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SCHEDULE/ PRICING:  Please see the entire schedule here and pricing information on the neighborhood page of the site where you are taking class. 

Our Commitment To You: Thinking of joining a class?  Please see our commitment to our families.  

Dance To EvOLvE - Your Choices. Our Knowledge. Their Fun!  EvOLvE believes it’s the teacher that makes the difference. Each one is carefully chosen by their experience, passion, professionalism, and bubbliness! Small student ratios, curriculum goals, and our ongoing teacher training create our progressive and age appropriate classes. All this ensures that your dancer is in the best learning environment possible.  Our talented teachers create welcoming classes that balance learning with fun so that our dancers are always improving with smiles and laughs! Fun props and creative imagery add to the nonstop class energy that is not to be missed!

DANCER RATIO/ CLASS SIZE:  To ensure high quality classes and a good dancer ratio, an Assistant Teacher will help with our larger tiny tot ballet combo classes.  When a class has more than 10 registered dancers, an Assistant Teacher will be assigned. Any tiny tot ballet combo class with 10 or less registered dancers will have an Assistant Teacher based on need.  The ratio and class size may vary time to time to accommodate our flexible trial class and class make-up policies.

KNOWING OUR TEACHERS:  EvOLvE believes it’s the teacher that makes the difference. Each one is carefully chosen by their experience, passion, professionalism, and bubbliness! New EvOLvE teachers must complete teacher training before taking on their own classes and all are required to complete annual Dance To EvOLvE professional development workshops.  This continuous training ensures that our teachers are always growing and improving, which is what sets EvOLvE apart. All teachers follow the Dance to EvOLvE curriculum which ensures that all classes are progressive, have age appropriate movement and technique.  Although all our teachers follow the same class structure and format, they obviously have different personalities and teaching styles that will suit different dancers.  Please read the teacher bios and feel free to contact us to help you find the right class and teacher for your dancer! 

REGISTRATION INFORMATION:  Registration information vary between sites because at some locations EvOLvE takes registration and at some locations, the site itself takes registration. To find the location nearest you and the registration information, please go to the neighborhood pages!  

HOW DO YOU STAY IN THE KNOW? 4 easy ways... 
1. Like us on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter (DanceToEvOLvESD), Pinterest (Dance To EvOLvE), and Google+ for fun contests, pictures, stories and updated information. (Please note our waiver regarding the use of pictures as DTE does use pictures and videos from classes in social media.)
2. Add to your email address book for monthly newsletters.
3. Check the announcement board at class and listen to your teacher’s announcements.
4. Check out the Dance To EvOLvE blog for all sorts of fun information.

Dance To EvOLvE's ANNUAL RECITAL:  Dance To EvOLvE has an annual spring recital where all our locations come together to perform. Please see more information on our recital page.

WHERE TO PURCHASE DANCE ATTIRE: Receive 8% off your first order with Discount Dance by using Dance To EvOLvE's code TP35961. You will also find affordable dance attire and shoes at stores such as Target, Payless, and sometimes Walmart, but they tend to be hit or miss. Local dance stores are also an option but the prices will be more expensive. For safety reasons, dancers are not permitted to wear jewelry in any class. 

DRESS CODE FOR CLASSES: Please see our blog on the importance of a dress codeWe offer a flexible dress code with no specific required colors or styles.

The YOU&me Movement and Music Class & Baby Boppers Hip Hop have no dress code and requires no specific dance shoes.  Leotards, tights,tights, tutus and ballet shoes are always welcomed as they only add to the fun in YOU&me.  Sweatpants, t-shirts and tennis shoes are great for Baby Boppers. No sandals, flip flops, boots or crocs for safety.

Magical Munchkins/ Tiny Movers/ Star Shiners (Tiny Tot Tap/ Ballet/ Tumbling Classes): We want our dancers to have fun while being safe and appropriate. Dancers are asked to wear proper dance attire (ex:  leotard, tights, and tutus) and/or simple leggings and a t-shirt.  We ask that tiny tots’ dance clothes are worn for dance class so that the student understands that they are coming to dance class and not an unstructured play time. Hair needs to be pulled back.Ballet Shoe Example.jpg

Shoes For Ballet/Tap Classes: 
* Please label your child's name in all shoes.
* Pink ballet shoes (black for boys) Ballet shoes should have an elastic across the front of the ankle to keep the shoes from falling off the heel and the shoestring should be double knotted and tucked into the shoe. (Cut length as needed.) Ballet slippers with a thick cushion sole are not recommended. Dancers can easily trip in them. (These are usually satin with a thick cushion, more like a slipper compared to a proper flat ballet shoe.) Socks by themselves are not allowed as to avoid slipping.tap shoes.jpg

* Black tap shoes with a shoestring/buckle/velcro are required in appropriate classes. At applicable sites, ask your teachers for non-slips to put on the bottom of your dancer's shoes to avoid slips.
These colors are only required during the recital so if purchasing new shoes, it is best to plan ahead.  
* Please see our blog on how to pick out dance shoes and the type of shoes to avoid.

Beat Breakers & Hip Hop:  Sweats, leggings, and t-shirts are great...wear clothes that you can easily move in and are appropriate when dancing and doing floor work. (Shorts and skirts can be a challenge.)  Girls should wear their hair pulled back in a ponytail. Sneakers with laces are required (safety first). Barefoot, clogs, crocs, sandals, flip flops or socks just won't work.

Ballet 1 and 2:  Dancers are required to wear:
* Solid color leotard (any color and style of your choice)
* Tights that are black, white, or pink
* Proper ballet shoes with strap and no cushion (pink recommended in preparation for recital)
* Ballet sweaters are allowed on cold days. 
* Hair must be pulled back in a bun.

CLASS MAKE-UP POLICY:  Class make-ups are allowed for sickness, family emergency and being out of town. A dancer has one month to make-up any missed class from the day he/she missed class. It can be made-up in any age appropriate class at any location that has availability. We appreciate an email prior to your make-up class so we can confirm the class has availability for an extra student. (We always want to maintain quality!) Make-up classes cannot be done in a dancer’s regular class. See schedule for make-up options.  Nobel Rec only allows Nobel Rec registered dancers to do make-ups and Poway does not allow make-up classes.

REFUND POLICY:  We are confident that your dancer will love our classes but we encourage new dancers to take a trial class prior to registering to ensure that the class is a good fit.  If a refund is necessary:
* If your location takes registration, please contact the location for their refund policy, deadlines and applicable surcharge. See their contact info on the neighborhood page
* If EvOLvE takes the registration at your location, there are no refunds for monthly enrollment.  Please cancel prior to the 25th of the month to discontinue your enrollment and to not be charged for the next month. (Note that you will no longer be a part of the loyalty program and receive the benefits.)  There are no refunds for those enrolled in the discounted semester pricing option.

DANCER DROP-OFF: SAFETY FIRST...To ensure all our dancer's safety, Dance To EvOLvE has a sign-in drop off system.
* If you are planning on leaving (dropping off) your dancer during class, sign the completed clipboard with the phone number where you can be reached during the next hour in case of an emergency.  This needs to be done every week for any dancer who does not have an adult within viewing distance.  This will give our teachers quick access to an accurate telephone number to contact you if needed.

* If you are staying in viewing distance of the classroom during the class, you do not need to sign the drop off sheet.

DANCER LOYALTY PROGRAM: Read all the Loyalty Program details and benefits.

10% DISCOUNT Semester Auto-Renewal Registration: Dancers registration continues semester to semester until family requests to switch to monthly enrollment or to cancel. Dance class cancellation notifications must be submitted to the EvOLvE office via email prior to the next semester. Cancellation requests cannot be submitted to teachers. NO REFUNDS after the payment has been processed.  

Monthly Auto-Renewal Registration: Dancers registration continues each month until family requests to switch to semester enrollment or to cancel. Minimum enrollment is one month. Cancellation notifications must be submitted to the EvOLvE office via email prior to the 1st of the next month. Dance class cancellation requests cannot be submitted to teachers. NO REFUNDS after the payment has been processed.

Late Fees: For any class or program that EvOLvE manages registration, there is a $20 late fee for any outstanding accounts past the 7-day grace period.