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How to prepare your kids for the first class at a kids dance school?

Posted by Dance To EvOLvE Team on Dec 26, 2014 7:05:00 PM

The first day of class at a kids dance school is definitely something to get excited about! Yet it can be a bit daunting to the little dancers (and their parents). Of course, for children to go somewhere new and stay with people they have never met before can seem pretty scary, and somewhat challenging. But no worries, there are also things you can do beforehand to make that first day a successful one. The secret is in the planning! Use the list below to help you with any details you might have overlooked in planning for your kids’ first day at dance school.

Dress code for kids dance schoolCome Dressed Properly

Wearing the right dance attire will enhance your little one’s first kids dance class experience. It will make them feel like dancers! First, look at what your studio requires for dress code through its website or supporting staff. Although some may have a more formal and restricted dress code, our kids dance school offers a flexible dress code with no specific outfits required. Also, choose dance attire and shoes based on your child’s class type and dance style. For example, leotards, tutus, tights and ballet slippers are great choices for ballet classes, while for kids hip hop classes, clothes that your child can easily move in and sneakers with laces are strongly encouraged. You can see our detailed dress code suggestions on the our website. If you are ready to make a clothing or shoe purchase, receive 10% off your first order with by using Dance To EvOLvE's code TP35961. Stores such as Target, Payless, and sometimes Walmart are also great go-to destinations for affordable dance attire and shoes, just be aware that their inventory is not as constant or reliable. Last but not least, make certain that both clothes and shoes are the correct size for your little dancers as well.  Shoes should be a little bigger than your child’s foot, but not so big that the ballet slippers are sagging, or they are tripping over their own toes!


Preview What to Expect in Classprepare for kids dance school

Taking the time to talk to your children about what to expect on their first day of kids dance school can be very beneficial in helping a new student feel comfortable in class. Let them know what to expect and this will avoid that awkward moment when a new student does not know how to behave. Showing your child some videos of our dance classes on Youtube can be helpful, especially those of his/her class type. They'll feel a lot better about facing that first day of dance class if they become familiar with some dance moves and activities they may do, such as the game of rhythm in Hip Hop classes from our San Diego kids dance school. Moreover, these videos will give them an idea that they will be sharing the same space with other children, following a dance teacher’s instruction and doing those dance moves together. In this way, they are much less likely to be intimidated at the first dance class by seeing so many new faces. Another way to prepare for little dancers’ debut in kids dance school is to tour the classroom before class starts. Simply arrive early to familiarize you and your child with the facility and studio so your child will have chance to get comfortable.Lastly, a visit to the dance school’s website is always helpful, as it provides valuable information about the school and community, as well as insight into what's expected of students.



At the end of the day, encouragement from parents is the best tool to comfort your little dancers and greatly reduce their anxiety for their first day in kids dance school, especially for “big girl or boys” dance classes where parents won’t go into the classroom. The key is to talk about the class beforehand in a fun light-hearted manner to ease some of those nerves. You can ask your children about their feelings-- both the excitement and the concerns-- about starting dance classes and point out the positive aspects of it, such as how fun it will be making new friends and learning new games together. Meanwhile, reassure your child that if any problems arise, you will be there to help resolve them. It can also be a good idea to make some fun plans after the dance lesson as a reward for the child completing their first day of dance class, such as going to the park or getting ice cream. However, while it is important to talk with your kids enthusiastically about dance school, be careful to not overdo or force it.

Dancing is such a great form of socialization, exercise, muscle development and confidence building for children.  There are so many benefits to be gained from a dance school for kids, and parents can play a very important role in the amount of interest a child takes in dance.  The more prepared you are, the less nervous your little ones will get. If you have done the three things in this list, we ensure that your child will have an excellent chance at being comfortable and fully engaged in their first dance class! 

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