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Hello Parents and Dancers!

We take our mission seriously 'to evolve our students through dance while creating heart-warming smiles!' This means great, highly trained teachers.  I hand pick them based on their teaching background, dance experience, charisma, and professionalism.  New EvOLvE teachers must also complete teacher training before taking on their own classes and all are required to complete yearly Dance To EvOLvE professional development workshops.  This continuous training ensures that our teachers are always growing and improving, which is what I believe sets our company apart.  Our teachers also follow the copyrighted EvOLvE curriculum which gives enough flexibility for the teacher to adapt to specific class needs while also utilizing their own teaching strengths. The curriculum also ensures that all classes are learning progressive, age appropriate movement and technique.  Although all our teachers follow the same class structure and format, they obviously have different personalities and teaching styles that will suit different dancers.  Please read the bios below and feel free to call us to help you find the right class and teacher for your dancer!

We look forward to dancing with you.
Brittany White, EvOLvE Director

BRITTANY WHITE (aka Miss B) Director & Owner

Brittany evolve director children dance class san diegoBrittany has over twenty years of teaching experience, a diverse dance background, and lived and danced in five countries.  Studying with acclaimed dance instructors, she attended Gus Giordano Jazz Chicago and was awarded a dance scholarship from the nationally recognized dance program at the University of Arizona.  She directed Ceroc Dance in London, the largest UK partner dance company.  Brittany was a Peace Corps volunteer in Benin, Africa and attended graduate school at Hawaii Pacific University to earn a Masters in Business Administration.

She has recently relocated to the Cleveland area after spending 14 years in San Diego, where Brittany started Dance To EvOLvE in 2008, including the unique Dance To EvOLvE program, a student-directed leadership dance program that develops dancers’ character, life-skills, and creativity through dance.  Brittany creates a positive and dynamic class, combined with heartfelt energy, excitement, and a love for teaching.  She teaches with a passion, realizing the direct impact dance has made on her character and professional career.  Brittany teaches a diverse range of classes including jazz, contemporary, tap, ballet, and hip-hop from tiny tots to adults.

Parent's Corner:   "Miss B, you are just the best teacher. I feel like I have found Juilliard for my 4-year old. :) I am telling all my friends as EvOLvE is the best program."  -A Mom Of A 4-Year Old In Our Children's Dance Classes

Darlene K. (aka Ms. D), Teacher

Darlene Kelbach 2018

Darlene has over 10 years of teaching experience in the “movement” field whether it be traditional dance, creative movement, oryoga.  She enjoys teaching students of all ages but has a passion and special fondness for teaching youngchildren.  Darlene began her dance lessons at age 5, studying tap, ballet, jazz, baton and acro as well as becoming a student teacher.

As Darlene teaches, she likes to build relationships as well as skills.  She also likes to cultivate joy and have fun.  Her classes are typically creative and often blend art, literature, nature, and singing.

When not teaching, Darlene is a mom of a daughter and cat. She likes to be healthy, eat plants, and get outdoors by Lake Erie or hike in the woods.  She also sings in the choir at St. Noel.

Beatrice P., Teacher

Beatrice Parker has been teaching dance for over 20 years.  Gifted in the ability to attract and maintain relationships with childrenBeatrice P Headshot and adults of all ages and ethnicities. Her choreography is energized by her love for music and her passionate teaching style which stimulates the hearts and minds of her dancers.  Beatrice concentrates her skills in the areas of ballet, tap, modern jazz, African, and praise dance. Beatrice is excited to bring her love of dance with Dance To EvOLvE.