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Types of Kids Dance Classes

Posted by Brittany, Dance To EvOLvE on Jul 21, 2014 1:01:00 PM

There are so many San Diego dance classes as well as Chicago dance classes available that it can be hard to decide which one is most suitable for your little one.  What ages are most appropriate for different types of dance classes? Do some require parent involvement? Are some more active than others?  These are all common questions and concerns when it comes to choosing the perfect dance class for your child. Here is a guide of all different types of dance classes explaining what they offer, the appropriate ages, parent involvement and what skills your child will dance classes Read on to find out which dance class your superstar will rock:

Ballet Dance Classes 

A ballet class for kids focuses on ballet technique as well as strength, balance and grace. Kids will begin to work on body alignment and posture while learning positions and developing strong muscles. A pre-ballet class is great for any age as young as two but when advancing to classical lines, it would be ideal for your child to be at the age of six and above.

Creative Movement Dance Classes

This kids dance class is perfect for those as young as 14 months to 2 years. These dance classes are less formal and less structured in order to acclimate toddlers to a dance class.  These classes focus more on basic motor, listening and expressive skills.  Your child will be introduced to all sorts of beginning dance steps such as ballet, tap and hip hop in fun and creative ways.  Depending on the dance studio or other dance classes in Chicago, parent involvement is most likely a requirement to encourage and support the little ones.

Hip Hop Dance Classes

Hip Hop dance classes for kids are an energetic and expressive option for your child. This category of dance focuses on rhythm, basic hip hop dance dance classes
moves and creativity. More advanced hip hop dance classes will go into breakdancing and more challenging choreography. Students can learn the latest moves in a hip hop dance class while also applying their own personal and original style. Even a two year old can bust out a move in this exciting class as it focuses on creativity, confidence and individualism. Depending on the age of the kids, there may be tentative parent involvement. 

Tap Dance Classes

Tap is a great dance class for all ages especially the young ones. Tap involves creative movement and sounds of the feet as well as fun and expressive ways to let loose and have fun. San Diego dance classes offer a combination tap and ballet class meaning the first half of dance class is tap and the second is ballet. This is an excellent option for a beginning dancer as young as two years old since tap and ballet are a strong foundation for other kids dance classes.

Jazz Dance Classes

Jazz incorporates techniques and dance moves from a variety of dance styles ranging from contemporary to lyrical and much more. Exciting pop music is usually played during jazz dance class and the movements are imaginative and expressive. High kicks, leaps and turns are just a few of the moves these classes teach. Jazz is appropriate for older ages such as six and above. If your not yet ready to have your child take a jazz class, try taking a ballet class first since jazz tends to build off moves taught in ballet.

kids dance classesContemporary Dance Classes

Contemporary dance combines many elements of dance such as ballet, jazz and lyrical. Based on modern dance techniques, these movements are quick, expressive and reflective. This type of dance is innovative and full of interpretation combining all types of dance into modern movements. Contemporary is appropriate for those wanting to express themselves as much as possible.

All kids dance classes are beneficial for your little one. Each and every one has it’s own unique movements and talents to offer. We recommend having your child test out many different kids dance classes to see what they like best and go from there. All dancing is good dancing and we hope that you found this guide helpful! If you have any further questions or comments, please do not hesitate to let us know!

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Ways to Keep Your Child Active and Engaged Through Dance

Posted by Brittany, Dance To EvOLvE on Jul 10, 2014 10:39:00 AM

 Keeping your child active and engaged can be challenging at times, especially in these summer months. However, kids dance classes and summer day camps are a great way to make the process easier. Not only will physical activity make your child healthier; it will also improve self esteem and confidence. Check out some of the reasons these activities can keep your child moving and grooving. 

kids dance classes, summer day camp, kids summer camp

Summer Camp: A great tool for engagement!     

Kids summer camps are one of many ways to keep your child active.  First and foremost, they offer new and exciting activities for your little one to try such as a karate, swimming or dance camp where your child can participate in learning new skills, making art projects and fun games all in one. These activities enable your child to open their minds and learn new skills such as social and educational ones all while having loads of fun. In summer day camps like these, your kid will have the opportunity to fully express themselves and maybe even find a new passion or hobby to engage in. 

Secondly, by participating in these summer camps, your child will not only activate their minds but will keep them activated and engaged by having to follow important directions and dance classes, kids summer camp, summer day camplearn these new skills they are presented with.  When the learning session is done for the day, summer day camps will almost always involve a craft time or a free time where your little one can engage his/her creative side or just spend time with newfound friends.  This activation of the mind and learning of new activities will prove to increase your child's self esteem; whether they are enjoying new friends or have just mastered a new skill, confidence levels will raise immensely.  Along with this constant engagement comes constant physical activity.  Rather your little one is walking from task to task, participating in obstacle courses or busting a move with a new friend; Summer day camp will ensure that your child is active and participating in some sort of way.

Dance classes: A powerful encouragement tool

Not quite ready to have your child go to a summer day camp?  No problem! Classes are another excellent option to keep your child energetic and focused. This shorter amount of time will ensure engagement and involvement in classes such as kids dance classes.  These classes such as hip hop or tap dance class will result in active learning. As fun as it is to take our favorite class over and over again, taking a different variety of classes can be extremely beneficial.  By taking all different types of classes, your child will not only develop different gross motor skills but will also develop a willingness to try new things.

dance classes, summer day camp, dance campsAlthough it can be scary for our little one’s to try something new, it is rewarding to them in more ways than one.  Engaging in new idea’s and activities will enhance your child’s self assurance and confidence by proving to them that they can accomplish anything they set their mind on.  The outcome may just be a new dream for your superstar.

Making sure your child is active and engaged should be fun and enjoyable for you and them. The best way to do this is to introduce your child to a number of activities as early as possible. There are several options out there varying from fun Summer day camps to new and exciting dance classes that will hopefully make being active the best part of your little one’s day! If you have any further comments or questions on any of these subjects please do not hesitate to let us know, we love hearing from our families! 

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What to Look for in Kids Dance Classes

Posted by Brittany, Dance To EvOLvE on Jul 7, 2014 1:20:00 PM


What to Look for in Kids Dance Classes

When choosing a kids dance class there are a few things to keep in mind. Other than just looking at the teachers, it is important to also get informed about the studio at which your child will be dancing. We have put together a small list of things which will hopefully get you thinking about the right dance classes for your child.

The first and most important thing to think about, of course, is EXPERIENCED TEACHERS.

Hip Hop dance class, dance class, kids dance classesWhen first looking at a kids dance class, it is crucial to ask about the teachers. You want to know who will be handling your child's dancing education and in which ways they can impact your child. Ask about the instructor’s qualifications and what background they have with teaching. Did they take any early development classes? Do they have any type of teaching certification? It’s also good to ask if they have experience dealing with children in critical situations such as possessing a CPR certification that could save a child’s life. At Dance to EvOLvE we focus on hiring teachers who are not only amazing dancers but are also great with children and have a strong background. They also have to take our own Dance to EvOLvE courses every once in a while so that we can make sure our curriculum is unified and enforced. You may also want to think about getting to know their ideas about dance. Even though someone may be a great teacher, it is important that their ideas match up with what you want for your child.

What is their teaching philosophy?

Speaking of teachers ideas about dance, it’s a good idea to get to know the company philosophy. What are their core beliefs and what do they plan to instill in your child? Do they believe in large or small dance class sizes? You want to make sure that whatever they may be, those ideas are going to benefit you kid. Take a look at Dance to EvOLvE’s mission  Our philosophy is “Your Choice.Our Knowledge. Their Fun!” It’s easy to find and we are held to it! Look for every studios mission statement or philosophy and make sure it’s easy to find!

Research the reputation of the studio and the classes

It never hurts to check out what other people have said about the dance studio you are looking into. Positive feedback is always good reassurement. One question to ask is how long has the dance studio been around and how well established are they? Usually studios with a good number of students shows that they have a solid client base and that the customers are happy with their kids dance class.  See what you can find about them on the internet and ask around to find out if any of your friends are familiar with them so your child can participate in the best dance class possible.

How are they about parental involvement?ballet dance class, dance class, dance class for kids

Something a lot of parents worry about is how open studios are to allowing parental involvement in the dance class? In most studios it just depends on the dancer’s ages. Younger dancers should usually be allowed to have parents in the room but for the older kids it can get loud and distracting when there are parents talking to one another or even talking to their kids during dance class. This can get frustrating so it’s generally better that for older kids, parents stay outside. However, there should be an area to watch the dancers and keep an eye on your kids if you decide to stay for class. Also, try and find dance classes that offer parent involvement once in a while so that you can come into class and actively see what your child is doing. At Dance to EvOLvE, there is a parent observation day where parents can come into class and watch their children learn new things during dance class. Parent’s love to come in and the audience is great for the dancers! Another important thing is communication between teachers and the parents. You as a parent never want to feel left in the dark about what is happening in class so make sure that there is open communication with teachers at the studio and that you can always call and talk to someone about any concerns you may have.

We hope that this guide was helpful to you when looking for kids dance classes. If there are any other suggestions you may have feel free to let us know! We love to hear the comments so that we can provide better help and more support for the rest of you!  

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Dance class locations in Chicago!

Posted by Brittany, Dance To EvOLvE on Jul 3, 2014 10:41:00 AM

Chicago is one of the busiest cities in America, with all the hustling and bustling it can be difficult for families to find good and close options for their kid’s dance classes. Public transportation can be such a hassle during any day of the week and no one wants to add any more extra time to their commute. Worse than the time spent on the commute is the stress of having to carry around a ton of different stuff with you! So before you commit to a specific studio, its important to make sure that the location is right. Location, location, location! With location being so crucial, Dance to EvOLvE has made it a mission to provide convenient access to residents all over Chicago! We want to help you figure out what will work for you and what you should be lChicago Dance classesooking for in Chicago!

First off, no matter where you are located there is definitely an opportunity to dance for your kids! When searching for a dance studio near you, try and narrow down your search to make sure you aren’t stuck commuting to a studio that’s too far and difficult to get to! There are multiple ways that you can do this. First check the zip code and find out how long the commute will take not taking into consideration traffic or congestion on public transportation. Then test it out. See how long and how difficult it will be for you to get your kids to the studio that day and time for their dance class. It’s always helpful when the studio is located in easy to access areas especially near public transportation! Also think about how many times a week you will be commuting to this location. It doesn’t seem so bad once but that time does add up!

Knowing how important convenience is to parents, Dance to EvOLvE has made it a priority to provide accomodating locations so that families in multiple areas of Chicago can easily find a studio near them! What makes this easier for us is that unlike a traditional studio which is established in one location with a front desk in place at that studio, Dance to EvOLvE is a traveling studio with multiple locations throughout the city which allows parents more options and convenience when choosing dance classes!  Dance to EvOLvE offers dance classes for kids in some of the most accessible areas of Chicago! Bucktown, Edgewater, Lincoln Park, and Lakeview are already established with dance classes in session now, and Evanston is a new location coming soon! Every location offers the most popular types of genres including ballet, tap and hip hop for kids of a variety of ages! Check out Dance To EvOLvE’s dance class schedule and browse through the rest of the site now and see which classes, times and locations are most suitable for your family!

Chicago dance studios

There's so much dance in Chicago that there's opportunity for everyone.  It's just about going out and finding what’s right for you and your family. Dance is something that is supposed to make people happy and provide some stress relief, so don’t let the difficulties of searching for a good location take a toll on the enjoyment of it all! Being prepared and knowing what to look for when embarking on your search for a great kids dance studio saves a ton of time and is really important to your dancer in the long run! Hopefully this article helped you brainstorm and as always we love to hear our reader’s opinions! That being said...what are you waiting for?? Let's get dancing in Chicago! 

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