Dancer Loyalty Program Chicago

To show love for our loyal Chicago dancers, we have a Loyalty Program (LP) with great benefits!

Stay enrolled in a dance class consecutively for one season and you will start enjoying all the Loyalty Program benefits as long as you stay dancing with us (without interruption).  You will be welcomed into the LP program via email. 

To See Benefits For:

Locations Where Registration Is Managed Through The Front Desk
(EvOLvE Does Not Manage Registration)

Locations Where EvOLvE Manages Registration 

** If your Chicago dance class is not offered on the summer schedule, to keep your loyalty member status, you can change dance classes for the summer or put your LP membership 'on hold' until the fall.  Your dancer's enrollment must continue at the start of September classes to keep your LP status. If you are on hold, you will need to opt-in by August 15th to confirm your place and membership for fall.

** LP membership can be obtained with continuous semester, session or monthly enrollment.