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Chicago Summer Camps

Posted by Brittany White on May 4, 2015 1:33:00 PM

Hey parents! Summer is just around the corner! There are plenty of things to do in The Windy City for you and your family to enjoy time with your little ones and explore fun places! You can explore the Field Museum of Natural History, go to the Lincoln Park Zoo, watch a movie at the Chicago theatre, or go sightseeing at iconic John Hancock Center or Willis Tower! While there are many attractions to visit, summer is the perfect time for your kids to get involved in summer camps!


Does your child love to make crafts and play fun games? Do they like to dance? What are their interests? Summer camps are a great way for kids to be creative and imaginative, whether it is an educational camp, sports camp, or art camp! But besides having tons of fun, you’re probably wondering "what are some other benefits to sending your kids to summer camps"?

  1. Make friends! Summer camp is a place where kids from all different neighborhoods will be spending lots of time together! They are exposed to diversity and team building exercises. If it’s for as short as a week or even a month, kids are able to bond with others and make friends!

  2. Unplug from technology! These days kids are surrounded by technology and playing games online or on phones. Let them have fun outdoors and engage in real activities! Summer camps allow kids to take a break from television, phones, and the Internet and not be distracted by online activity.

  3. Develop Life Skills! Camps are designed for kids to practice social skills, enhance their athletic or artistic ability, and discover what they love to do!



Summer dance camps are a great way for kids to stay physically active and make new friends! If you as a parent have experienced life at summer camp yourself as a child, you know the positive effects that still matter to you as an adult, and you also know that you want the same thing for your own kids. If you’re stuck deciding which camps to choose for your child, why not choose dance? Summer dance camps are a full package of increased physical activity, creative and social skills, and, of course, FUN!

1.     The Royalty of Fairyland Summer Camp (Ages 3-6) in Lakeview at the Chicago Dance Center

Calling all Princes and Princesses! You are cordially invited to have a ball in the kids dance camp especially made for royalty! Your little prince and princess will enter into a magical camp of fun dance class and games with Disney music! Who doesn’t love dancing to Disney songs? Activities will include a royal tea party and story time, creative art projects and more! Sign your kids up for a fun fairytale camp and be swept away in an enchanted land of dance far, far away! Don’t miss out on this half-day camp for preschoolers!

2.     The Creative Explorer’s Dance, Music, Art Summer Camp (Ages 4-7) in Wicker Park at the Wicker Park Lutheran Church (1500 N Hoyne, Chicago, IL)

All Aboard Creative Explorers! Our Creative Explorer’s Dance, Music, Art Summer Camp is the perfect place where your tiny dancer can experience all kinds of different dance activities including tap (not at all locations), ballet, and tumbling! How exciting! Creative Explorers can show off their dancing and art creations for family and friends in a mini-show at the end of the week! Camp activities will include a one-hour dance class and games, music class with songs and instruments, and arts and crafts! This half-day summer camp is all about appreciating all forms of art! Sign up for summer dance camps today! 



With the huge variety of kids summer camps offered throughout the city, we wanted to make it a little easier for you! Dance to EvOLvE Chicago is offering two summer dance camps this year. We hope to see you there! Sign up for a summer dance camp near you!


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