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Benefits of Summer Dance Camp

Posted by Brittany, Dance To EvOLvE on Jul 11, 2013 3:58:00 PM

summer campsPreparing For Summer Dance Camp

As the weather warms up and schools let out for the summer, many parents find themselves searching for daytime activities for their children. There are so many choices available, it can sometimes be overwhelming to choose. Kids summer camp is a wonderful option for both boys and girls. With a variety of benefits: physical, mental, and social (we’ve listed four below)...why not find a dance summer camp near you today?

4 Benefits of Attending Dance Summer Campssummer camps

1. Improved Physical Health: Dance is a form of aerobic activity; it is a sure way to keep your child movin’ and groovin’ for an extended period of time. Regular dance practice can also increase your child's flexibility, range of motion, physical strength and stamina.

2. Improved Learning Skills: In dance class or summer dance camp, your child will develop the ability to focus and understand the concept of structure. These educational skills learned will stick with your child as he or she enters the new school year and will lead to an improved academic performance!

summer camps3. Improved Self-Confidence: Dance provides children with an outlet for self expression. As children master new skills, they become more aware of how their bodies work and move, they will feel more confident in themselves!

4.Improved Social Skills: As your child gains self confidence, he/she will also become more comfortable meeting new people and building relationships. As children learn new dancing skills and choreography together, they learn to work as a team and overcome shyness through fun performances often held at the conclusion of a camp session.

Seeing the benefits that summer camp has to offer, why not get signed up today?

Summer Camp Note: Don’t worry parents, most camps offered at local studios won’t be dance overload for your little one. Summer camps, especially those specifically for tiny tots, have been designed to incorporate crafts, games, and more to go along with the dancing.

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