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Local Hip-Hop Classes for Kids & Toddlers

Posted by Brittany, Dance To EvOLvE on Sep 30, 2014 2:04:00 PM

There are so many types of dance styles available, it can be hard to find one that your child is interested in.   Along with the many kids dance classes out there comes the common questions, what dance styles are good for ages or personality types? What does each dance style offer? One of the most popular these days is hip-hop classes for kids and toddlers. Read on to find out if hip-hop dance classes will prove to be a good fit for your kids!

local hip hop dance classLocal hip-hop classes for kids in Chicago focus on creativity, coordination, and listening skills. These kids dance classes are great for expression as their own personal dance style can shine through. Hip-Hop promotes individualism and expression of all kind. Your child will be encouraged to be nothing other than themselves in this exciting, fast paced environment.  Chicago offers several opportunities for hip-hop as well as chances for creativity. Check out our schedule page to find a local kids dance class that is right for your little groover.

What Personality Type is Best For a Hip-Hop Dance Class?

Hip-hop can fit with lots of different personality types but those with a creative, energetic, fast paced brain may be a perfect candidate for this dance style. Local hip-hop classes for kids in San Diego are great for a variety of ages. Take the time to find an appropriate local dance studio and once that is done, see what ages are common for the hip-hop dance classes. Hip-hop can be catered towards any age, even for toddlers as young as two. Check out Kid Ventures in the 4S Ranch neighborhood of San Diego.  It has an imaginative play space and fun classes to enhance your toddler’s creativity. 

Hip-hop is a great dance class for a child to start with because it introduces creativity, individualism and basic moves. Your child will learn how to express themselves, dance with those around them and increase confidence by testing out any new moves they may have.  Local hip-hop classes for kids in Seattle are a perfect way to start your kid in a new activity. It’s hard not to enjoy a dance class that plays some of the latest beats and introduces some of the latest moves.  With all the amazing creative and cultural opportunities in Seattle, make our kids hip-hop dance class the stop local hip hop dance class

What Does Hip-Hop Really Entail?

There is sometimes a concern that hip-hop can be questionable for children or involve inappropriate music. While that can be the case in certain circumstances, it is not the spirit of hip-hop. Hip-Hop is a form of self-expression that involves energetic moves, such as popping and breakdancing, all within appropriate measures with appropriate music.  The main idea is that there are no wrong moves here and your superstar is free to create any original moves as well as test out some they have been working on. If you have a child who doesn't show a particular interest in dance but is into some serious ninja moves, check a hip-hop dance class out! You will be amazed how much they get into it. All styles and moves are free to be expressed here.

EvOLvE wants your child to have a blast when dancing as well as grow physically and mentally.  According to, “dance helps children physically, emotionally, socially and cognitively.”  Taking a local hip-hop class for kids is a great way to help your kid grow to their full potential.  These kids dance classes teach so much more than just basic dance moves. We hope that this information helped. As always, if you have any more questions or comments, please feel free to let us know or check out our twitter page for neat information on ballet and tap.

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