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Extra Curricular Activities for Kids in Chicago

Posted by Brittany White on Aug 10, 2016 11:10:52 AM

Summer is coming to an end soon which means school is on it’s way back into our lives. We all know parents are excited to get back their sanity, but for the kids, the world is coming to an end. Kids tend not to to be excited and to go back to school, but mostly they want to get their mind off it by doing extracurricular activities. Here are some ideas of activities they can do outside of school here in Chicago!

  1. Play ball!


Playing a sport can be self-fulfilling for kids. It teaches them how to be a team player, and how to be the best they can be in something they enjoy. They can get involved in school sports clubs or even go out and join teams that are not associated with the school. Maybe they can try something out of their comfort level and try different sports! If they love soccer, great, maybe they could also try tennis too! Usually soccer players can play tennis really well because of their coordination. Extra curricular activities like these are very beneficial for kids who have a lot of energy and for kids who need practice becoming more social. Whether it is basketball, tennis, or any type of sport, this will allow them to have fun while they also stay in shape!

  1. Music Lessons 

Music is a great way for your child to be more cultural. Studies show that playing an instrument releases stress and improves your IQ. This leads to higher test scores because learning how to read music and understanding how to use the right side of your brain more makes kids become more intellectual. Piano lessons are the stereotypical instrument to practice as a kid, but they can try the drums, or even a ukulele! Give them an instrument to look forward to playing when they get home!

  1.  Community Service 

Getting involved in your community is a wonderful way to for your child to gain self pride knowing that they are doing something good. Whether it is volunteering at the local food and clothes closet, to cleaning up the shores of Lake Michigan, doing something that is noble teaches them how to give back and practice being kind and humble person. This will take their mind off the stresses of school and get them outdoors! They can sign up here to start volunteering! There are many organizations and activities they can do around Chicago!

  1.  Get Them Outside! 

Vitamin D is important for growing kids! They need to run around outside and use their imagination, because a healthy imagination leads to a happier and a more stress free child. Kids are only grow up once, this is their chance to roll around in the dirt and have fun while they are young. Take time out of their day where they are off their electronic devices and get them to go outside and enjoy the nature! Being stuck in a classroom all day for 5 days a week can be overwhelming, let them get some fresh air!

  1.   Get Them Moving and Grooving! 

Dancing is a wonderful way for your kids to express themselves while staying active. Luckily, Dance To EvOLvE has many dance studios and classes in Chicago. You can find us at one of several locations:

  • The Loop at American Rhythm Center
  • Bucktown/Lincoln Park
  • West Loop at Cone Gourmet
  • North Center at Chicago Dance Center
  • Lakeview at Yoga Boutique
  • Evanston at Little Beans Cafe

Good kids dance centers can be tough to find and you want to find the best one out there! We have kids dance centers in North Center Chicago, for example, and if you are not as close as you want to be we have other convenient dance studios near you. Class offerings range from tap and ballet to hip hop and we specialize in classes for kids as young as 14 months up to 12 years old.

School can be tough for your little one. But they can get their mind off of their stresses by doing some of these activities like playing an instrument or taking dance classes! Dance to EvOLvE wants to make sure your kid does well in school and well on the dance floor! Head to a kids dance center in West Loop Chicago or wherever fits best for you! Take a trial class with us to let them see how it is! We offer the best kids dance classes in Chicago, come and see us today!


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