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Posted by Brittany, Dance To EvOLvE on Jun 27, 2014 9:40:00 AM

How many parents out there are starting to think about summer camps and vacations?! Summer is filled with so many different options for families to explore. It’s a great time for kids to try new things for as little or as long as they want and find interests that may last through the next year and beyond! So when choosing a summer camp for your kid’s, give them a break from the sun and heat and consider a summer hip hop camp! A Summer Hip Hop Dance camp allows kids to try a fun and modern genre of dance, work quickly towards a performance, and learn in a fun, relaxing environment. Here are some reasons why trying a summer hip hop dance camp could be an awesome experience for your kids!

1. Keep the Juices Flowing: Throughout the school year, kids spend their days learning new things and building their understanding and knowledge. Summer dance camps are a great resource to keep triggering kid’s brains in a fun and athletic way through physical and observational learning so that their minds keep working until the start of the next school year. Students memorize sequences of steps, rhythm patterns in music, spacing, and formations, keeping those brains active! Studies show that when we make split-second, quick decisions (like when we dance), we create new neuron pathways that increase our intelligence. Give your kids a break from school but keep their minds engaged through dancing!

2. Give Them A Sun Break: We all want to enjoy the sunshine this time of year and we know that kids will run around all day enjoying the heat but many parents might appreciate an alternative way to keep them busy. Dance camps typically take place inside with maybe a snack, lunch, game, or craft break outside for fresh air. Switch up your summer camps a bit and give your child some variation for dealing with the warm weather.

3. Try Something New: Many parents are interested in short commitments for their children until they find what they are truly passionate about. Summer is the perfect time to try a dance style like hip hop to see what really gets a kid moving! Boys and girls love dancing to the latest songs at home and with their friends so bring along everyone and let them experience the excitement of learning moves to their favorite jams! It will never get boring with new and up to date music and the kids will be having a blast for the week!

4. Get Maximum Creativity: If your child is drawn to creativity, summer hip hop camps are a perfect fit! Kids get many chances to share their creativity through movement, games, arts and crafts, and songs. Dance is one of the best ways for kids to express themselves and they will love learning, creating and performing dances that truly come from the heart!

5. Make New Friends: Dancing creates a team-like atmosphere because the participants must work together to create the finished product. Because camps tend to be half day, many kids will schedule play dates with new friends after camp too! This is a great way for kids to make new friends and create special memories that will last a life time! 

Summer hip hop dance camp

You can find hip hop dance camps through your local studios, community centers, or creative arts programs. Dance to EvOLvE offers hip hop dance camps multiple times this summer and you can find the information for camp dates here! Start searching now and see what kinds of options are available to you this summer! There are so many great exepriences in store for you and your family!


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