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5 Benefits of Kids Hip-Hop Dance Classes

Posted by Brittany White on Aug 17, 2015 11:40:00 PM


Many parents find themselves in a common predicament when they have high-energy kids: what extracurriculars are there available for their kids that help release their energy, without wearing them down?

Fortunately for children and parents alike- there are high quality dance classes for kids out there that do just that! Kids hip-hop classes can benefit a child of any age in several ways, but here are five that emphasize the positive impact dance can have!


1. Allows freedom of expression

Creativity is vital to a kids’ mental health, and giving them the outlet of dance is a great way to get those juices flowing! Enrolling your child in hip-hop dance classes can give them just the creativity break that they need after the rigours of a long day at school.

2. Promotes an active lifestyle

As childhood obesity in the United States is Boys_dancing_hip_hop_consistently on the rise, hip-hop dance classes for kids might be just the thing to help solve this massive, nationwide problem. Hip-hop classes for kids and adults alike, are chock-full of new muscle movements that are unfamiliar to the average person, and cardio that gets your heart pounding! An hour long class a day, or even just a few classes a week can begin to create healthy habits that last a lifetime!


3. Acts as a healthy outlet of energy


Anyone who has kids, knows that they have enough energy for the themselves and the whole household combined! And as they get older and get into school, it becomes increasingly difficult to get their energy out in appropriate and acceptable ways. Coming home after a long day of sitting in a classroom can make kids antsy, and if you live in an area that has any sort of rainy season, like Seattle, children will be inside even more, which only adds to the restlessness they may experience.

Putting them into after school hip-hop dance classes will give them a way to learn how to focus that energy towards achieving a goal. (Not to mention it will give you a much needed break after a hard day of work)


4. Develops social skills

img_our_company23-300x199Especially if you have a young toddler, kids dance classes can be extremely beneficial to developing good social skills at an early age. Participating in group activities, such as toddler hip-hop classes, can help your child learn how to be polite, interact with other children their age as well as with adults, and all while doing something funky and upbeat!


5. Gives kids a safe space

Let’s face it- growing up is hard, especially nowadays. As generations go on, there is an increase in pressure to get the best grades, score the highest scores, and fit in at school. Growing up in a big city like Chicago, or New York also comes with it’s own set of everyday stressors as well, and it is often hard to find those “safe spaces” in the bustle of the city. There is no better option than something as simple as a kid's hip-hop dance class! Finding a place where children have a safe space away from home and school to relax, and get their mind off of everyday stresses, can not only improve the mental health of your child, but also create a mindfulness of their own mental health.

childrendanceclassteacherDance to EvOLvE  not only offers hip-hop classes for kids in the San Diego area, but to kids in the Seattle and Chicago areas as well! We have locations throughout all three cities, and are dedicated to providing the highest quality dance education to kids and toddlers of all ages! To ensure our parents and students are satisfied with the quality of our kids hip-hop classes, or any of our kids dance classes, we offer a no obligation trial class!

Whether you want to sign up for hip-hop dance classes for the health benefits, creativity booster, or just for fun- your kids will definitely enjoy their experience groovin' and movin' their way to new memories that will last long after the classes end!

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Summer Movies in the Park

Posted by Brittany White on Aug 14, 2015 2:41:29 PM


When you were a kid, there were many things that your parents did to try and create as many memories as possible before the magic inside of your brain ran out. Maybe they took you to the park for some fun activities, or to Disneyland or on an adventurous car ride up the coast, or even to a day full of fun activities at the park. You got to see exotic animals play at the zoo, and got your very own stuffed zebra to bring home with you after. All of these little things are what make up the fabric of our youth, and one of the many memories I have from growing up is the time my parents took me to see a movie in the park. I am very pleased that San Diego has many movies in the park this summer.


Take your toddler to see Hiccup and his band of unlikely heroes battle it out in “How to Train Your Dragon 2” at the La Mesita Park in La Mesa at 7pm on July 24, or, if you live closer to Poway, see the adventures of the “Big Hero 6” team at the Poway Swim Center at 6:30 pm! Either way- your kids will remember that night, as simple as it may appear, for lifetimes to come!



If you live near Rancho Bernardo and want to take your kids out for fun in the park- you're in luck! Dance to EvOLvE will have a booth and a short demonstration at the July 25th showing of “The Little Rascals” at Rancho Bernardo Community Park! The movie begins at dusk, however to tune into some Dance to EvOLvE fun, come early to give your child the opportunity to learn andperform a short choreographed number from one of our instructors right there in the park!

kids dance classes summer activity san diego

Here at Dance to EvOLvE, we love giving kids who may not typically be exposed to the arts the opportunity to experience what happiness it can bring. By giving demonstrations such as these, we can share new and exciting activities within the world of art and culture that many kids may not have had a chance to be apart of. Not only exposing toddlers, preschoolers and kindergarteners to music, rythm, and dance for their own developement, it is an extra bonus as a parent to expirience the glowing warmth of happiness inside of your toddler’s eyes as they begin to expirience the wonders of dance and performance.

If your July is jam-packed already with summer activities and vacations and general family business- don’t worry! There are many other opportunities in the month of August to bring your kids to a magical movie night just before school arrives this fall:

8/1 - Movie at Mira Mesa Hourglass Community Park: Big Hero 6 7:00pm

8/1 - Movie at La Jolla Nobel Community Park: Home 7:00pm

8/8 - Movie at Old Poway Park: Mary Poppins 6:30pm

8/8 - Movie at Carmel Mountain Ranch Community Park: Up 6:00pm

8/8 - Movie at San Marcos Cerro de las Poses Park: The Goonies

8/14 - Movie at Carmel Valley Sage Canyon Neighborhood Park: Home

8/14 - Movie at Point Loma Community Park: The Spongebob Movie: Sponge Out of Water

8/15 - Movie at Carmel Valley Community Park: Cinderella

8/15 - Movie at Rancho Penasquitos Rolling Hills Park: Finding Nemo

8/21 - Movie at La Mesa Pool

8/27 - Movie at Poway Community Park 6:30-9:30pm: Guardians of the Galaxy

When planning your summer, plan events that will make memories for a lifetime to come. Even if it isn’t a movie night- new adventures for a kid’s summer can really make their world a little bit brighter. Watch the sunset on the beach, take them to experience something new at an art museum, watch them blossom as they experience something unique, like a summer dance camp or ballet classes through Dance to EvOLvE.

DTE has a variety of classes and camps for kids of all ages! Sign up now for a kids activity that your child will never forget!

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