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7 Tips To Prepare For Summer Dance Camp San Diego

Posted by Brittany, Dance To EvOLvE on Jul 2, 2013 2:59:00 PM

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7 Tips To Prepare For Summer Camp

We understand that going to summer camp for the first time can be a bit scary for both dancers and parents, so we we’ve compiled a few tips to help put your mind at ease and get you prepared for a summer of fun!

summer camps1) Bring your positive attitude! If you don’t think camp will be a positive experience for your child, neither will he/she. Remain positive, give him/her a pump up talk in the morning if nerves kick in and offer encouragement and a reminder of how much fun camp is! For young campers, remind them that attending camp is definitely something for “big boys” and “big girls!”

2) Share your own camp experiences! Did you go to camp as a child? Show your dancer pictures of yourself from when you were a camper, and explain to them how much fun you had and all the neat things you learned! This will excite children for their own camp experiences.

3) Head to summer camp with a friend! If you enroll your child with a friend, they already
have a connection with someone, which makes for an easier transition.

4) Learn as much about the camp in advance together. Learn the names of camp staff andsummer camps what to expect by reviewing camp videos, brochures, etc. Calm your own nerves by reading over camp safety policies or reviewing safety with the camp provider.

5) Understand that day one of summer camp can be a bit hectic, so allow yourself plenty of extra time to get checked in.

6) Resist the urge to tell your child over and over how much you will miss him/her throughout the day. This increases the risk of separation anxiety. Instead, recognize that it is just a few hours a day, and your child will be having so much fun, there won’t be time to get homesick!

7) What to pack: An extra change of clothes in a bag (just to be safe in case of accidents), healthy snacks (nothing too sugary!), water bottle, a list of emergency contacts to leave with the camp providers, and be sure to label everything with your child’s first and last name!

Summer-Camp.jpgLocal dance studios offer a variety of summer options, from music/creative movement, to choreography, to summer hip-hop dance camps and more. Start your research and be sure to get registered early! Secure a spot in the perfect dance summer camp for your child today!

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