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Dance to EvOLvE Location Spotlight in San Diego

Posted by Brittany White on Mar 31, 2015 2:33:00 PM

San Diego is a major city in California known for its beautiful scenery, food, and activities. Whether you are by the beautiful beach in Del Mar, near one of the largest UC campuses, UCSD in La Jolla, or by the lush mountains of Carmel Mountain and Escondido, the weather is always nice and the view is incredible. There are many things to do and things to see while living in San Diego. With so many different activities, programs, museums, and things to do, how do you choose? Well we have an answer for you!

Some popular places to visit in San Diego are parks and attractions! There are many options to choose from such as SeaWorld San Diego, San Diego Zoo, San Diego Zoo Safari Park, USS Midway Museum, La Jolla Cove, Belmont Park and Seaport Village just to name a few! 


San Diego is such a large and beautiful city full of sights to see! Locations like Old Town, Gaslamp District, Hotel del Coronado, and Balboa Park are just a few locations where the whole family can enjoy!  

While these are great places to travel on the weekends, kids should have fun throughout the week as well! If you notice your kiddos dancing around the living room and have wanted them to try dance classes, Dance to EvOLvE offers jazz, hip hop, ballet, tap, and more at numerous locations in convenient locations all over San Diego! At any age, dance is able to help develop artistry and creative movement. If you're in the San Diego area, check out these 3 locations for a start!

  1. Kids Dance Classes in Carmel Mountain

Our kids dance classes in Carmel Mountain are in a great location for anyone living near Poway, Sabre Springs, Black Mountain Ranch, Rancho Bernardo, or Rancho Penasquitos. There are many things to do in this area that are fun for kids and parents! If you’re looking for afterschool fun, Drawn2Art is a kid’s art school located in Rancho Penasquitos. If you’re looking for some down time while the kids are busy in school or dance class, there is a Club Pilates Rancho Bernardo located near our Dance to EvOLvE Carmel Mountain Ranch Rec Center! We offer Preschooler Ballet & Tumble Combo and Kinder Ballet and Jazz Combo on Thursdays! Hope to see you there!

    1. New Kids Hip Hop Classes in Allied Gardens 

Our Allied Gardens dance classes are conveniently located at the Allied Gardens Rec Center. We offer Tap & Ballet Combo dance classes for preschoolers, Kinder Tap & Ballet Combo dance classes, and kids Hip Hop classes for ages 4 to 7 on Thursdays! Our classes are designed for kids to focus on their muscle development, coordination, balance, musicality and technique in a fun and engaging environment! Sign up for a trial class today!


  1. Preschooler Ballet Classes in Tierrasanta

Our last but certainly not least Dance to EvOLvE location spotlight is Tierrasanta!

ballet-class-danceIf you are located near Serra Mesa, San Carlos, Grantville, Kearny Mesa, Del Cerro, or Mission Trails, this is the dance center for you! Located at the Tierrasanta Rec Center, we offer Tap & Ballet Combo dance classes for kids ages 4 1/2 to 6 and toddler and preschooler Tap & Ballet Combo dance classes on Saturdays. 





Dance to EvOLvE dance school in San Diego offers great dance classes all over this major city! We believe dance is a great educational and fun activity for young kids to be creative, improve their musicality, and build their love and appreciation for dance and for the arts! Give your child the love of dance by signing up for a trial class in one of our many convenient locations. Click the button below to get started!

Schedule A Trial Dance Lesson in San Diego  

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School's Out! Summer Activity Ideas for your kids.

Posted by Brittany White on Mar 26, 2015 11:34:00 AM

Summer programs are an important and effective way to keep kids active when school is out. San Diego provides a large community where kids have the opportunity to relax and have fun at the beach but also offers various academic and social programs like tutoring, dance schools, and summer camps for kids. There are also fun things to try and exciting places to explore on the weekends!

Explore San Diegobalboaparksandiego

  1. Balboa Park
    Balboa Park is one of the most beautiful locations in San Diego. It has a zoo, beautiful garden scenery, and 14 museums! See for yourself and have fun in Balboa Park
  1. San Diego Zoo, Legoland, SeaWorld
    There are a ton of things to do and places to see in all these locations! From touring the habitats of pandas and gorillas, to riding fun rides in Legoland and SeaWorld, San Diego offers fun for the whole family to enjoy.

  2. Food, Food, and Food!  
    Kids love to eat dessert after the main course right? San Diego is known for its delicious foods and desserts whether its in La Jolla Cove, Old Town, Gaslamp, Mission Bay Park, or Pacific Beach! You can find delicious tacos, Italian desserts, gelatos, Asian dining, and more in all these locations!

Summer Programs

There are multiple benefits to involving kids in summer programs. They are able to improve their social skills, encourage physical activity, and learn and improve different subjects like Math and English. It is a safe and structured environment organized to keep children engaged in learning activities and prevent them from risky behavior.

Summer is always a fun and relaxing time for kids, but as a parent, it can be stressful. What summer activities do you choose? Which ones are offered at convenient times? Enrolling kids in summer dance camps will help kids improve their memory and flexibility, burn energy, make friends and work in teams, all while having fun!

Top Five Reasons Why Kids Should Do Summer Dance Schools/ Dance Camps!

1. Dance Allows Kids to Develop Social Skills

Teamwork and participation in dance class is encouraged which can help kids socially branch out in a small or large class setting.  Children learn to take turns playing dance games, respect others’ personal space, and cooperate toward a common goal.  Many kids dance camps work on a performance that is presented at the end of camp.  This affords the children the opportunity to collaborate to achieve a goal, while helping them to build confidence and performance experience.  Priceless life lessons!

2. Dance is for Anyone!

There are a variety of classes offered such as Jazz, Hip Hop, Ballet, Tap, and Lyrical starting from beginners to advanced classes.  This allows different styles of dance for different personalities and age groups! Youth dance camps are no longer just for little girls in tutus.  Nowadays, plenty of boys take advantage of tap lessons, tumbling instruction, and of course, kids hip hop classes. As dance becomes more popular, we are seeing a breakdown of gender barriers.  Dance to EvOLvE, a local mobile kids dance company, even offers a Calling all Superhero’s Camp.  It focuses on high-energy hip hop and encourages kids to wear superhero gear to entice boys into dance. Dance is really for anyone who wants to do it!  Fortunately,  kids dance camps in San Diego offer all levels and genres of dance! 

3. Good Exercise

Dance can improve your child's flexibility, muscle development, and cognitive development! Stretching, balancing, and even slow, deliberate movements all contribute to a stronger, more flexible body.  Studies have suggested that the more active a child is, the stronger his/her core, and the more apt s/he is to be able to be attentive in school! Plus it’s a fun way for kids to move around in a safe and fun setting!  


4. Improves Kid’s Learning Process

    Dance boosts children's memory through the learning of choreography and helps develop learning skills to improve their academic and social life! 

5. Kids Dance Camp Is Fun!

Classes are designed to make kids have fun, dancing to their favorite music, and have a good time learning! Be sure to check out all the  San Diego Summer Camps in your area.


 DOWNLOAD The Ultimate Guide  To Prepare Your Dancer For Dance Camps

Calling Chicago Children! 3 Ways Kids Dance Class Helps Develop Artistry

Posted by Brittany White on Mar 13, 2015 3:05:07 PM

The City of Chicago is one of the greatest cities in America with a rich history of art and culture. Growing up in such a town bubbling with great opportunities of learning visual arts, dance, and music, children from Chicago are surely the lucky ones who are able to develop artistry and creative expression at an early age. And dance, as an art form that uses steps and gestures to explore both the movement of body and rhythm of music, is perfect to foster children’s artistic talent. Statistics also show that children who have received dance instruction from a kids dance school are more likely to develop love towards art in later life. As the spring season is rapidly approaching, the Chicago kids dance school, Dance To EvOLvE is calling local children to take dance classes and discover 3 ways dance can help develop artistry in little dancers!

Dance School in Chicago1. Appreciation For Art

Our children’s dance school in Chicago helps bring art and music to life for young dancers. Before taking kids dance classes, children may be surrounded by different forms of art, but they are not aware of it. Dance To EvOLvE’s dance classes in Chicago introduce and teach little dancers with age-appropriate knowledge of drama, music and creative movement, along with the vocabulary of basic dance steps, such as “Plié” and “En pointe” in ballet. Over time, children deepen their understanding and establish their aesthetic judgment in the arts. They also learn how the rhythm and melody of a song relates to the visual art of dance. During our Chicago dance school recitals, dancers can create a group dance piece for an audience, thus deepening their appreciation of dance as a performing art.  

2. Creativity and Self-Expression

Our dance school in Chicago gives young dancers skills for self-expression through art and offers a more playful space for children to develop their creativity. As our Chicago dance studios engage students with music and movement, young children can not only embrace the fun and joy of dancing to the beat but also create their own interpretation of songs with their favorite dance moves. Regardless of skill or experience, our kid's dance lessons in Chicago give children the freedom to move in a way that reflects their uniqueness. After a 6 to 8 week dance session, little dancers will stand out from other children as able to think on their feet, approach a dance move from different perspectives, and think ‘outside of the box’ in choreography. And this creativity will come naturally to them in their future school life or even in their career.


3. Musicality and Musical AwarenessChicago kids Dance classes

Attending our dance school in Chicago certainly helps little ones to improve their musicality and musical awareness. Musicality refers to one’s ability to receive, comprehend, and have a working knowledge of the rhythm, tempo, phrasing, and even mood of the music. It also includes musical artistry, which is the ability to connect with accompanying music, interpret it, and add movement dynamics that relate to music in a way that is unique or interesting. In other words, the little ones will grow to become more sensitive to the music in general. Our dance school in Chicago provides plenty of practice to expand kids’ musicality, such as counting beats in tap dancing classes and clapping in different rhythms in hip hop classes. Performance opportunities also allow the little ones to explore the energy and mood behind the music with the help of instructors.

In conclusion, the Dance To EvOLvE dance school in Chicago offers child dance education that develops artistry in children and fosters their interest and talent in art. Our Chicago dance classes create opportunities to practice appreciation of art, self-expression, creativity and musicality for dancers of all ages, especially the youngest dancers. We believe that with the assistance of our dance classes and art-rich environment of Chicago, artistry in little dancers will be cultivated, encouraged, fostered, emphasized, and grown.

Where to Find Dance Classes for Kids Around North County San Diego

Posted by Dance To EvOLvE Team on Mar 4, 2015 12:30:50 PM

San Diego's North County is a vast, expansive region known for its natural beauty and diverse terrain. It is comprised of a collection of unique communities, from the gorgeous beachfront views in Del Mar to the lush mountains of Escondido and Carmel Mountain to scenic Rancho Bernardo. Other communities in this region include Miramar, Carlsbad, Fallbrook and Palomar Mountain.


If you live around these areas and your kiddo is constantly turning your living room into a dance hall, maybe it’s time for you to search for North County dance classes for kids! Dance To EvOLvE offers dance classes at multiple convenient locations throughout North County San Diego. This means that you can get the best of EvOLvE without driving all around San Diego for your child’s dance classes.

1. Carmel Mountaindance classes for kids North county

Our kids dance classes at Carmel Mountain should be the first site to check out if you live in the community around Poway, Sabre Springs, Rancho Penasquitos, Black Mountain Ranch, or Ranch Bernardo. The classes are held in Carmel Mountain/Sabre Springs recreation center and are really close to some elementary schools such as Highland Ranch Elementary, Shoal Creek Elementary and Creekside Elementary. The neighborhood Carmel Mountain Ranch, or CMR, is home to fun Christmas events, “CMR Olympics” and the Christmas light show "Holiday Magic at Fairway Village". In 2015, EvOLvE offers an 8-week winter session dance classes for kids as young as 24 months at CMR center, including Tiny Movers classes, a dance class of ballet with tumbling and dance games. Here is an excerpt of feedback from a parent of a Tiny Mover Dancer at Carmel Mountain: “my daughter has really been enjoying her ballet/tumble dance class with the other children and looks forward to it every week! We are happy to be participants in the program!"

North county dance classes2. 4S Ranch

4S Ranch is another place to consider for your kid’s North County dance classes. If you live around 4S Ranch, Rancho Bernardo, Rancho Sante Fe, Black Mountain Ranch, Carmel Mountain, Rancho Peñasquitos, or if your children go to Stone Ranch Elementary School, Monterey Ridge Elementary School or Del Sur Elementary School, chances are high that you are not far away from our 4S Ranch classes in Kids Ventures! It is only a few minute drives from Ranch County Library, 4S Heritage park, 4S Ranch Community Park, or 4S Ranch Sports Park, where you probably have taken your kids for family outing. EvOLvE at 4S Ranch offers both affordable weekly dance classes and 12-week winter semester dance classes with a diversity of choices from ballet/tap combination classes to hip hop classes for all age groups. Moreover, we let you take a trial class before registering to ensure it is the right fit for you and your dancer.

3. Rancho Bernardo

Rancho Bernado is a community in the northern hills of San Diego just south of Lake Hodges and the San Pasqual Valley and is on the top list of where to find North County dance classes for kids as well. If you live in Rancho Bernado or near 4S Ranch, Carmel Mountain Ranch, Poway and Escondido, definitely check out our dance classes for kids located at the Rancho Bernardo Recreation Center. Here, you can find ballet/tap dancing combination classes designed for a wide range of dancers, from 2-year-old toddlers, to 5-year-old preschoolers. This is how a parent comments on our North County dance classes for kids in Rancho Bernardo: "Thanks so much for all your hard work and going the extra mile. My daughter absolutely loves your Dance To EvOLvE lessons and it has helped her self esteem to see that she has some natural talent as a dancer." Sign up for Rancho Bernardo kids dance classes and experience the growth of little dancers like she did!

kids dance classes san diego

There are so many opportunities for kids to explore the dancing fun in San Diego’s North County. And it will be a bonus for parents if it comes with less car time. To select children’s dance classes based on where you live or where your kids go to school will save you time on driving and money on gas. Dance To EvOLvE offers dance classes in various locations all over North County including Carmel Mountain, 4S Ranch and Rancho Bernardo. Visit our website for more information about where we offer our North County dance classes and feel free to turn on Google maps to calculate the driving time!

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