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How To Choose The Best Dance Company

Posted by Brittany White on Apr 29, 2015 2:27:00 AM

Choosing a dance studio for your child is important. There are many factors that go into choosing one that best fits your needs. Does this dance company have a variety of classes offered? Are there many dance classes for children or for teens? Are the teachers qualified to teach my child? Is the location conveniently located near me? These are some of the questions that may come up as you decide how to choose the best dance company. It is important that you research dance schools and ask questions to choose one that fits what you’re looking for in a dance school and for your child. Here is our guide on how to choose the best dance company. 

1. Professional Setting Is Important


Does the dance studio look clean and safe? Are the teachers welcoming and inviting? Is this the kind of environment where kids are able to learn by qualified teachers? Dance class for children requires a balance of having a professional and educational environment and a fun place for kids to enjoy  learning to love dance! At Dance to EvOLvE, we want parents and dancers to know our friendly teachers are passionate, highly trained and professional. 

2. Variety of Dance Styles

An important part of choosing a dance company is knowing the types of classes that are offered and finding the best fit for your child. Does your child like ballet or Hip Hop? Do you want your children involved jazz? Or maybe you'd like your child to try combo classes? Most dance companies, like Dance to EvOLvE, encourage kids to learn and have fun dancing in a variety of styles including Jazz, Tap, Ballet, and Hip Hop. Not only does sampling a variety of dance styles help your kids figure out their interests, it encourages them toseek out opportunities for further growth in their dance skills.  Recitals and summer camps offer excellent opportunities to do just that!

3. Convenient Times and Locations  

In some cities, parents may be lucky enough to have several dance studios near them, while others may have to travel a great distance to a dance studio. It is important to factor in how much time you are willing to spend driving to and from a dance studio and to make sure the dance class is also at a convenient time for you and your child. One of the unique qualities about Dance to EvOLvE is that we are a mobile dance company. We don't have just one location, but several locations in large cities like San Diego, Chicago, and Seattle. This is an advantage for our dancers because they are able to travel a shorter distance and take our weekly classes at convenient times. 

4. What are your expectations for your child?balletdanceclassesforkids1

This is a great question to ask when choosing studios. Are you looking for competition schools, a large dance class setting or small class setting? Does the studio “favor” the competition students? Is there opportunity for performances? Maybe you’d want to find a studio that specializes in a particular style or focus. These are some questions worth considering before picking a dance studio. It is also good to know the expectations of each studio and their understanding of dance. Every dance company is different in their teaching style and their expectations of committed students.

At Dance to EvOLvE, our goal is to provide dance classes for children where they can learn proper technique and have fun doing it! We are big believers in the value of recial; guiding children toward a long term goal (performing at recial) and teaching them the pride and confidence that comes from performing what they have spent weeks practicing.  You will find no drama or favoritism here!

As a  unique mobile dance company that specializes in children’s dance Dance to EvOLvE should be top of your dance studio list to check out. Trial classes are available at all locations. Click below for more information!

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Kids Dance Classes in Chicago

Posted by Brittany White on Apr 9, 2015 11:53:00 AM

The City of Chicago is one of the most visited cities in America due to its beautiful skyline view, rich history of art and culture, delicious and unique foods, and great travel sites! All around Chicago you can find many family friendly activities to do for the kids!  It is rated as one of the greatest cities in America, one reason being because of the great appreciation for arts, dance and music. Chicago has an amazingly fun and diverse community and is a great place for kids to express their artistic talents. Some events coming up in Chicago are the Kids and Kites Festival, CircEsteem Family Circus show, Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo, and Fancy Nancy the Musical just to name a few. There are also many things to do and new places to eat at the Navy Pier! 
With the spring and summer seasons rapidly approaching, it can be overwhelming deciding what to occupy your kids with when they're done with school. Well, we've got an answer for you! The Chicago kids dance school, Dance to EvOLvE, is calling all local children to take dance classes and develop their creative expression through dance while also having fun! We offer various styles of kids dance and children's dance classes throughout the year and offer recitals and summer camps! Unlike traditional dance studios, we are a mobile studio specializing in dance lessons for kids all over Chicago. Here are just a few of our exciting locations for you to check out!
1. Edgewater, IL (Chi-Town Shakti)

The children's dance classes offered in Edgewater, Chicago, are in a new location in Chi-Town Shakti! We offer Toddler Ballet & Tumble classes (3-4 years old), and Kids Ballet & Jazz Combo classes (4.5 to 6 years old) on Thursdays. These classes allow young dancers to be challenged while expressing themselves through movement. Sign your kids up today for a no obligation trial class, our annual recital, and/or summer camps!

2. Lakeview, IL (Yoga Boutique)

Our next spotlight is also a new location! We offer various kids dance classes at the Yoga Boutique in Lakeview! On Wednesdays and Fridays, we have Toddler Tap and Ballet combo classes (2-3 years old), Preschooler Tap and Ballet combo classes (3-4 years old) , and Kids Tap & Ballet Combo classes (4.5 - 6 years old)! The goal of these classes is to create a fun environment for dancers while emphasizing ballet terminology and technique. Just to keep our young dancers on their toes (pun intended J ) we also switch it up once a month with a jazz dance day! In lieu of the tap portion of the kids combo class, we instruct the children on jazz movement, music and technique. Our location in Lakeview is open for registration for classes and our annual recital! Be sure to check our website for more information!

3. North Center, IL (Sweet Pea’s Studio)

Located at Sweat Pea's Studio in North Center, we offer Ballet and Tumble Combo classes for kids on Mondays for  ages 2 to 4 years old! This is an energetic, expressive and fun class where children are introduced to different dance styles like tap, ballet, tumbling, and dance games! Register today and learn how you and your child can participate in the annual Dance to EvOLvE Recital!


Dance to EvOLvE is a unique mobile dance company and our mission is to evolve our students through dance while creating heart-warming smiles! Our friendly teachers also have a passion for teaching, for dance, and for kids! We want kids to have fun and learn through dance. We also offer entertainment for kid’s birthday parties and afterschool programs like daycares for preschoolers! Visit our website and check out our multiple, convenient Chicago kids dance class locations for further information on summer camps and recitals!

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