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4 Reasons Why Summer Dance Camp is Great For Children

Posted by Brittany White on Jan 31, 2015 2:02:00 PM

Summer is such an exciting season filled with so many different choices for families to explore. Besides arranging family trips or other family activities, choosing what new skills the little ones should learn during summer break is also a significant part in planning summer. Summer dance camps are becoming increasingly popular as an option for where to let kids and toddlers spend their summer. Similar to the combination of sport camps and music & art camps, summer dance camps provide the same physical training as traditional sports yet also give little kids and toddlers the opportunity to express themselves in a creative and artistic environment. Let’s check out the top 4 reasons why trying summer dance camps could be an awesome experience for your kids.

toddler_ballet_lessons1. Spend Their Day Physically Active

Summer dance camps for kids and toddlers provide a wonderful opportunity for campers to move and exercise. During the school year, children spend much time at home or in classrooms sitting down either studying, reading books or watching TV, playing cell phones or tablets. Our dance classes in summer day camps can surely keep your kids moving and grooving, thus improving their physical health, flexibility, balance and coordination. Plus, other activities offered at a kids summer dance camp, such as games and crafting, often take place outside and serve to bring the little dancers to summer’s signature fresh air and sunshine.

2. Develop New Skills

At EvOLvE summer dance camps, kids and toddlers can develop a diversity of new skills. Not only do they learn new moves in dancing, but they also can become competent in playing different instruments. Moreover, they are able to discover their artistic talents in crafting, or their adventure skills in games like scavenger hunt. Such a variety of activities available at summer day camps for kids has huge impact on a child’s development as it helps little campers discover what they are passionate about and what they are good at. A comment from a parent from a previous summer dance camp describes the skills children can achieve from our program: “The performance on the last day was really amazing in showing ALL that they accomplished in one week's time. The fact that they knew an entire tap routine, could do their individual ballet performance and incorporated the instruments and puppets as well, was no small feat in such a short amount of time!"

3. Improve Self-ConfidenceCarmel_Valley_Toddler ballet class

Summer dance camps for kids and toddlers helps children build self-confidence and self-esteem by removing the kind of academic competition that shapes their lives at school. Non-competitive environments are offered to introduce tiny dancers to the spirit and joy behind dance and movement.  As children master new dance skills and become more aware of how their bodies work and move, they will gain a sense of accomplishment and pride. Take a look at a comment from one of the parents from our summer day camp for kids: “My kid absolutely loves your EvOLvE summer camp and it has helped her self esteem to see that she has some natural talent as a dancer."

4. Learn Teamwork and Social Skills

Summer dance camps for kids and toddlers serve as a great school that teaches little ones teamwork and social skills. Unlike home, camps take their attention away from "me, me, me" and turn the focus on how to respect, cooperate, resolve disagreement and build teamwork with their campmates. Dance to EvOLvE Dance Camps culminate in a performance intented to showcase what the kids learned in summer camp and allow them to experience the pride and satisfaction that comes with working toward a goal and seeing it through. In the final Friday performance, dancers themselves organize the show as a team and learn how to communicate with their peers effectively in student choreography, music selection, show management, and costume design. Throughout the process, students learn an important lesson that is helpful in their real life after camps: contributing to the success of the group is empowering to each individual.

In conclusion, while it is important to spend summer bonding with family at home, it is equally important to let kids and toddlers participate in a summer day camp as it offers multiple benefits that kids will enjoy the rest of their life. They are unplugged from technology and spend their day physically active through both indoor and outdoor activities. Meanwhile, at dance camps, kiddos have chances to explore several new skills in a fun and entertaining way. What is more, because of these new skills they master, their self-confidence is boosted and their self-worth is built. Last but not least, in kids’ extended interaction with their peers, they start to practice social skills and learn the value of teamwork.

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What Are the Benefits of Combination Ballet/Tap Dance Classes For Toddlers?

Posted by Brittany White on Jan 28, 2015 11:55:00 AM

Time and time again, parents come to us talking about how much their children love either ballet or tap dancing. However, when they look at the ballet/tap dancing combination classes we offer, they wonder if it is necessary to study both of the dance styles at such a young age. So why do we offer combination classes rather than simple ballet or tap dancing classes for toddlers? Because, we believe exposure to more dance styles means more benefits to your young dancers. Both ballet and tap dancing can bring special physical and mental benefits that the other cannot offer. In other words, taking combination classes is a good opportunity for tiny dancers not only to master both ballet and tap dancing skills but also to learn the spirit and joy behind each dance and movement.

san-diego-ballet-dance-classBenefits of Ballet Classes For Toddlers:

There is no other dance form that exercises dancers’ muscles like ballet does. It works every part in the body from fingers and abdominals to bottom and legs. It helps develop long, lean and strong muscles, which are required for a healthy body shape. In toddler ballet classes, little dancers also learn coordination, balance and how to control their bodies in motion from moves such as lifts and toe points. Also, combinations that involve jumping and leaping increase heart rate, which can improve endurance, stamina and overall cardiovascular health. Thus, ballet dancing is an ideal way for toddlers to stay fit and healthy. In addition, one of the mental and emotional benefits that occur through the study of ballet is focus and concentration.  Ballet classes for toddlers boost little dancers’ concentration through the process of memorizing movements in sequence or specific details of poses using hands and feet. This type of concentration, which comes with the ability to learn faster, can be utilized in many areas of one’s life outside dance studios as well. Besides the physical and mental benefits of ballet dancing, we include this dance style in our ballet/tap dancing classes for toddlers because the skills learned in ballet are useful for other forms of dancing. For little dancers who are interested in exploring other forms of dance—such as jazz, hip-hop or tap dancing—ballet offers a solid foundation and serves as a great starting point.

Benefits of Tap Dancing Classes for Toddlers:Cute_tap_dances

Tap dancing classes for toddlers are beneficial to children in a different way than ballet. As for physical benefits, as dancers’ feet move continuously back and forth at a fast pace, tap builds strength in the legs and feet in addition to increasing flexibility in the hips, knees and ankles. Plus, the quick movements little dancers experience while tap dancing are sure to make them work up a sweat, and therefore burn their calories and increase cardiovascular conditioning. The mental benefits brought about in a toddler tap dancing class are unlike those of ballet classes as well. The disparity lies in the music. Tap dancing music usually consists of more beats and higher energy, while ballet music is inclined towards the softer, classical genre. The nature of tap dancing music allows young dancers to develop a great sense of rhythm and timing. To incorporate tap steps with the tapping sound made by the shoes while following the beats in background songs, a high level of music awareness is enhanced.

Ballet and tap dancing are two popular dance styles that totally differ from each other: ballet is graceful and classical while tap dancing is quick paced and entertaining. Even though you and your little dancers may have a preference for one of them, taking a combination ballet/tap dancing class for toddlers will maximize the benefits for young dancers. Toddler ballet dance classes help improve muscular strength, motor fitness, balance, focus and concentration, while toddler tap dancing classes promote strength in feet and legs, calorie burning, and a raised understanding of music and rhythm. Thus, our combination classes allow dancers to enjoy the benefits of both dance styles and develop comprehensive dancing skills at the same time. 

Come check us out and see for yourself the benefits our toddler dance classes have to offer.  Click below to schedule a trial class.Schedule A Trial Dance Lesson in San Diego

Torrey Hills Kids Dance Classes at the Ocean Air Rec Center

Posted by Brittany White on Jan 13, 2015 11:16:00 AM


 Greetings San Diego parents! You know you are the luckiest because not only do you live in paradise, but San Diego offers so many dancing opportunities for your children. Particularly, the Torrey Hills community in North County, which is sometimes overlooked due to not being at the heart of San Diego. Torry Hills has excellent options for kids dance classes, parks and playgrounds where your children can practice dancing. Not only is this neighborhood in proximity to a lot of communities such as Carmel Valley, Torrey Pines and Mira Mesa, but it is convenient to get to our Torrey Hills kids dance classes because of easy access to Interstate 5 and Vista Sorrento Parkway.

Torrey Hills Kids Dance lasses

Childrens dance classes in Torrey Hills at the Ocean Air Recreation Center offers ballet and tap dancing combination classes for children as young as 2 years old, to bigger kids up to 6 years old. The Star Shiners class, for 4 ½ to 6 year olds, introduces a fun jazz dance day once a month for those little dancers who like to switch dance styles from time to time. Plus, our Torrey Hills kids dance class offers those new dancers who have never tried Dance to EvOLvE a no obligation trial dance class! Parents are more than welcome to schedule a free dance class first to get a feel for if your little ones like the dance class and enjoy the teacher and other children before making the decision.

Ocean Air Recreation CenterCV_TM-1

The Ocean Air Recreation Center, where our Torrey Hills kids dance classes are located, is part of the Ocean Air community park and provides plenty of dance classes and a multi-functional gymnasium inside. Outside the Rec Center is a large park and playground, which serves as a great place to take little ones to play after dance classes! The park includes two ball fields, an outdoor basketball court, walking paths, picnic structures, and a large grassy field surrounded by rolling mounds. The park also provides a large playground with climbing rocks and boulders, a sand area, and various play structures that geared towards children with different ages. Plenty of running, chasing, climbing and hill rolling to be had here! No matter if you are waiting  to pick up their your little dancers or just killing an afternoon in paradise, this park is perfect for family gatherings, sports and outdoor activities. On the grassy area, parents and kids can play frisbee, soccer, or simply review the dance moves your kids just learned. Occasionally the rec center hosts free events, including a snow slide in December and outdoor movies in the summer months. So, keep an eye out for flyers advertising the fun activities. The sunshine, breeze and fun events in Ocean Air Park are such a wonderful bonus for children in our Torrey Hills dance classes.

Torrey Hills Park

When it comes to where to take your children to relax and have fun after their dance classes at Ocean Air Rec Center, Torrey Hills Park is a great alternative to Ocean Air Park and it is only a 6-min drive from our dance class. It is one of the largest neighborhood parks in North County, San Diego. It has great sidewalks for the kids to run around and ride their bikes or scooters, and also a separate area for toddler swings and a toddler climbing structure. It also has a full playground for toddlers to older children, and most of the play areas are in a sand pit to ensure child safety. This park also offers plenty of picnic tables for  large gatheringings, such as family barbeque. Good news for those who have soccer and tennis fans among their friends and families; a soccer field and a tennis court are right next to the park. Besides, the park is next to an open area where you and your toddler can run, tumble and practice new dance moves!

With so many choices for locations of North County children dance classes, it is important to ensure that where your little ones take their classes can save you travel time and provide a convenient location for enriching family time. Surrounded by many amazing family friendly attractions, our kids dance classes in Ocean Air Rec center in the Torrey Hills community fulfills these two requirements perfectly. Please check this location out for both dancing and family fun!  Schedule a trial class now!