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Preparing For Your Child's Dance Recital

Posted by Brittany, Dance To EvOLvE on Jan 10, 2014 1:31:00 PM

dance recitalIt's never too early to start thinking about recital! Participating in a recital is the perfect way for your child to celebrate their hard work throughout the year in dance class, and it is a wonderful way to create lifelong memories with your family!

While dance recitals are a ton of fun, many parents worry that a large performance may be stressful (especially parents with first-time dancers). While recital is a busy time, it is also a fun time, an experience that should be enjoyed by parents and dancers alike! To help make sure that your recital experience is the very best that it can be, we've compiled several helpful tips to help get you and your dancer prepared, ensuring the big day will be as much fun and stress-free as possible! 

Practice Make Perfect!dance recital, practice

The importance of practice is simple: as with any skill, the more often you practice something, the better you will get! Think of any top often do you think they practice? Olympians often train 4-8 hours per day depending on their sport. NFL players work practice for about 4 days a week, 5 hours at a time, and that doesn’t include general workouts. In preparation for their Christmas show, the world-famous Rockettes practice 8 hours a day, 6 days per week. As you can see, reaching your full potential in any area takes time and commitment.  It is important to attend all weekly dance classes and scheduled rehearsals, and communicate with your teacher if you need to be absent.

Dance Recital preparation is the perfect time to develop a practice schedule for your dancer at home. By practicing your dancer's recital routine at home several times a week, he/she will become comfortable with the choreography. Ask your dance teacher for the name of the routine song and see if there is a video of the choreography available for practicing with at home. Once your dancer is confident with the routine, he/she will be full of excitement for the opportunity to show off on stage!

dance recitalDay-Of Helpful Hints:

• Make sure you pack snacks and things to do backstage (snacks should not be messy…you wouldn’t want anything to spill on a costume!)  Most dance studios will tell you what to bring and not to bring.

• Lay out your costume the night before to ensure you have all the pieces (head pieces, tights, shoes, etc.)

• Do a trial run with hair and make-up so both you and your child know what to expect so there is no extra stress on show day (make-up is typically new to young dancers and can take a bit of getting used to!)

• Pack extra hair elastics, bobby pins, safety pins, clear nail polish (for runs in tights) and hairspray

• Label all your costumes and accessories to make sure that things don’t get mixed up

• Make sure you pack your camera to capture the magical moments!  (Although check your dance studio's photography policy as most do not allow photography during the show for safety reasons.  But take pictures before and after til your heart's content!)

Once you and your dancer feel prepared for the dance recital, the fun really begins. On the big day, your dancer will get to put on his/her most beautiful smile, and as a parent, you can sit back and enjoy the show!

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