Kids Dance Classes in Point Loma, San Diego


Kids Dance Classes in Point Loma, San Diego at 2 Locations:
* Cabrillo Recreation Center (3051 Canon St, San Diego, CA 92106) on Saturdays
* Kid Ventures in Liberty Station (2865 Sims Road, San Diego, CA 92106) on Monday & Thursdays
(Take advantage of the discounted day play pass for EvOLvE families.  Details below. Watch the class from the TV in the cafe.)

Dance Class Schedule & Registration For Point Loma, San Diego Dance Classes

There are two locations in the Point Loma Area, in which registration is taken differently. See San Diego kid’s dance class descriptions here for more information on our dance classes.

* Cabrillo Recreation Center on Saturdays (3051 Canon St, San Diego, CA 92106) Register & Pay For Class/ Camp

The only part of our program that we do not directly manage at this San Diego location is the registration and payment, which is taken online or at the Point Loma recreation center's front desk (3051 Canon St). If registering for a dance class in-person at the front desk, please see Point Loma Recreation Center's hours of operation and call in advance to confirm registration can be taken, as it can vary from posted hours.

* Kid Ventures in Liberty Station on Mondays & Thursdays (2865 Sims Road, San Diego, CA 92106)  Register & Pay For Class Below
At this location, we manage registration directly and your register by clicking 'Register' below.

For more options, see our Full Class Schedule. Participate in our Annual Spring Recital!

Cabrillo Recreation Center - Class Schedule

Located in the Point Loma neighborhood: 3051 Canon St, San Diego, CA 92106
Register Here through the Cabrillo Recreation Center. (Note registration deadlines.)   * See Pricing & Session Dates about this location.

Kid Ventures in Liberty Station - Class Schedule

Located in the Point Loma neighborhood: 2865 Sims Road, San Diego, CA 92106
* Registration has open-enrollment; Register Now with link below.  * See Pricing & Session Dates about this location.

Pricing & Session Dates For Point Loma Kid’s Dance Class

Dance class prices starting at $16/lesson based on semester enrollment. No other dance class fees throughout the year.
**Portion of proceeds benefit Rady Children’s Hospital through our Dance For Love program.**

*Non-resident fees through the Point Loma recreation centers are not reflected in the above prices. (When registering, dancers must provide a San Diego address to avoid additional fees.)

Cabrillo Rec Center


SUMMER 2017 
*Registration Opens 6/1
FALL 2017 

WINTER 2018 

(includes Session 1 + 2)


Click Here To Register

(no class on 11/25)

Click Here To Register


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(no class on 11/25)

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Liberty Station Kid Ventures

Liberty Station Kid Ventures
2016-2017 Dance Class
Monthly Auto-Renewal Automatic Monthly Payment

(Billed Monthly) 
Automatic Semester Payment
FALL 2017
9/5-12/23 (no class 11/21)
(Receive a 10% discount!)

Discounted Day Play Pass At Kid Ventures For EvOLvE Families

Purchased At Site On Day

$10 For First Child
$8 For Second Child
(Regularly $15 each)


Kid’s Dance Class Renewal & Registration Policies

For Cabrillo Recreation Center:

*The front desk only accepts exact cash or check. (Credit/debit cards are not accepted.) 
* Please note that the Point Loma, San Diego recreation center does not prorate if registering for the dance class late. Take advantage of our flexible make-up policy for any missed kid's dance lesson.
* A dancer's spot in the dance class is only secured with payment as enrollment is first come, first served through the Point Loma, San Diego recreation center.  No dancer can participate in more than one dance lesson in Point Loma without payment. You must re-register your dancer from session to session (or semester to semester) to secure their spot in the progressive dance class.
* Cancellation of your dancer’s enrollment in dance class will discontinue your membership in the Loyalty Program.
* Q&A - Additional Dance Lesson Policies

For Liberty Station Kid Ventures:

Monthly Auto-Renewal Registration: Dancers registration continues each month until family requests to switch to semester enrollment or to cancel. Minimum dance class enrollment is one month. Cancellation notifications must be submitted to the EvOLvE office via email prior to the 25th of the next month as the credit card on file will be automatically charged around the 28th of each month. Dance class cancellation requests cannot be submitted to teachers. NO REFUNDS after the payment has been processed.

* Please note that outside food or drink is not allowed in Kid Ventures.  There is a cafe for you to take advantage of before, during or after class.
* Watch the class from the television in the cafe.
* Take advantage of the discounted day play pass for EvOLvE families.

Parent's Corner:   "I wanted to let you know how impressed I was with the level of instruction Miss Tonya gave. A friend of my daughter goes to another studio for kid's ballet dance classes in Point Loma - the one where it's super pricey and really formal. She's been going about as long as Kylie and I was asking her about ballet and rattled off some ballet terms...she didn't know what sauté or passé meant. Kylie learned so much from Miss Tonya! I can't imagine going to another instructor. I am sure they're all wonderful, but Miss Tonya is the bomb." - A Parent Of A 5-Year Old In San Diego Dance Classes

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