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3 Tips Of What To Pack For Summer Dance Camp

Posted by Brittany White on Feb 19, 2017 1:59:52 AM

One of the most fun activities that any child can participate in for the summer are fun summer camps! Because your little ones are really little movers, what better way to spend the summer than in a summer dance camp!

Although it may seem simple, sometimes knowing what to bring to summer dance camps can be difficult! That is why we decided to give you some tips on how you can pack for summer dance camp for your little dancer!

These can be used for any dance camp! Let’s get started!


hip_hop_summer_dance_camp_for_kids-1.jpgDepending on what kind of dance camp that your little dancer attends it is important to know what to pack in terms of clothes.

Be sure to check with the studio for their dress code as might be different from regular classes.

For hip-hop classes at summer dance camp, a t-shirt and
shorts is perfect! But, if you want to get your little dancer in the spirit of hip-hop, you can give your little dancers t-shirts, sweatpants, or shorts that are super baggy. Then add a sweatshirt and a cool hat and you’re good to go! Be sure to pack those tennis shoes! Also, make sure your little girl dancers don't wear skirts because they will be doing a lot of floorwork.

For tap classes, any comfortable clothing is fine. Make sure to include those tap shoes or if you don’t have them, some nice dress shoes will do.

Your little ones will be jumping up and down and moving around so it is never too cautious to pack an extra set of clothing items.

Food & Snacks

Your dancers will need as much energy as possible to go through the classes at summer dance camp so make sure to pack a water bottle and some healthy snacks!

Some good ideas for snacks include the Clif Z Bar for Kids, other healthy bars, and some fruit are always a good energy source! Summer dance camps

Fun Attitude!!

This one might be a bit of a cop-out but don’t forget to encourage your little dancer to have fun!  are not only designed to teach your little dancer some dance technique but also for them to have loads of fun! So be sure to get your little dancer pumped for a great time!