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Toddler Dance Classes in Chicago!

Posted by Brittany, Dance To EvOLvE on Aug 13, 2014 9:22:00 AM

Dancing is all the rage these days.  All you have to do is turn on the TV and you will find some variation of "So You Think You Can Dance With the Stars?"  People are flocking to dance studios to learn how to shake it like the pros, but despite the popularity of dance it can still be challenging to find proper toddler dance classes in Chicago.  Location is everything! What fun is a kids dance class if it is too difficult or too far to get to? It’s also important to take into consideration commute time on different times of the day. Crossing Chicago at rush hour?  No thank you!  With location being so important, EvOLvE has made it a mission to provide convenient kids dance studios in fun, accessible areas. Read on to find out more about our up and coming dance locations.

kids dance class chicagoRavenswood/Wrigleyville local dance classes

Our Ravenswood/Wrigleyville local dance classes are ballet, tap, hip hop and combination.  This new location offers dance classes for toddlers and preschoolers, ages 2-4.  Not far away is Wrigley Field, giving you the opportunity to take your toddler to a Cub’s game! Watching a baseball game with your child can prove to be an amazing, fun experience. If baseball isn’t your thing, check out Welles Park which has a fully enclosed, shaded playground and a spray water feature, perfect for hot summer days. With all the dancing, splashing, and baseball, your toddler is sure to have a blast in this exciting location.

Edgewater local dance classes

Similar to other locations, our Edgewater local dance classes are tap, ballet and hip hop.  This kid friendly area features parks on every other corner as well as an array of movie theaters and restaurants. In addition to this is a park facility called Broadway Armory that offers tons of fun activities for children such as soccer, volleyball and gymnastics.

Uptown & Old Irving Park local dance classes

 Our next two studios are in Uptown and the Northwest side of Chicago. These areas offer lotstoddler ballet class chicago of fun parks, restaurants and kid friendly activities for your toddler. Kids dance classes in Uptown and Old Irving Park include creative movement classes, tap and ballet combo classes and hip hop classes for ages 2 to 12. We want to ensure that our dance studios are in locations that are not only convenient for you but are safe and kid friendly for your dancing superstar.

Evanston local dance classes

Our upcoming location in January of 2015 will be located in Evanston. This location has it all from malls, parks, theaters and lots of fun places to eat. Starting in November, an indoor kids center called Little Beans Café will be opening that will have something for everyone including our Evanston local dance classes. This family friendly suburb is close to the city and a perfect place to get up on your feet.

Once you have decided on the best area for your toddler dance lessons in San Diego, you can begin to look at what studios in your preferred area offer; what the teachers teach, background on the studio and age appropriateness of the skills taught. A good kids dance studio will love children, but more importantly know how to speak to and motivate them.  Teaching children is much different than teach adults, and teaching toddlers is much different than teaching 8 year olds, as many of us know from first hand experience!  When you do a trial class, ask yourself: was the music appropriate for the age group? Were the skills challenging, yet achievable? Was the teacher patient?  Was the facility clean and safe?  Last, but not least, ask your child if he or she had fun!  Did your toddler experience lots of laughs and smiles in class? The right dance studio should have the perfect combination of learning and laughter to fully benefit your toddler.

kids hip hop class chicagoYour convenience matters to us, which is why our locations are in safe, kid friendly atmospheres with lots to do. We want the dancing experience to be fun, engaging and active for your toddler and a good location and studio are key to that. For more information on our Dance to EvOLvE locations, check our website or our twitter for updated information or any fun activities or themes for the week. We cannot wait to get dancing with you!

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