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Boys Summer Camps and Activities

Posted by Brittany White on May 15, 2015 11:00:00 AM

So, you have a son.  A young boy full of energy and destructive boy powers, and in about a month he is going to be home. All summer long! Looking for a fun boys summer camp? Summer camps are great for kindergarteners to discover their passion and be challenged! Finding the perfect boys summer camp can be hard. Traditionally, boys participate in sports camps like soccer, or maybe even arts camps that include crafts and fun games. But why not incorporate dance camps like hip hop? Although not the obvious choice, dance is excellent for developing core strength, agility, coordination and musical awareness in boys.  Since summer camps for boys are not the only option, we have compiled a helpful list of some fun summer boy-friendly activities to help with the all important "what in the world are we doing to do all summer" planning process!


Coloured-chalk.jpg1. Play Outdoor in your backyard or local Playground!

Keep your boys busy by having fun in the sun! Make fun art on the sidewalk with chalk, bike around your neighborhood, or visit your local park and play some sports!  You can even try filling a small baby pool with water and toys.  Boys can go crazy splashing around and throwing water.  It does no real damage and they water your lawn at the same time! 

2. Get Up Close With Nature!

Are your little ones animal lovers? Why not have fun and build a homemade bird feeder? Boys (and girls) love the satisfaction they get building something with their hands.  Or have a read-a-thon outside! Go on a nature scavenger hunt! Collect bugs and put them in jars with air holes for "scientifc observation". Hike around trails as a family or visit your local zoo! 

3. Build A Fun Experiment

You’ve probably heard or done the Mentos in a coke bottle experiment, right? Why not get creative and try a new experiment like making quick sand or learn how to make a tornado in a bottle! Click here for some more fun, at-home experiments! 

If you want your boys to burn some energy while you get other stuff done this summer, check out some of our boys summer camps offered at Dance to EvOLvE! This is a great opportunity for boys to engage in a fun and creative boys summer activities and dance as well! Here’s what you can expect to learn at Dance to EvOLvE’s summer camps!


  1. Soccer and Hip Hop Boys Camp for Kindergarteners (Ages 3-6)

Located at the Ocean Air Rec Center, this summer camp (great for boys) is perfect for those who love being sporty and active! Kids will be able to run around and play soccer the first half of the day. After lunch they will learn fun and exciting hip hop dances! This full-day camp offers double the fun for your camper and half the work for you! Can you say awesome? Let your kids enjoy their week at camp while you enjoy a week off (well, partially off)! Sign up for a full day of soccer and hip-hop dance camp today! 

 Boys_dancing_hip_hop_2. Creative Explorer’s Camp (Ages 4-7)

 All Aboard Creative Explorers! Our Creative Explorer’s Dance, Music, Art Camp is the perfect place for boys and girls to experience all kinds of different dance activities including tap (not at all locations) and tumbling, arts and crafts, and music . How exciting! Creative Explorers can show off their dancing and art creations for family and friends in a mini-show at the end of the week! This half-day camp is all about appreciating all forms of art! Sign your boys up for this summer camp today!

 3. Hip Hop Camp (Ages 8-13)

Have you been looking for a fun boys summer camp? Look no further! Our Hip Hop Camp invites both boys and girls, ages 8-13 years old, who want to learn a variety of styles in hip hop! This is a great opportunity for your child to express their creativity while boosting their self-confidence. Students will also be able to learn about performance make-up and be part of a mini photo shoot! 

 4. Superheroes Camp for pre-K and Kindergarteners (Ages 3-6)

 It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s a dancing Superhero! Our "great for kindergarten boys" summer dance camp offers a fun, high-energy dance camp where all superheroes will be able to move and groove to a lively hip hop routine and even create a Superhero skit! So fun! Ideal for kindergarten age boys, this camp will includes fun activities and games like scavenger hunts and obstacle courses! It’s not a Superhero Camp without Superhero costumes! Kids are encouraged to wear their favorite Superhero shirts everyday and full-on outfits for Friday’s performance! Be sure to check our website for more information on all of our dance camps!  Spaces are limited, so register soon!

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