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Dance At Home: Bonding Time With Your Dancer!

Posted by Brittany, Dance To EvOLvE on Dec 30, 2013 9:15:00 AM

dance classes, kids dance class for kidsDance At Home:

Bond With Your Dancer!

For many children, dance class is a weekly activity, however with the company of a parent or guardian, dance practice can continue all through the week! Not only will practicing at home help your child to improve his or her technique, but it can also be a great bonding experience! 

Implementing at-home practice time often stumps the parents of young dancers. Below, we’ve provided several tips for making practice time a fun activity for parents and dancers alike!

How To Practice With Your Dancer At Home:

Talk with your dancer’s teacher!dance teacher, dance classes, dance classes for kids

Speaking with your child’s dance teacher is a great way to begin your at-home practicing. The teacher is familiar with how your dancer learns, what he/she struggles with, and what routines and steps the dance class is currently working on. Oftentimes, dance teachers will post videos of specific routines online for the purpose of at-home practice. Communicating with your teacher not only ensures that you will collect the appropriate material to practice, but also provides opportunity for positive reinforcement in class. Affirmation from a teacher, such as “I can tell you’ve been practicing at home,” is a great way to motivate children to rehearse. 

Set A Schedule!

It is important that your dancer knows ahead of time when at-home practice will occur just as they would know when their dance class is. By planning ahead, it is something that he/she can look forward to! In addition, working together to decide what different moves you'll practice together will give your dancer a feeling of responsibility, and he/she will enjoy the "grown-up" activity of planning a schedule with you. Post a calendar where your dancer can see it, and remind them in the morning if you have practice time scheduled for later that day. Keeping a consistent routine will turn practice into a habit, preventing arguments on days when your child may be feeling tired or lazy. 

Create a Rewards System!

Children are very goal driven; give them something to work towards! Create a chart where dancers can track their progress. Perhaps after 5 completed practice sessions, a small reward is given...such as a trip to the ice cream store! (This means additional bonding time!) For bigger goals, perhaps 10 practice sessions, a larger reward may be given. Maybe a new tutu? Talk to your dancer about what would motivate him/her. As each reward is reached, the opportunity to discuss progress arises. “After 10 practices, look how much easier it is to shuffle!”

dance classes, children dance classesMake It Fun!

This is the most important part of practicing at home! While practice is a time to focus on improving and memorizing, dancing together should feel like fun, not a chore! Obviously, your little one enjoys their kids dance class, so at-home practice should be the same. Create a fun playlist (your dance teacher can help with song suggestions), set aside a special dance space in your home or backyard, and perhaps even put on your favorite dancewear. Remember, technique should be mixed in with fun! Let your dancer be creative; once you’ve practiced steps and routines recommended by your teacher for 10-15 minutes, encourage your child to show off his/her favorite moves, or create a small piece of choreography together! Giving your dancer the freedom to use his/her imagination will keep dance practice interesting, engaging, and fun! Practice time can become "mommy/daddy and me" time...a special time for you and your dancer to spend together each week!

Every family is different, so take the time to see what kind of routine works best for you. As your dancer begins to improve and make progress, you can be proud and celebrate your hard work together! Think of all the fun you can have as you move and groove together throughout the week...who knows, maybe as a parent you’ll be inspired to take a dance class of your own!

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Exploring The Career of Being A Dance Class Teacher

Posted by Brittany, Dance To EvOLvE on Dec 27, 2013 9:15:00 AM

“What do you want to be when you grow up?”childrensdanceclassteacher2

This is a question that your little dancer has probably heard many times over their lifetime. Although there are various career paths that your little dancer could take, there is a chance that he or she may want to become a dance class teacher.

What is involved in a career as a children dance class teacher? What kind of preparation is necessary? How much money do dance class teachers make on average? These are questions that are very important to ask and here are some answers.

Depending on the level of dance that your dancer will want to teach, there are different types of qualifications. For a more basic level, there aren't very many formal qualifications. For a more advanced level, a candidate must pass a teaching qualification test from a recognized association.  The skill set for teaching younger classes versus older classes is very different.

Whether it is for the qualification test or for the basic teaching level, it is important to determine that the canchildrensdanceclassteacher4.jpgdidate has the right dance teaching skills.

The skills needed in order to be a good children’s dance class teacher are a great ability to dance, proper knowledge of the anatomy for health and safety purposes, good communication and interaction skills with parents and children, the desire to encourage and motivate, and some skills in business. Altough teaching little children requires less formal education, it takes a special person it can create a great tiny tot class.

After the proper skills are determined, the candidate can join the National Dance Teachers Association (NDTA) in order to begin networking and finding places to work.

There are various places where children dance class teachers work. Some work in private schools others work in state schools. Many others work for private dance companies.

childrendanceclassteacherIf the teacher were to work at a school the working hours would be regular school hours. Hours for teachers at dance companies would vary. Because children are in school for most of the week, weekends will most likely be days when a children dance class teacher would work.

Income for a children dance class teacher ranges from $30,000 to $60,000 a year depending on one’s experience and status. However, if dancing is a true passion for the teacher and they wish to inspire little ones to express themselves through this beautiful art, then how much they make won’t matter!

Overall, becoming a children dance teacher can be very rewarding and pay off, especially if it is  your dancer's true passion.

"A good teacher is highly trained and focuses on providing high quality teaching. They have a good teaching background, dance experience, charisma, and professionalism. A good teacher is always growing and improving and ensures that they adapt their teaching style to the classes!" - Brittany White, Dance to EvOLvE Director

Three Reasons to Attend Kid’s Dance Camp In San Diego

Posted by Brittany, Dance To EvOLvE on Dec 26, 2013 7:36:00 AM

artfarmcarlsbadcampyelpperrinw.jpgKid's dance camps are a fun way for your little ones to receive focused dance training. In addition to having more hours dedicated to dancing for a period of time, your little dancers will also be able to have tons of fun! Each city and location that kids dance
camp takes place in, can offer a variety of benefits and unique additions to the dancing experience. San Diego is definitely one of those excellent cities! Here are three reasons to explore kid’s dance camp in San Diego.

 1. Sunshine

Part of the appeal of kid's dance camp in San Diego is that it allows for plenty of outdoor activities. San Diego is a city known for its sunshine. It is estimated that there is sunshine in San Diego for 68% of the whole year! The sunshine and pleasant weather will allow your kids to do more dance activities outside and enjoy the warm weather! A downside to the amount of sunshine is that it can often be dangerous for the skin. That is why it is important to make sure your little ones are wearing sunscreen, and on those really hot weeks, check out an indoor summer dance camp.

2. Vibrant Dance Community

San Diego has a very vibrant dance community. The dance community breeches across various dance styles. This apparent in the various dance studios around the city for people of all ages. This sets the stage for a dance-positive atmosphere in kid's camp. Most teachers in kids camp in San Diego will not only be passionate about dance but will also be able to pass that on to your little ones. A positive dance atmosphere is something San Diego has and that is very apparent at kids camp!


3. Happy People

Perhaps it is because of the good weather but people in San Diego are generally nicer, happier and more relaxed. For that reason your little one will most likely encounter some well-humored and nice people at kid’s dance camp. This will build a sense of community and make your child feel much better about themselves as they improve their social skills.

San Diego is a great place for kid's dance camp! We encourage you to have your kids attend one!


What To Expect At Hip Hop Dance Camp

Posted by Brittany, Dance To EvOLvE on Dec 19, 2013 3:53:00 AM

hiphopdancecamp1.jpg“Drop the beat!”

Hip Hop is a fun dance style that has been around since the 1970s. It is influenced by hip-hop music and the hip-hop culture. It is a dance style that is taught and performed all over the world. If your little dancer especially enjoys hip hop beats and likes to move like a hip hop dancer than hip hop dance camp is the right place for him or her!

There are hip-hop camps for different age groups. No matter the age, here are 3 things you can expect from hip-hop dance camp.

hiphopdancecamp3.jpgCool Attire
Like many other dance styles, hip-hop is best danced with a certain type of attire to create a certain type of attitude. Luckily, the dance attire required for hip-hop classes is actually pretty cool and comfortable! And there are no special purchases! Your dancer will be able to enjoy wearing baggy sweat pants or shorts as well as sweatshirts or t-shirts. Sneakers are also very cool and your dancer will be able to wear them frequently during hip-hop dance camp. Be sure to stick to the prescribed attire because there will be a lot of floorwork that your dancers will be doing. Make sure your girls do not wear skirts and your dancers don't wear flip flops or sandals. Sneakers all the way!

Cool Music & Cool Moves
Hip-Hop is perhaps one of the most popular dance styles among young people and it is definitely portrayed highly in the media. Mainstream hip-hop music can often be innappropriate for children, however, there are plenty of songs and artists that release appropriate music! You can expect that good dance teachers will pick songs that are appropriate for your little dancers. With awesome music at hip-hop dance camp, your little dancer will be able to learn some sweet and appropriate moves that they can show the whole family!

hiphopdancecamp4.jpgLots of Exercise
You sure can’t dance if you don’t move! Because hip-hop is an upbeat and fast paced style of dance it will be a great way to get some exercise. Hip-Hop dance camp is a perfect opportunity for your little dancer to perfect those moves and get exercise going.

Other benefits include increased coordination, flexibility and musicality!

Hip-Hop is a fun dance style that your little dancer will certainly enjoy! To get excited for hip-hop dance camp, check out this awesome hip hop dance video from the Disney movie sensation Camp Rock! Start The Party

3 Tips Of What To Pack For Summer Dance Camp

Posted by Brittany, Dance To EvOLvE on Dec 5, 2013 12:35:00 PM

summerdancecampforkidsOne of the most fun activities that any child can participate in for the summer are fun summer camps! Because your little ones are really little movers, what better way to spend the summer than in a summer dance camp!

Although it may seem simple, sometimes knowing what to bring to summer dance camps can be difficult! That is why we decided to give you some tips on how you can pack for summer dance camp for your little dancer!

These can be used for any dance camp! Let’s get started!


Depending on what kind of dance camp that your little dancer attends it is important to know what to pack in terms of clothes.

Be sure to check with the studio for their dress code as might be different from regular classes.

For hip-hop classes at summer dance camp, a t-shirt and shorts is perfect! But, if you want to get your little dancer in the spirit of hip-hop, you can give your little dancers t-shirts, sweatpants, or shorts that are super baggy. Then add a sweatshirt and a cool hat and you’re good to go! Be sure to pack those tennis shoes! Also, make shiphopsummerdancecampkids.jpgure your little girl dancers don't wear skirts because they will be doing a lot of floorwork.

For tap classes, any comfortable clothing is fine. Make sure to include those tap shoes or if you don’t have them, some nice dress shoes will do.

Your little ones will be jumping up and down and moving around so it is never too cautious to pack an extra set of clothing items.

Food & Snacks

Your dancers will need as much energy as possible to go through the classes at summer dance camp so make sure to pack a water bottle and some healthy snacks!

Some good ideas for snacks include the Clif Z Bar for Kids, other healthy bars, and some fruit are always a go
od energy source!fun-with-food-kids.jpg

Fun Attitude!!

This one might be a bit of a cop-out but don’t forget to encourage your little dancer to have fun!
Summer dance camps
are not only designed to teach your little dancer some dance technique but also for them to have loads of fun! So be sure to get your little dancer pumped for a great time!