Why are parents not typically sitting in the room during our classes (for ages 3 and older)?


Obviously a parent’s love and support is imperative in a child’s development and youth dance class education, and we also know that our parents want to participate in and see all the fun.  This is why we schedule family observation days throughout the year.  (See family observation day expectations below.)  During our regular youth dance classes, it is more beneficial for parents to watch the child from outside of the room for multiple reasons to support a progressive and high quality youth dance class (and youth summer camp) for all our dancers.  These reasons include:

* Dancers love the attention of mom and dad!  They want to please their parents and often become more focused on mom/dad than the teacher.

* It is important that young children have time apart from their family just like they do in school. It teaches autonomy and fosters a sense of personal confidence when children can do things without mom or dad.

* Parents get excited about dance class and that excitement can lead to extra talking and noise during the youth dance class or dance camp that can be a distraction to the quality and progression of class.

*We get it...parents want to help and we love that!  But during class time, the focus should be on allowing the teacher to lead the structure and progression of the dancers.

Should I do a trial class on family observation day?

We recommend scheduling your trial dance class during a class that is not family observation day.  This will allow you and your dancer to experience a regular class compared to the extra excitement and distractions that can come along with a family observation day.  It is also important that your dancer understands that you are normally outside of the room so that during the following youth dance class there are no surprises for them that you will not actually be in the room.  Once we have you in the room, it is hard to get you out if that is what the dancer is expecting. ;)

What should you expect on family observation day?

* When working with children in a youth dance class you really never know what you will get on the day, and that is okay!  Our teachers are expects with this age group and know what to expect and how to handle it.

* Parents in the room will often be a distraction to the dancing kids so the dancers may not be as fully engaged as they regularly are in class.  Some youth may have extra energy and less effective ‘listening ears’, and others may be more shy than normal.  This is not always an indicator of how they act or respond during the regular youth dance class or youth summer camp.  Not to worry...your teacher knows that and will accommodate the dance class as needed.

* The additional people in the room will cause extra noise and distraction. We like to think it all adds to the fun of the day!

* You are welcome to take pictures.  We ask that all mobile phones or extra devices are on silent and only answered outside of the room.

* Siblings are welcome on parent observation day.  If you are bringing a toy or device to entertain your other child during the class, please chose a silent activity that will not add noise or create a distraction during the dance class.

* This is a great opportunity to create some special moments with your child through a few parent participation activities. What a great bonding moment!  :)

* Please be respectful of the other families and the teacher who is trying to manage the youth dance class or the youth summer camp.