ignite your kiddos' intuitive sense of rhythm than a disco themed party? Simply decorating the room with a disco ball hanging from the ceiling, Christmas light around the room, and black lights for a glow-in-the-dark effect, will turn your living room or garage into a 70’s disco club. For dress code, ask your little guests to come wearing sparkling disco dresses or pants and hand out glowing jewelry or glow sticks to them after they arrive. You can hire a local kids dance teacher to teach the kids in all sort of various dance styles while they play dancing games (e.g. freeze dance, musical chair). This theme is great for kids between the ages of 2 and 6. 

4. Nutcracker Theme

Nutcracker Party theme party planningAre you on the lookout for a cool winter theme party for the holidays? Then a Nutcracker themed party would definitely be your first choice! Decorate your house with toy soldiers, Nutcrackers, fake snow and paper snowflake ornaments, DIY nutcracker character paper masks and Christmas lights. You can even set the dress code as “holiday attire” for more festive spirit! Since not every little guest may be familiar with the Nutcracker, you can begin the party by reading the story to them. Later, show them a video of the Nutcracker ballet and then organize the children to put on their own version of the performance. To add more fun, assign each child a character and ask them to play the show for you! As they enjoy the dancing and acting, this classic ballet is guaranteed to have little ones twirling with holiday delight!

Overall, hiring a professional for your child's dance party is the best way to reflect the dance party theme. We recommend researching your local dance studios that offer party planning. Compare pricing, reputations, and chat with other parents who may have some experience. If your child already takes dance lessons, try asking their teachers if they have party experience. If you would like to know about more kids dance party themes and options, fill out our San Diego dance party request form. We have plenty of other fun kids party theme ideas and don’t worry, we will do most of the work! With our assistance, we promise you and your kids will have a great time and an unforgettable party!

7 Kids Dance Halloween Songs

It is that time of the year. Fall has arrived. We put up the pumpkins, the decorative leaves, and the apple cider. We're getting our sweaters and warmer clothing ready for the cold days ahead. With fall comes Halloween and Halloween parties! What better way to spend time in a Halloween party than dancing to some awesome kids dance Halloween songs?

Kids Dance class HalloweenHalloween parties are a great opportunity for your little dancers to show you the dance moves they learned in our dance classes as well as a chance for you to connect with your child through this beloved activity. At a party we know kids tend to run around, which is great exercise in and of itself, but dancing will be able to add more fun to the mix and make it more interactive. These great kids dance Halloween songs are an opportunity for your little ones to have some fun!

When kids dance they are more prone to making friends and building their socialization skills. Through dancing, these kids dance Halloween songs provide a perfect opportunity for your children to foster those needed relationships. 

If you’ve run out of games to play or are done with trick or treating, dance is a great way for you and your little ones to let loose and have fun together!

Here are the Top 7 Kids Dance Halloween Songs for Your Little Dancers!

1. Ray Parker, Jr. - "Ghost Busters"

Although the movie is before your little dancers’ time, this groovy Halloween dance song is still a dance move starter today! You can start off the party with this great song and get the dance moves going! The fun refrain of “GHOST BUSTERS” is also super fun to sing and a great way for you and your little dancers to have some fun.

 2. The Skeleton Dance

Although it’s not technically a Halloween song, the fact that it’s about skeletons makes it spooktacularly fun! This interactive dance song comes with hand and feet motions and can even teach your child about human anatomy.  "The head bone's connected to the neck bone..."

3. Bobby "Boris" Pickett - "Monster Mash"

This one’s a classic! This 50’s Halloween smash is a great groovy dance song for you and your little dancers. It is a great song to do the twist with!

4. Nightmare Before Christmas - "This Is Halloween"

Although the Tim Burton movie may be a bit scary for your little ones, this particular Halloween song is great to dance and sing along to! Turn it onwhen your little ones get tired, it’s a great mid-tempo song that can still keep everyone going but gives them time to rest.kidsdancehalloween2

5. Alvin & The Chipmunks - "Witch Doctor"

 This 1950’s classic was remastered for the Alvin & The Chipmunks movie. This version has a great groove and perfect for those hip-hop dance moves! Plus, it is fun to hear them sing the chorus at random times!

6. Michael Jackson - "Thriller"

This one is another classic kids dance Halloween song that comes with some amazing dance moves by Michael Jackson! You can learn the dance yourself and then teach some of the moves to your little ones. Who doesn't love a moonwalking toddler? Just don’t show them the video. It is very spoooooooky!

7. Andrew Gold - Spooky Scary Skeletons

Finally, end the party with Andrew Gold’s Spooky Scary Skeletons! A great song to dance and sing along with.

Have a dancing Halloween!

 San Diego Kids Dance class halloween resized 600




Local Hip-Hop Classes for Kids & Toddlers

There are so many types of dance styles available, it can be hard to find one that your child is interested in.   Along with the many kids dance classes out there comes the common questions, what dance styles are good for ages or personality types? What does each dance style offer? One of the most popular these days is hip-hop classes for kids and toddlers. Read on to find out if hip-hop dance classes will prove to be a good fit for your kids!

local hip hop dance classLocal hip-hop classes for kids in Chicago focus on creativity, coordination, and listening skills. These kids dance classes are great for expression as their own personal dance style can shine through. Hip-Hop promotes individualism and expression of all kind. Your child will be encouraged to be nothing other than themselves in this exciting, fast paced environment.  Chicago offers several opportunities for hip-hop as well as chances for creativity. Check out our schedule page to find a local kids dance class that is right for your little groover.

What Personality Type is Best For a Hip-Hop Dance Class?

Hip-hop can fit with lots of different personality types but those with a creative, energetic, fast paced brain may be a perfect candidate for this dance style. Local hip-hop classes for kids in San Diego are great for a variety of ages. Take the time to find an appropriate local dance studio and once that is done, see what ages are common for the hip-hop dance classes. Hip-hop can be catered towards any age, even for toddlers as young as two. Check out Kid Ventures in the 4S Ranch neighborhood of San Diego.  It has an imaginative play space and fun classes to enhance your toddler’s creativity. 

Hip-hop is a great dance class for a child to start with because it introduces creativity, individualism and basic moves. Your child will learn how to express themselves, dance with those around them and increase confidence by testing out any new moves they may have.  Local hip-hop classes for kids in Seattle are a perfect way to start your kid in a new activity. It’s hard not to enjoy a dance class that plays some of the latest beats and introduces some of the latest moves.  With all the amazing creative and cultural opportunities in Seattle, make our kids hip-hop dance class the stop local hip hop dance class

What Does Hip-Hop Really Entail?

There is sometimes a concern that hip-hop can be questionable for children or involve inappropriate music. While that can be the case in certain circumstances, it is not the spirit of hip-hop. Hip-Hop is a form of self-expression that involves energetic moves, such as popping and breakdancing, all within appropriate measures with appropriate music.  The main idea is that there are no wrong moves here and your superstar is free to create any original moves as well as test out some they have been working on. If you have a child who doesn't show a particular interest in dance but is into some serious ninja moves, check a hip-hop dance class out! You will be amazed how much they get into it. All styles and moves are free to be expressed here.

EvOLvE wants your child to have a blast when dancing as well as grow physically and mentally.  According to, “dance helps children physically, emotionally, socially and cognitively.”  Taking a local hip-hop class for kids is a great way to help your kid grow to their full potential.  These kids dance classes teach so much more than just basic dance moves. We hope that this information helped. As always, if you have any more questions or comments, please feel free to let us know or check out our twitter page for neat information on ballet and tap.

Dance Classes in Encinitas and Logan Square

Dance class opportunities are everywhere! No matter where you are, there is always a chance to move and groove to the music whether it is in your living room or in a studio. A couple of our favorite locations are Encinitas dance classes in San Diego and Logan Square dance classes in Chicago. These areas offer kid friendly entertainment as well as vibrant and exciting opportunities to get your toddler up on their feet. Read on to explore the endless dancing opportunities as well as all the fun activities for you and your kid.

kids dance classNorth County San Diego

North County is sometimes overlooked due to not being at the heart of San Diego, but that does not mean it isn’t an excellent option for dancing and attractions. Why not check out the Museum of Making Music in Carlsbad with your little one or have a blast with the new added features at Legoland.  Another attraction to North County is the dancing features.  Check out Encinitas dance classes as well as Carlsbad dance classes. Your child can have a blast dancing to the music they learned how to make at the Museum of Making Music.

Logan Square Chicago

Logan Square is full of some amazing features as well as vibrant dancing opportunities for your child. Catch a movie at Logan theater where you can find kids movies for only one dollar Tuesday's and Wednesday's at 10am. You can also eat locally at the Logan Square farmer's market every Sunday up until October 26th with live music and all sorts of organic food.  Lastly, catch one of the many kid friendly festivals going on during the Summer time. Along with these attractions comes the opportunity to let loose and dance to the music at local dance studios around the area. Take a dance class in Logan Square in the morning, then eat lunch and practice some new dance moves at your local farmer's market in the afternoon.  children dance classes

Dancing can be done anywhere. However, it is an added bonus when dancing can be done in areas with numerous other attractions to keep your little one active and learning. Mix kids dance classes with some of these amazing attractions and your superstar is sure to have a blast. 

We hope you found this information helpful! If you would like more information on Dance to EvOLvE classes, visit our San Diego Facebook page or our Chicago Facebook page.

Download A FREE Parent Guide To Choosing The Best Dance Class For Your Child

Local Tap & Ballet Kids Dance Classes

There are so many types of dance styles available, it can be hard to find one that your child is interested in. Along with the variety of kids dance classes available comes the common questions, what dance styles are good for ages or personality types? What does each dance style offer? These are great questions and we are here to answer them! Read on to find out if ballet and or tap dance classes for kids will prove to be a good fit!

Ballet Dance Class for Kids

kids ballet dance classLocal ballet classes for kids in San Diego focus on ballet technique as well as strength, balance, and grace. A pre-ballet dance class is good for kids as young as 2, but when advancing to higher levels of ballet, it is best if your child is six or older. San Diego has a ton of great ballet schools as well as ballet performances you and your child can go watch and see if that is something that might interest them. Is there a lot of twirling in the living room? What about a lot of tutu shopping? If so, a ballet dance class may be a perfect fit for your child!

Tap Dance!

Along with ballet dance classes comes local tap dance for toddlers in Chicago. Tap is an energetic and expressive way for your kid to make some noise, learn some moves and listen to fun tunes. It’s that type of dance style that makes everyone feel good! If your toddler is in love with those shoes that make noise or tapping their little feet on all of your hardwood floors, give tap dance class a shot! Tap is great for all ages as it involves learning basic motor skills, rhythm and musicality. Chicago offers so many dancing opportunities as well as kid friendly activities.  Check out a play at the Chicago Children’s theater and then try a tap dance class in the afternoon. 

Ballet/Tap Combination Classes

The great thing about local tap and ballet dance classes is that they go great together! Can’t decide on one? No problem. Combination dance classes in Seattle are an excellent option for your little one. In dance classes such as these, your child will develop dance, listening and coordination skills as well as fundamentals in both tap and ballet. Check out the Seattle Aquarium for an exciting morning and a combination dance class in the afternoon for a fun filled day.

All dance classes offer development of muscles, enhanced self-esteem and social skills.  Kids ballet and tap classes are specifically great for self-expression. Who doesn’t feel great after tapping around on a dance floor or being a graceful ballerina for a day? Tap and ballet are a great foundation for all other styles of dance because they teach the basics such as posture, movement and coordination. Make the dancing even more fun by doing it in vibrant areas such as San Diego, Chicago and Seattle.tap dance for toddlers

EvOLvE wants your child to have a blast when dancing as well as grow physically and mentally.  According to, “dance helps children physically, emotionally, socially and cognitively.”  Taking a local ballet class for kids or a local tap dance class for toddlers is a great way to help your little one grow to their full potential.  These kids dance classes teach so much more than just basic dance moves. We hope that this information helped. As always, if you have anymore questions or comments, please feel free to let us know or check out our twitter page for neat information on ballet and tap.

Local Kids Dance Classes

Finding age appropriate local kids dance classes can prove to be difficult at times. You want your kid to be challenged in their dance class but not so much so that they feel overwhelmed. Luckily, Dance to EvOLvE has locations in San Diego, Chicago, and Seattle where we offer a wide variety of kids dance classes. If you are in another area, we are here to provide some helpful tips when looking for an age appropriate local kids dance class.

What Dance Classes Are Offered?

kids dance classWhen looking for a local kids dance class, check out the current dance classes offered.  Are there enough classes for a variety of ages?  Do the dance classes accommodate to the appropriate ages? It is important that the local dance studio offers kids dance classes for specific, target age groups such as 3-4 or 8-11 so that the kids are challenged as well as fully benefit from the others around them. You wouldn’t want you’re 10 year old doing the same activities that the 4 year olds are doing!

Next, you want to look at what types of dance are offered at your local dance studio. Are only creative movement classes offered? What about hip hop classes for kids? It is very important to find the right local kids dance class as it will allow them to grow and succeed. Popular dance classes for kids are hip-hop classes, ballet classes and or combination classes that include a mixture of tap and ballet.

What is your kid interested in?

One of the most important things you can do is ask your kid what they are interested in! Ifkids dance class they say hip-hop classes, take a look at local dance studios that offer kids dance classes in that style of dance. Once you have that narrowed down, then you can look at the professionalism of the studio, the cleanliness and the philosophy.  Does the studio place a high emphasis on ensuring the kids feel welcome? What about laughs and smiles? An age appropriate local kids dance class will have the perfect balance of fun, learning and challenge.

Are The Music & Moves Age Appropriate?

Another important factor to look into when finding an age appropriate dance class for kids is the dance moves and the dance music. Not only do the dance moves need to be appropriate but they should also be catered towards the age of your child. For a younger kid, advanced ballet technique should not be introduced just yet. Rather the dance class should be focused on introducing the style of dance as well as learning very basic introductory moves. The dance music also needs to be catered towards the age of the kid. An eight year old in a ballet dance class should be dancing to different music than a five year old in a hip-hop dance class. To ensure the music and dance moves are appropriate, take a trial class at a local dance studio or try a few different ones before settling. There is nothing wrong than taking the time to find the perfect kids dance class for your superstar.

local kids dance classAn age appropriate kids dance class makes all the difference. This age is crucial for your kid to grow, learn and try new things. According to, children as young as five years old should be able to move in a coordinated way as well as interact and play with those around them. Dance to EvOLvE wants your child to reach their full potential as well as succeed. A great way to do that is to find a fun, exciting and age appropriate local kids dance class. We hope you found this guide helpful.  If you have any further questions or comments do not hesitate to let us know!  You can also check our Facebook for lots of neat information on local kids dance classes near you!

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