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Welcome San Elijo, Grantville, and Mission Hills, to the Dance to EvOLvE Family!

Posted by Brittany White on Dec 16, 2015 5:46:58 PM

As the temperatures drop in our sunny San Diego, family-friendly activities are slowly moving indoors. The sun goes down earlier, the evenings are chillier, and kids have more and more time off from school for the holidays. But never fear, we at Dance to EvOLvE have got the perfect activities to keep your little ones moving and happy, at three new fabulous locations!

San Elijo

At our San Elijo location, the San Elijo Parks and Recreation Center, classes start in January, but registration is open now! Find us at 1105 Elfin Forest Road, San Marcos 92078. Parking is free, and a trial class is too! Sign up for a risk-free trial class, and we’ll help you find the class that best fits in your family’s busy schedule. San Elijo is home to tons of great family friendly attractions, like it’s proximity to the Del Mar Fairgrounds, lots of sweet camping spots, and a 2-mile stretch of one of California’s most beautiful state beaches. 


Dance to EvOLvE’s high-quality San Elijo dance classes for kids are just one of the many must-do’s of the area. Our kids dance classes are very affordable, and it’s been proven that dance classes for two and three year olds improves motor skills, self esteem, and socialization. Registration funds are collected online through the recreation center’s website, or at the San Marcos Community Center’s front desk, located at 3 Civic Center Drive. Exact cash, check, and all major credit cards are accepted. 


Grantville, San Diego is a historic part of town, close to Allied Gardens, Serra Mesa, and Mission Valley East. As one of California’s oldest communities, Grantville is easy to navigate by Friar’s Road, Mission Gorge Road, or easily accessed by San Diego’s Metropolitan Transit System’s Green Line.


Being a hop, skip and a jump away from Mission Valley Shopping Center and Fashion Valley Mall, this is a great location to sign up for Dance to EvOLvE’s kid-centric dance classes if you want to drop the kids off while you pick up some holiday cheer. Find us at Party Fitness Center, 4659 Mission Gorge Place. We’re here on Fridays, from 10:45am-12:30pm. This location features free parking, but don’t forget to pack a reusable water bottle or two, as this dance studio has no water fountain on site. Right now, Grantville’s classes feature a 10% discount on registration fees, and there’s our educational development days, which feature free classes as well. As this is a location where Dance to EvOLvE personally handles registration, there are two auto-renew options for your enrollment in children's dance classes. The monthly option automatically renews your registration each month, while the semester option auto renews after each semester. Don’t want auto-renewal? That’s totally fine! Just make sure to cancel by the 25th of each month, to avoid fees for the following month.


    Our other new location in Mission Hills opens in February of 2016. We’ll be bringing down the house at RISE Studio, 2971 India Street. Mission Hills has something for everyone, with great restaurants and boutique shopping, perfect for picking up a bite to eat after working up an appetite in dance class. Registration is open now, so reserve your spot today. Feel free to contact us for updates on Mission Hills kids dance class offerings, or if you have any questions on our attendance and enrollment policies. We’re looking forward to seeing you at one of our new locations.

Shop around, with 13 locations and 50 classes per week, we at Dance to EvOLve hope you find something that fits your needs perfectly to get your little one moving for the holidays! A session of dance classes makes the perfect gift for your toddler so make sure to spread the word! Now you will have an answer when the aunt, uncle, cousin or grandparents asks "what do the kids want for Christmas this year"! 

Happy Holidays! 

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3 Reasons Homeschool Students Should Take Ballet

Posted by Brittany White on Dec 14, 2015 11:00:50 AM

Ballet is a great extracurricular activity for homeschooled students. Due to their flexible schedules, these students have the special opportunity to participate in ballet class any time of the day. Homeschooling also presents its own unique set of challenges, which is often reflected in a child’s behavior and performance. Consider three ways your child can benefit from taking ballet class while in homeschool. 

1. Structure

Kids_ballet_class.jpgHomeschooling is a great option for highly motivated students. However, if there is little to no structure in the home, it can have a negative impact on a child’s ability to focus and stay on task. Ballet class can provide the much needed discipline and structure that might otherwise be lacking in the home. Ballet students are taught to show respect for authority, demonstrate proper etiquette in the classroom, and learn responsibility. Being on someone else’s schedule also teaches a homeschooled student time management, a skill that not only helps them with their academics, but even prepares them for the workforce. Check your local dance schools, studios, and recreation centers for midday classes; some of these have created classes specifically with the homeschooler in mind.

2. Socialization

Some homeschooled students have the tendency to be shy or withdrawn; others are hungry for interaction. Ballet class gives homeschooled students the opportunity to socialize with others their age, giving them a sense of community. Many students have forged lifelong friendships based on their mutual love for dance. Through fun, interactiveactivities, ballet students learn to cooperate with others, creating a positive and supportive dynamic in the classroom. Whether a student is learning to be more assertive, or learning how to play well with others, this environment helps homeschooled students develop better social skills in, and outside the classroom.


3. Skill

Every child, homeschooled or not, needs exercise. Ballet class is especially great for homeschool students because it fulfills physical education requirements and gives them a chance to blow off some energy. Contrary to popular belief among many young ones, ballet, however, is not about prancing around in a tutu. Ballet is beautiful, but it’s also very challenging. Ballet technique gives students a full-body workout, enhancing their motor skills, and improving their balance and coordination. Homeschooled students have a particular advantage since they can usually devote more time to practice. When they diligently apply themselves, homeschooled students have the opportunity to accelerate and improve, which in turn, increases their self-confidence.

Ballet, as well as other dance forms, has many physical, mental, and emotional benefits for homeschooled students. It instills principles that help them become better students, children, and members of the community. If you’re considering putting your homeschooler in an extracurricular activity, never underestimate the power of dance.

About the Author:
Bethany Leger taught ballet for 7 years in Dallas, TX. She is the founder of Ballet For Adults, a site dedicated to educating adults about ballet.

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The Truth about Hip Hop Dance for Tweens and Middle Schoolers

Posted by Brittany White on Dec 9, 2015 2:31:05 PM

We understand that there are stereotypes for some dance classes, especially hip hop for tweens and other ages, but the truth is that they aren't just for booty-poppers! With the right teacher and hip hop class, your dancer can be dancing to the beats in an environment that you are comfortable with!

With the hip hop stereotypes, it can be easy for people to assume there is a certain level of inappropriateness involved. But this does not have to be the case if you are considering the right children's dance studio or middle school hip hop classes. Just like any program you would involve your child in, it is always important to ask some questions to ensure it is the right fit for what you are looking for in a hip hop class for tweens or middle schoolers.

Here is what to look for in tween hip hop classes and what Dance To EvOLvE focuses upon:

-Does the teacher use age appropriate music?
-Is the teacher a positive role model that your dancer can look up to?
-How does the teacher go above and beyond to incorporate life-skills during the hip hop dance class for tweens or in the middle school hip hop dance class?
-Is the movement in the hip hop class age appropriate for children or twees, and is about having fun and creating a positive message? Or is it about something you're not comfortable with as a parent?
-Overall, does the tweens hip hop dance class you are considering seem professional and family friendly?


If this is your first time considering enrolling your child or tween in a hip hop class, it is helpful to know a bit more about some developmental benefits of hip hop dance in general. One of the hallmarks of hip hop dance is its use and encouragement of improvisational dance moves, known as "freestyle".  New dancers may find themselves feeling reserved and self conscious when asked to freestyle to hip hop music, but the mark of a great teacher and a great hip hop dance class for tweens (or middle school hip hop dance program) is the ability to encourage the dancer to experiment with new movements and feel the music in a way that feels authentic to them, while keeping with the style of the dance.

We all know that teen years are often fraught with uncertainty and identity searching, with a fair amount of self-doubt thrown in.  Hip hop classes can do wonders to pull kids out of their shells and expose a self-awareness and self-confidence your child never realized they had. Children's and tween's dance classes can be an amazing experience that does wonders for your dancer’s confidence. After participating in the right hip hop dance class, dancers should be sweaty, happy, and self-assured from learning something that presented the right amount of challenge mixed with fun. And then just watch them freestyle confidently with a flair all their own!

Some Other Fun Information About Hip Hop:

Hip hop dance is a category of dance that encompasses a variety of urban styles. The primary styles within this wide range include but are not limited to: breaking, locking and popping. Hip Hop dance is not a studio-evolved style and saw no formal beginning, instead, it was developed on the street in urban neighborhoods.  Hip hop can come in many different styles with a variety of music...find an age appropriate hip hop class for your dancer! Check out our kid's hip hop classes available for ages 2-12.

  • Black and Latino Americans were the creators of uprock and breaking in the Bronx of New York, whereas Black Americans in California created popping, roboting, boogalo and locking - or the funk style.
  • Hip Hop dance became widely known in the 1970s after the first professional street-based crews formed in the USA.
  • In the 1980s, hip hop social dancing started to develop, with novelty and fad dances such as the Roger Rabbit, the Cabbage Patch, and the Worm becoming widely popularized.  Who can forget those fun dances?

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