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What is in your dance bag?

Posted by Brittany White on Jan 26, 2012 8:55:00 AM

It is a good idea for dancers to have a dance bag so that they come to each class prepared. When I say dance bag, it does not need to be a specifically bought dance bag as any bag will work.

Ideally, tiny tots should enter the dance studio already wearing their dance attire with their shoes on and tied, so their dance bag shouldn’t really contain anything except the necessary change of shoes and a water bottle. It is better not to put too much in the bag so there are not distracting things that have the potential to get lost. A dance bag for a tiny tot is not completely necessary, but it does help from shoes getting mixed up between students.

As the dancers get older, they will probably want a few more things in their dance bag. If they are taking multiple dance classes, they will need the various shoes with them. It also might be a good idea to have a dance type sweater for ballet class for when the studio is cold. I would encourage having some accessories for their hair to ensure that it can always be pulled away from the face. Depending if the dancer is taking pointe or hip hop classes, they may need some bandaids for toes to help with those pointe shoes or even a little towel to help with sweat. If a student is taking multiple classes, fresh water is always important and a light healthy snack. One of the great benefits of participating in dance is that there is no heavy equipment to drag around so any small bag should be able to hold all the necessary items!

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What should my child expect on their first day of dance class?

Posted by Brittany White on Jan 14, 2012 6:51:00 AM

The first day of dance class is something to get excited about! Some dancers may feel a bit nervous and/ or shy about the first dance lesson, but that is normal when trying any new activity. The best thing to do is talk about the class beforehand in a fun light-hearted manner to ease some of those nerves.

Every dance studio has their own way of running things, but typically parents can expect some registration paperwork, and dancers can expect a general introduction on the first day of class. The teacher will introduce themselves, take attendance and possibly do a fun ice breaker so the dancers can start becoming friends. If applicable, dancers will learn about their dress code and dance shoes. The first day of class can be a bit chaotic as everyone gets to know one another, and dancers are learning the class structure and expectations of the teacher. It will take a couple of classes to get into the swing of things. Parents should not be worried on the first day if a student looks or feels a bit lost. That is what class is about...learning and improving!

Tiny tot dance classes can be especially crazy on the first day because it is hard to teach that age group when the teacher doesn’t know all the students’ names yet. It’s also often their first class ever. Time will resolve all the initial chaos as students become accustomed to their teacher and class format.

Older classes will also start learning basic warm-up combinations that may be challenging at first. They will be consistently used throughout the entire course, so that the warm-ups can be completed with ease each week.

Overall, parents and dancers should expect a exciting experience on the first day of dance class where students start learning the basic format and rules, while reviewing material from the previous class level. The most important thing, as always, is to have fun and start falling in love with the art of dance!

Brittany White, Dance To EvOLvE Director

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How should I be preparing my baby girl's or boy's first dance class?

Posted by Brittany White on Jan 9, 2012 11:59:00 AM

A dancer’s first “big girl or boy” dance lesson is super exciting! This is when the young dancer gets to start having some independence as moms and dads watch from a distance outside of the dance room. (Dance To EvOLvE starts “big girl and boy” classes for 3 year olds in Tiny Movers and Hip Hop.) Although it may be a little daunting to the dancer (and parent), it Is definitely in the best interest of a child’s development. Parents can help by getting their dancer ready for this transition.

If your dancer is not yet old enough for a “big girl or boy” class, register for a Mommy and Me type class to get him or her accustomed to the dance studio, class structure, and teacher. (The classes may not be with the same teacher and that is okay.) Once the child is ready for a “big girl or boy” class, it’s important for the parent to be ready and excited for the change. I often see a parent experiencing separation anxiety (maybe unknowingly) and it rubs off on their child. Parents should talk about the class in a fun light-hearted way so excitement about the dance lesson is created. Make it clear to the child that he or she is a big kid and tell them how much fun they are going to have in dance class. This way the child knows ahead of time that Mommy or Daddy won’t be in the room. I’ve found it to be easier for parents to hand the dancer off to the teacher at the door instead of going into the dance studio. It can be even more difficult to leave once your child feels your presence. The young dancer needs to understand that dance class is for big kids and parents are not allowed in the room. Of course, moms and dads should give lots of comfort and love by reassuring that you are right outside the dance studio. Explain you are going to be so proud of them when they do the dance class all by themselves! It can also be a good idea to make some fun plans for after the dance lesson (such as going to the park) as a reward for the child completing the class on their own.

Even if a parent prepares the young dancer, there still might be tears. Don’t worry...this is normal. This does not mean the young dancer doesn’t like the dance class...he or she is just adjusting to the newness of it all. A new room, new teacher, new music and new friends, can be a lot of newness for a little one. This is all normal and something young children need to get use to in preparation for school as well. Please trust us and our experience when getting your little dancer ready.

Brittany White,Dance To EvOLvE Director

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