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San Diego Summer Camp Ideas

Posted by Brittany White on Jul 26, 2016 9:49:39 PM



Hey parents! Summer is here in a big way and if you haven't already, you are probably wondering about what to do with your kiddos now that they have been home for a while. With the huge variety of kids summer camps that are offered throughout the city, having to choose one for your child might make your head spin! To make it a little easier for you, we have put together a list with a few different genres of kid’s summer camps in San Diego that will empower your kids to have the best summer ever!

Artsy camps

If you know your child has a creative imagination, here are some great artsy kids camps. For the arts and crafts lovers, the New Children’s Museum is hosting project based camps for children as young as 4! Your child will get a ton of attention from the professional art teachers and real artists running the camp! If you want to make sure it’s the right children's summer camp for your little one, check out their open house on Friday June 14th!

If your child likes to move and groove to music, there are a ton of studios in San Diego offering summer dance camps. Check out the specialized themes that Dance To EvOLvE hosts throughout the summer! Summer dance camp is the perfect place for your children to build friendships, confidence, and comfort with meeting new people. There are a variety of themes for the kids to participate in. From the Royalty of Fairyland theme to superhero theme, and many more, it’s never a boring day for the campers! It also provides children with important teamwork skills that they will learn through dancing and choreographing together. Also, at the end of the summer, the kids get to overcome their shyness and show off all that they have learned in a performance held at the end of each summer dance program. This is a wonderful children's summer camp for your kids to enjoy and have fun at.



Outdoorsy camps 

If your child loves to be outside and active then don’t be afraid to sign them up for a camp that will let them explore the wonders of the outdoors! The YMCA is one of the more traditional children's summer camps with lots of outdoor activities for the active kids! It’s perfect for the adventurer who isn’t afraid to get their shoes muddy!

How about seeing if your kiddo will enjoy a new sport before signing them up next year? Try out this non-competitive soccer camp offered by Little Rascalz Soccer School! It gives the kids a chance to get out their energy while learning some new skills! It is super cute and they even allow parent participation so you don’t have to sit on the sidelines. This is a great summer camp in San Diego that your child could thrive at!



Scholastic camps

Bring the mad scientist out in your child by letting them explore the world of science and choose from a variety of different themes with unique topics for your science enthusiast to discover at the Balboa Park museums! Check out the science camps offered at the Reuben H. Fleet Science Museum! With summer camps offered for kids of all ages, your kiddo will be able to try something different as they get older!

The San Diego Museum of Man offers a ton of different children's summer camps of different ages and interests! From the creative ones to the curious ones, they will learn all about science, myths and mysteries!



We hope this helpful guide and will make your brainstorming process easier! Your child will have fun with any kid’s summer camp that they choose! And for the parents who want a bigger variety, take a look at a lot of camps being offered this summer here!

Let us know if you have any awesome suggestions for summer camps in San Diego or if you have any comments about the ones we posted! Summer is the season where kids need to be kids and have fun. Sign up your kid to have fun at a camp this summer and you and your child will be glad you did!

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Activities To Do With Your Kids In La Jolla

Posted by Brittany White on Jul 20, 2016 11:15:56 PM

San Diego is filled with many activities and sights to see. One of the most popular cities and most tourist driven places in San Diego is La Jolla. La Jolla is filled with many activities to do with your family, from surfing at the beach to dance classes for toddlers or kids in UTC! Here are some things you can do while you are in the city of La Jolla, California:

  1. Head to La Jolla Shores
    La Jolla Shores is a very popular place to go because of its beach town feel and its pristine beach. There are many surf shacks and gift shops to explore so you can never get bored! Kellogg Park is located near the shores and it has a playground so your kids can run around and play. La Jolla Shores is a great place if you love to surf because there are plenty of waves you can catch. If you are not a surfer, that is okay because it is also a perfect place to relax and listen to the sound of the crashing waves. And if you want to see some wildlife head next door to La Jolla Cove which is home to local Sea Lions. You can go scuba diving, snorkeling, the options are limitless!



  1.  Visit the Birch Aquarium
    The Birch Aquarium is visited by an average of 435,000 people per year and is known for their prestigious Oceanography studies. You can see up to 380 species of ocean life while you’re there and you can have a chance to feed some animals. There are fun summer camps, school programs, and aquarium classes they can take! The aquarium is a great place to learn about what kind of animals live in our oceans and how we can protect them and learn more about them.



  1.  Go to The Salk Institute
    The Salk Institute is a school of biological research located in La Jolla, right next to the Torrey Pines Gliderport. Not an obvious destination for kids in La Jolla, this institute is known not only for its research, but it is also known for its unique architecture and breathtaking view. You are free to roam around outside the labs and offices and enjoy the beauty of the campus. Be sure to grab lunch there and watch the paragliders roam the sky as you look out onto the ocean right on the edge of campus.


  1.  See a play at the La Jolla Playhouse
    This is a professional theater on the campus of the University of California, San Diego. There are many plays that are available to see at the La Jolla Playhouse; some professional, and some put together by kids, teenagers, and college students. This theater was awarded America's Outstanding Regional Theatre in 1993 by the Tony Awards! Theater, like dance, is a creative way of storytelling, which is something your kids will love! It is a beautiful theater made in 1947 and is a great place to check out if you are in La Jolla.


  1. Take a dance class at Doyle and Noble Recreation Center!
    We are proud to announce that Dance to EvOLvE has a new location at Doyle Recreation Center! This adds to our already popular class offerings at the Noble Recreation Center, and offers kids and toddlers in La Jolla lots of options when it comes to dance classes! We offer many dance classes from hip hop to ballet! Classes start as young as 2 years old, so come and check us out. We have a lot of kids dance studios all around San Diego, and now we have a home in La Jolla! Nobel Recreation Center has an amazing playground and a wonderful big field that you can do all sorts of activities on! You can have a picnic and play on the playground after your dance class! Come out and take your kids to the best kids dance studio in La Jolla! 


La Jolla is filled with many fun things to do with your kids! You can spend it by the sea, or you can spend it watching your child have fun at our dance classes for kids here in La Jolla. Go explore what La Jolla has to offer and maybe drop by Doyle or Noble and see what we have to offer as well! We have dance classes for both toddlers and older kids in UTC so there are many options of dance to choose from. From the many kids dance studios in La Jolla, we are the best there is and we cannot wait to show you what we have to offer! Come on down to Doyle or Noble in La Jolla and we can start having fun right away! Try out a trial class today! 


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5 Reasons To Do A Summer Dance Camp

Posted by Brittany White on Jul 19, 2016 1:31:32 PM

How many parents out there are starting to think about your children's summer camps and vacations? Summer is filled with so many different options for families to explore. Kids (even the young ones) can participate in programs with many different time frame options allowing them to try something new for as long or little as they want. Why not try a summer dance camp to take a break from the sun and heat? Summer dance camps typically allow kids to try different styles of dance, work quickly towards a performance, and learn in a fun, relaxing environment. We offer fun summer camps in San Diego and fun summer camps in Chicago as well! Read on to see why dancing in the summer is such a fun time of the year!

  1. Keep The Juices Flowing:

Throughout the school year, kids are learning all day, every day. Summer dance camps are a great resource to trigger their brains in a fun and athletic way through physical and observational learning. Students memorize sequences of steps, rhythm patterns in music, spacing, and formations, keeping those brains active! Studies show that when we make split-second, quick decisions (like when we dance), we create new neuron pathways that increase our intelligence. Give your kids a break from school but keep their minds engaged through dancing!

  1. Give Them A Sun Break:

We all want to enjoy the sunshine this time of year but many kids appreciate some time out of the heat here and there. Children's dance camps typically take place inside with maybe a snack, lunch, game, or craft break outside for fresh air. Switch up your summer camps a bit and give your child some variation for dealing with the heat.


  1. Explore New Dance Styles:

Many parents are interested in short commitments for their children until they find what they are truly passionate about. Summer is the perfect time to try new dance styles like ballet, tap, and hip hop to see what really gets a kid moving! Many kids dance camps offer a crash course to a specific style or they fuse several styles within a week and focus more on fun. If one style isn't a good fit for whatever reason, a dancer will quickly move on to another after a day or a week. If you are looking for serious improvement, check out a summer dance intensive at a summer camp in Chicago or San Diego.


  1. Get Maximum Creativity:

If your child is drawn to creativity, children’s summer dance camps are a perfect fit! Kids get many chances to share their creativity through movement, games, arts and crafts, and songs. Some children's dance camps even involve costume design, choreography mentoring, and hair and makeup techniques for the stage!


  1. Make New Friends:

Dancing creates a team-like atmosphere because the participants must work together to create the finished product. Because camps tend to be half day, many kids will schedule play dates with new friends after your children's summer camp too! This is a great way for kids to make new friends and create special memories that will last a life-time!


You can find dance camps through your local studios, community centers, or creative arts programs. Do a search online and see what kinds of options you have for this summer! Registration typically starts early so stay ahead of the game and reserve your spot! Dancing is an overall great way for kids to express themselves and get great exercise. Go sign up your kid for a dance camp and have them explore their creativity and talent! Our summer camps in San Diego and Chicago have many locations all around both cities so go ahead and check out our website! We hope this helped and if you have any questions or comments please feel free to let us know!

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