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My Looming 30th Birthday Inspired EcOLvE

Posted by Brittany White on Oct 28, 2011 2:32:00 AM

Hi Parents and Dancers! My name is Brittany (aka Miss B) and I am the EvOLvE Director. You have probably seen my name on the website or in emails but I haven't actually been able to meet many of you since EvOLvE is a mobile company with multiple locations (and cities with the new Chicago branch that started this fall). For those of you who do know me, you know that I have lots of energy, but unfortunately I still can't be in more than one place at a time (although like most of you too, I continue to try). This is why I am starting this blog...not because I am a necessarily a writer but because I want to be able to connect with our families so that you understand the mission behind EvOLvE Dance in a simple and honest way.  

With this being my first ever blog, I guess it makes sense to start at the beginning of why and how I started EvOLvE Dance.  After working and teaching in various studios for 15 years, I was continuously surprised at the costs, limited space availability and politics that were involved. Further, I see dance as an art and a way to develop important life-skills such as communication, hard work, and team work. I didn’t see these ideas being taught often enough in classes.  Too often at the studios, there were a lot of additional fees, teachers’ focus was just on winning dance competitions, or the teachers simply clocked in and out and did not put anything extra into their teaching beyond the 1 hour they were there. On a whole, I didn’t feel that shared investment into the dancers and my passion died. I became burned out so I stopped teaching for a few years and worked a more traditional 9-5 job in an office.  Although I was learning a lot on the business side of things, that 30th birthday was fast approaching and I felt something was missing.  I knew I had more to offer than what that job was asking of me.  So I did the cliché turning 30 thing and made a change. I quit my job and went to Brazil for 5 weeks to dance (which was amazing and would require a separate 5 page blog).  Anyways, I came back and started looking yet again for a “traditional” job.  I soon realized that I hated the job application process or more specifically, loathed it so much that out of frustration I decided to start my own company.  I didn’t have everything laid out but I changed my focus from job applications to developing the unique EvOLvE student-lead leadership dance program.  This is where my boyfriend gets a mention as he came up with the name EvOLvE Dance.  The idea was to help develop dancers into confident individuals through dance.  

So there you have it! EvOLvE officially began 3 years ago (summer 2008) in San Diego with the school program. (I bet many of you didn’t even know that we offer school programs.)  Jumping ahead a few steps...I went to Nobel Rec to see if I could offer the EvOLvE program at there.  The director said I could try but she saw a real need for tiny tot classes and asked if I taught that age.  Why yes I do!  So EvOLvE expanded into traditional weekly classes with 2 classes at Nobel Rec. I walked in on a Saturday morning having no idea if I would have any students and to my relief, there were 6 Tiny Movers waiting to take their first dance class.  (A big “phew” came out of me.)  I only had 1 Star Shiner but that is besides the point. ;)  I grew those classes over the coming months and now 2 years later, we have 10 locations and about 350 students in addition to the multiple school programs that we have.  (Did I mention that we also offer daycare and preschool classes?)  To now be able to call dance my “job” and to work with your children (and some of you adults) is a true privilege.  I love what I do. Now that I have found my path, I wouldn’t ever want to go back to pre-30 (well maybe just to erase those ‘expression lines’ that keep appearing...yes, I am refusing to use the word wrinkles!)

Well that is a bit of the EvOLvE history!  Please check back for my (and guests) weekly blog that will include all kinds of fun facts on dance, information and ideas on dance, Q&A and the other brilliant ideas that I come up with. ;)  In the meantime, keep dancing!

Brittany White - EvOLvE Dance Director