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Summer Activity Ideas for Kids or Toddlers in San Diego & Chicago

Posted by Brittany White on Jun 28, 2016 12:42:39 PM


Summer is the time when kids’ imagination run wild and they can be anything they want to be. This is the season where they make the most unforgettable memories, so make sure they do a lot of fun activities where they can learn and use their imagination. Watch them have fun and be kids because they grow up so fast! So here are some summer activities for toddlers in San Diego and Chicago you could do!

  1. Go To The San Diego Zoo or Lincoln Park Zoo!ZOO.png

             The zoo is a great summer activity with your kid or toddler because there are many things you can see and do! Learning about animals and seeing them in person is a great way for your kid to learn and explore what our oceans and lands consist of! Going to the zoo helps your children learn about how the zoo helps take care of endangered species and protects them from harm. Being with these amazing animals can bring fun to your day and maybe even a new passion for your kid!

  1.   Head To Balboa Park Museums or the Chicago History Museum!Museum_.png

            Going to any museum, whether it’s history, science, or art, is a great summer activity for kids that can bring out a hidden passion in your child. Every museum has something special about it and going there can uncover something that you never thought would interest you. Museums are super cool because you learn a lot about what the museum is about. Plus, going to a lot of different museums can help your kid become more well rounded culturally and intellectually. Check out the Chicago History Museum and find out about Illinois' own President Lincoln and "Lincoln's Chicago". Balboa Park in San Diego is also a great place because it has many museums and has unique architecture. It’s good for young kids to learn about things they never heard before and it gives them a sense of accomplishment and interest in different subjects and it is a great summer activity for kids in San Diego and Chicago.

  1.   Cool Off At Mystic Waters or Aquatica!waterpark.png

            A great way to stay cool this summer and to burn some toddler energy is to head to the nearest water park or local pool! Swimming is a great summer activity for kids in Chicago and San Diego and teaching toddlers to swim is very important! Kids should ideally be swimming on their own at around age 6. Plus, if the summer heat is getting to you, it’s a great way to stay cool while teaching your child a very important life lesson. If you want to have some more fun, head to a waterpark! Although swimming is fun, both Mystic Waters Family Aquatic Center in Chicago and Aquatica in San Diego have fun water slides and cool activities for your kid and for you to enjoy as well! 

  1.   Head To Your Local Body of Water       Beach.png 

              Going to the beach, lake, or even river can be a lot of fun for the family! If you are in San Diego head to Coronado or somewhere along the coast so your family can stay cool under that marine layer. Or maybe if you are in Chicago, head to Lake Michigan! You can head in the water, tan, or even have a nice picnic. It’s a great way to spend your time outside while having your kids run around and enjoy the summer sun. All of these waterways are free for us to use so take advantage of it! So go cool off, and get outside with the family and bring some beach games for all of you to enjoy as a fun activity for your kid or toddler.

  1.   Stay In And Build A Fort!                         Fort.png

                 Want to just stay in your air conditioned home but still do a fun summer activity for kids? Get some sheets and blankets and build a fort! It is so much fun to build and you can make a game out of it saying your fort is actually a pirate ship or maybe a tent in the jungle. This gets your kid to explore their imagination and create fun memories with you. You can watch movies in the tent or many other fun activities. This is a fun bonding moment to spend with your kid and it will create a lot of fun memories. Plus, and added bonus is that they may want to stay in their "secret fort" with "no parents allowed" which frees you up read a book (or more likely clean the kitchen).

  1.     Sign Them Up for Summer Dance Classes and Camps Kids_dance.png

                  Dancing is a great way to let your toddler find him or herself. Dancing at a young age can help them gain self-esteem and create a better focus, and is a great summer activity. Rhythm and dancing is a wonderful talent to have because it gets them moving around and they have fun while doing it. Dancing is in a way better than actual sports because you have the chance to be creative, make something of your own, and learn something new everyday. One of the best things about dancing is that there are no limits, you can tell a story through movement, and that is what makes it unique. Sign up your child for some fun dance classes or summer dance camps and you will have fun watching them grow. It is a wonderful summer activity for kids in San Diego and Chicago.

Summer activities for toddlers in San Diego and Chicago are everywhere if you look! Your kids will have a blast by dancing the summer away and much more! Go visit our website if you want to sign up your child for summer dance camps or try a free trial with us! We have many locations and kids summer camps to offer both in San Diego and Chicago. Let your kids have the best summer ever!



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Summer in Chicago

Posted by Brittany White on Jun 18, 2016 6:00:00 PM

School's out and you may be wondering what your summer activities your toddlers will be doing for three whole months. Not to worry, there are tons of exciting things for your kids to do! Here is a breakdown for your kids to keep busy before school starts in fall!

1.Summer Reading List

As the school year ends, kids will have more time to read their favorite books! Parents and toddlers can read a new children’s book once a week! Before bedtime, at the beach, during down time, there is always time to read a book. This is a great way for kids to continue to read outside of school and develop 

further reading and comprehension skills. Keep the idea of reading fun by not assigning kids "summer reading lists" or "homework". Here are some suggested readings for kids 6 years old and younger:

- If You Give A Mouse A Cookie by Laura Numeroff

- Cat the Cat Who Is That? By Mo Willems

- A Bear Called Paddington by Michael Bond

- Horton Hears A Who! By Dr. Seuss

2. Creative Crafts for Kids During the summer

Toddlers can show their creativity while having fun by decorating a potted plant, making garden art tiles, painting a treasure box, or customizing their room with beautiful paper lanterns! Have your kids ever made Tie Dye shirts? Supplies are cheap and kids can wear them throughout summer! Keeping toddlers busy by letting them create their own art is a great way to spend their summer day!

 3. Fun with Food

Summer is all about great food during Fourth of July, eating at local fairs, and when traveling, eating

out a lot! Spend some time with your toddlers by cooking and baking easy recipes with them, like firework cookies, homemade ice cream, gingerbread men, and decorative cupcakes for upcoming
holidays! Enjoy the dessert afterwards at home or bring it to a picnic at your local park and spend time outside. Better yet, organize a playdate and share the fruits of your labor with friends!KlickitatStreet easy firework cookie.jpg

4. Play Outdoors

Invite the neighborhood kids to play outside! Toddlers can have fun by drawing with chalk on the street, playing their favorite sport at the local park, and playing various water balloon games!



 5. Toddler Summer Camps

A great option for parents who like to have a bit of a "sanity break" while still providing enrichment for their kids is summer day camp. Often offered in full or half days, summer camps come in all different specialties like art, drama, dance, sports, academic, and swim. Younger toddlers typically do best with half day camps (especially if they still nap during the day), but full day camps can provide more comprehensive summer activities for older toddlers, preschoolers and kindergarteners.

As an added bonus, full day camps give harried parents a bit more time to get things done on the homefront, or just take a well deserved rest!


Looking for summer toddler activities in Chicago?

In a big city, there are always things to do, places to go, and things to see. Here are some fun summer activities for toddlers in Chicago!

Chicago Illinois lies on Lake Michigan, and there are plenty of sights and activities that are great for toddlers.  Families can visit the famous “Cloud Gate” bean-shaped reflective sculpture, and experience the food, culture, and music of Chinatown. For beautiful views and delicious delicacies, try taking your toddler to Lawrence’s Fisheries on Canal street. 


The beauty of the legendary Navy Pier is unmatched. The glistening of the lights of the ferris wheel on the water will become a favorite toddler activity when the lights of the city begin to illuminate the night sky. The adventures there will make memories that last a lifetime! For more magical moments that will have your toddler amazed, you can always take a ride on a speedboat during one of Chicago’s famous firework displays, take a double decker bus tour, visit the Lincoln Park Zoo, and of course, sightseeing one of America’s finest cities would not be complete without viewing the astounding heights of the Willis Tower, most famously known as Sears Tower.


Dance to EvOLvE invites kids to dance throughout summer and take weekly classes as well as sign up for our summer camps for toddlers and preschoolers! Dance is a great way to keep kids active and enjoy their summer in a fun learning environment!

 Schedule Your Trial Dance Class In Chicago 

Father's Day Kids Activities

Posted by Brittany White on Jun 9, 2016 2:30:39 PM

Father's Day is coming up! It’s one official day out of the year where Dad gets the opportunity to be pampered. It’s also one of the best days to learn more about Dad while having fun! If you’re looking for simple, inexpensive, and meaningful Father’s Day activities for kids, these activities will surely be a blast for kids of all ages and dads of all interests.

  1. Take Him Camping

This first Father's Day activity for kids is a classic! Taking dad for a camping trip with the family would be the perfect activity for any outdoors-y father! Dad will love spending quality time with his family in the great outdoors! Many campgrounds offer Father’s Day discounts throughout Father's Day weekend. So make sure you check online for discounts at a campground near you! Start a camping tradition. This is an activity dads and their families will love for years to come! Pitch a tent, start a campfire, and go wild!



  1. Play Mini Golf

For some dads, it isn’t a perfect day without sports! If Dad is a golf lover or even just a sports fan, this kids activity for Father's Day will surely be a great time! Take Dad out to your local mini golf course! Some healthy competition will be a blast for him and the kiddos. For younger kids, hitting up the mini golf course will make for a great afternoon. For older kids, you can take dad to a golf course so he can start teaching his kids how to play the “real” game! Hit the local driving range and play a full 18 holes. Make sure to do your research for the most price-friendly and closest courses near you! Regardless of whether you play mini golf or normal golf, sports=fun for dad!

  1. Go Fishing

Casting a line into a lake is the perfect kids activity for Father's Day! It’s a relaxing yet fun way for fathers and kids to spend time together. If dad or the kiddos don’t have a fishing pole, many fishing poles start around $15. Even stores like Wal-Mart carry a great variety of fishing poles! Find your local lake or beach online to start catching some fish! Also, don’t leave home without researching locations that offer license-free fishing. Dad will love teaching you tips and tricks for catching the biggest fish! Who knows, maybe dad and the kiddos will love fishing they will go more often. This Father's Day activity for kids is sure to be a great Father's Day memory for Dad!


  1. Take A Bike Ride

There’s nothing better than cruising down the city on bicycles with Dad! This awesome Father's Day kids activity is not only extremely fun, but a great way to get your exercise in for the day. If your kids aren’t too comfortable on a bicycle yet, don’t fret! You can attach training wheels to the kids’ bikes or rent a tandem bike. This kid-friendly Father's Day activity is free if you already have a bike, but if you don’t you can always research locations where you can rent bikes for the entire family. This bicycle adventure will definitely be a blast for Dad and the kids!


  1. Have A Dance Party

Forget getting Dad an expensive gift, what he really wants is the gift of your time! This kids activity for Father's Day will be so fun! Turn up the kids Pandora station and have a dance party! For some extra fun, you can even play games like Just Dance for the Wii or Dance Central for the Xbox. Dancing all day will be a fun and memorable way to spend Father’s Day. If you have any doubts about the kind of awesome bonding that Dad's dancing with their kids can bring, check out this adorable video of one of our families preparing for Recital. It is too adorable!

Maybe both the kids and Dad will enjoy dancing so much that your kids will want to pursue dance classes! Kiddos will love shaking their tail feathers with us at Dance To EvOLvE! Sign up for one of our risk free dance trials to pick your dancers’ favorite style of dance. For more information about the dance trials visit our website here!


      Chicago Trial Class                                                                           San Diego Trial Class

Schedule Your Trial Dance Class In ChicagoSchedule A Trial Dance Lesson in San Diego

Father’s Day is one of the most fun times of the year and gives children the opportunity to spend quality time with family. Whether you’re catching fish at your local lake, taking your bicycle for a spin, or jamming out to Just Dance on your Wii, these Father’s day activities for kids will surely bring a smile to your children’s faces and all the men in your life! We can’t wait to hear how you spent your Father’s Day!

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