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Kids Dance Classes now in Evanston!

Posted by Brittany White on May 29, 2015 9:52:00 AM

 Have you ever thought "What is there to do in Evanston?"grosse-point-lighthouse

You may stumble upon beautiful scenery in Evanston, like Shakespeare Garden which features over 50 plants, Merrick Rose Garden, a beautiful location where you can find a ring made of over 2,000 roses and a brick-walled lawn, and Northwestern University, a 74-acre campus with great picnic spots and a breathtaking view of Lake Michigan and Chicago! If you are looking for a beach scene, another great place to relax is Grosse Point Lighthouse! And if you’re hungry, you can stop by Union Pizzeria, where they have Neapolitan-style pies, considered a must when visiting this restaurant!

Not only does Evanston offer wonderful places for families to be together, it also hosts our most recent location for kids dance classes! Through a partnership with local Chicago kids dance studio Dance to EvOLvE,  Little Beans Cafe (a new, second location styled after the wildly popular Little Beans Cafe in Chicago) offers various styles of kids dance classes in Evanston such as Tap, Hip Hop, and Ballet. Dance classes are for kids from 2-7 years old and are offered on Tuesdays and Saturdays at convenient times for you and your child!

 Interested in taking a dance class at this location? Why not sign up for a trial class? This new dance studio in Evanston offers a  no obligation trial dance class for new dancers to help both you and your child find the perfect dance class.  Sign up for a free trial class here! Here are some classes offered at this location!


  1. Magical Munchkins (Ages 2-3) Tap/Ballet ClassBallet_classes_chicago_ 

            This is a great beginners class that involves tap, ballet, tumbling, and dance games! Kids ages 2 to 3 years old will be placed in a fun environment, conducive to learning, where they will be able to express their dance moves and learn basic dance training. We encourage parents (or caregivers) to be present in our classes and participate if needed.

2. Tiny Movers (Ages 3-4) Tap/Ballet Class

             Our Tiny Movers combination class is a great transition class from Magical Munchkins. This class is designed for kids to improve their basic dance skills, as well as their musicality, rhythm and tumbling. The class goal is to have fun in creative ways while developing skill in dance. This is the first “big girls and boys” dance class as parents will be watching from outside the room.

  1. Star Shiners (Ages 4-6) Tap/Ballet Class

            Star Shiners Tap and Ballet Combo class is the progressive class that challenges our young dancers to express themselves through dance as they further develop their listening and coordination skills. This class also helps dancers with their ballet technique and terminology. Once a month, the class switches up with a jazz dance day! Sounds fun right? This is a great way for our dancers to engage in other styles of dance and introduce themselves to a new movement style. Dance to EvOLvE teacher Miss Megan adds, “My dancers have loved it. It makes that week stand out as different, which they get excited about…I think it’s a great addition to the curriculum.”


  1. Beat Breakers (Ages 4-7) Hip Hop ClassCVBeatBreakers

This fun, high-energy kid’s dance class allows boys and girls to let loose and have fun through creative movements! Dance to EvOLvE activities for this class includes hip-hop dance, basic breakdancing, and dance games. All music and moves are age appropriate and a great way for kids to dance along to fun songs!


Parent's Corner: "My daughter is constantly playing 'I'm Ms. Laura and you're taking my dance class.' She uses all the terms she has learned– passé, arabesque, heal-toe, etc. and leads her little sister, her dad and myself in a class, helping us out if we are doing a move incorrectly. She even gives us a sticker on our hand and a hug when 'class' is over."

- A Parent in Evanston With a Dancer In Tap Dance Class


We are not the traditional dance school. Dance To EvOLvE offers children’s dance classes at multiple convenient dance studio locations in Chicago with a mission to EvOLvE our students through dance while creating heart-warming smiles. Click below for more information on Evanston kids dance classes.

Evanston @ Little Beans Cafe 2 430 Asbury, Evanston, IL 60202