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New Children’s Dance Classes in Chicago

Posted by Brittany White on Nov 29, 2016 7:53:14 PM

The Windy City has new children’s dance classes available! Here at Dance To EvOLvE, we are proud to announce that we will be holding kids dance classes in Rogers Park beginning January 2017. Additionally, we will also be hosting after school/daycare programs where your children can dance with us!

If you’re on the fence about signing your child up for kid’s dance classes, check out the reasons we encourage even the littlest ones to start dancing! Here, we have put together great information about the benefits of dance at an early age. It introduces kids to a different way of thinking, expands their socialization skills and keeps them physically healthy.


What Dancing Does at a Young Age

While you might think that your children are too young to be taking dance classes, think of all the benefits that dance brings along. Dancing allows children the freedom of expression in a way few other activities can. This can often open up a new perspective of thinking that will carry on with them throughout their lives. Examined Existence, a website that studies the different activities that affect the human body, states that “experts from Stanford University say that dancing is great at involving all the brain functions simultaneously – from musical and kinesthetic, to rational and emotional.” Not only does dance help young individuals feel more confident in expressing themselves and utilizing their mind, but overall young dancers have a major advantage of unlocking their fullest potential. Children’s dance classes help those who want to learn the true art form of expression the opportunity to channel their skill and energy into a positive and grand spectrum. As an added bonus, allowing them to exhaust all their energy in a kid’s dance class instead of home means less clean up work and a happier/healthier child (and parent for that matter)!


The Importance of Arts Within a Community

When it comes to the arts, The Windy City is blowing us away with their new innovative and intricate mindsets.  Whether it be music, drawing or children's dance classes, these mindsets often stem from young individuals that make an impact within the community. Allowing for a community to build means a better future, which is the true purpose of art. In Strengthening Communities Through Dance by Dee Decker, the author states “Many key principles of social interaction including creativity and teamwork are displayed at community dances.  Dancers are allowed to express their creativity in a nonverbal format. [...] Through dance, we are laying the foundation to share in the camaraderie, to be healthier, and to strengthen communities.”

Art allows for individuals to come together to build, create, and discover. Within a community we build relations with one another, we create memories that will last us a lifetime, and we discover ourselves. Be involved in your community by signing your child up for kid’s dance classes and watch the social connections blossom!


How Can I Make Sure My Child Fully Expresses Themselves

Allowing your child to stray from daily routine by putting them in some extracurricular activity that they enjoy is the first step. The second step is to make sure that your child works to their fullest potential, which means balancing work, nutrition, and fun. The third step, which is the most important step, is to guide them throughout the process and in life in general. It’s not enough to just hold their hands or to sign them up for what you see as beneficial, but actually get involved. Parental Rights, a website that delivers information to protect children by empowering parents states, “students with involved parents tend to earn higher grades, have better social skills, and are more likely to graduate and go on to post-secondary education.” So this means that the parent cheering for their child during a basketball game or practicing dance drills with them before a recital is more encouraging than the parent that just lets their child run amuck. Get involved with your children, because to them you're irreplaceable.  


Here are some of our newest kid’s dance options in Chicago! Be sure to check out the following locations.

Lincoln Park

Little Beans Cafe (1809 W Webster Ave, Chicago, IL 60614) 

In Bucktown, there are many things to do with your children. You could visit the Windy City Fieldhouse, The Purple Monkey Playroom or perhaps even Old Town’s aquarium. And now at Little Bean’s Cafe, in Bucktown, children’s dance classes have already begun. They have a wide variety of classes from Tiny Mover Tap to Beat Breakers Hip Hop and so much more that your children will love. On top of that, when you register your child at Dance To EvOLvE, you’ll receive a discount during play time at Little Bean’s. Instead of taking your kids out to see the big Bean (because we know you’ve bean there, done that), take them to Little Bean’s where they can dance today for their life tomorrow!


Studio Fit Chicago

Studio Fit Chicago (1011 W Armitage, 2nd floor, Chicago, IL 60615)

Studio Fit Chicago wants people to know that there is no "one size fits all" mentality and believes that there should be no stereotype when it comes to overall fitness and dance! Studio Fit is located in the heart of Lincoln Park and encourages those who join to empower their lives by embracing new change. Studio Fit wants to help individuals set goals and pursue passions that are sparked from within. Now that Dance To EvOLvE is having children's dance classes at Studio Fit, it gives children the opportunity to dance to their fullest potential in an overall encouraging and motivating environment. These new kid's dance classes in Lincoln Park will help children discover the true joy of dancing and their best fit in life!


Rogers Park

Glenwood Dance Studio (7017 N Glenwood Ave, Chicago, IL 60626) 

By Rogers Park at Glenwood Dance Studio, located in the heart of the Glenwood Art District, Dance To EvOLvE will also be hosting a few dance classes, such as Magical Munchkins and Tiny Movers for your children of the ages 2-4. Chicago’s Art’s Festival is held in the area yearly with outdoor entertainment and music, so expose them to as much art/culture as you can and they’ll get their chance in the spotlight. These kid’s dance classes in Rogers Park will teach your little ones the basics of tap and ballet while putting in our signature Dance To EvOLvE touch. Be sure to sign up early when Winter registration begins in early January.


After School Programs

Dance To EvOLvE will also be organized with after school/daycare programs in several Chicago locations. For your convenience, we offer childcare where they can dance, sing, and play with us. Allow your children to play with us as we inspire and motivate them through dance. Dance To EvOLvE will be working at Wee Care Daycare, University Commons Dance, and St. Paul’s. For more information or time listings, visit our Dance To EvOLvE website and see all the different children’s dance classes/after school programs we have to offer.

Come join us here at Dance To EvOLvE and schedule a trial class!

Schedule Your Trial Dance Class In Chicago

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3 Reasons Homeschool Students Should Take Ballet

Posted by Brittany White on Dec 14, 2015 2:00:50 PM

Ballet is a great extracurricular activity for homeschooled students. Due to their flexible schedules, these students have the special opportunity to participate in ballet class any time of the day. Homeschooling also presents its own unique set of challenges, which is often reflected in a child’s behavior and performance. Consider three ways your child can benefit from taking ballet class while in homeschool. 

1. Structure

Kids_ballet_class.jpgHomeschooling is a great option for highly motivated students. However, if there is little to no structure in the home, it can have a negative impact on a child’s ability to focus and stay on task. Ballet class can provide the much needed discipline and structure that might otherwise be lacking in the home. Ballet students are taught to show respect for authority, demonstrate proper etiquette in the classroom, and learn responsibility. Being on someone else’s schedule also teaches a homeschooled student time management, a skill that not only helps them with their academics, but even prepares them for the workforce. Check your local dance schools, studios, and recreation centers for midday classes; some of these have created classes specifically with the homeschooler in mind.

2. Socialization

Some homeschooled students have the tendency to be shy or withdrawn; others are hungry for interaction. Ballet class gives homeschooled students the opportunity to socialize with others their age, giving them a sense of community. Many students have forged lifelong friendships based on their mutual love for dance. Through fun, interactiveactivities, ballet students learn to cooperate with others, creating a positive and supportive dynamic in the classroom. Whether a student is learning to be more assertive, or learning how to play well with others, this environment helps homeschooled students develop better social skills in, and outside the classroom.


3. Skill

Every child, homeschooled or not, needs exercise. Ballet class is especially great for homeschool students because it fulfills physical education requirements and gives them a chance to blow off some energy. Contrary to popular belief among many young ones, ballet, however, is not about prancing around in a tutu. Ballet is beautiful, but it’s also very challenging. Ballet technique gives students a full-body workout, enhancing their motor skills, and improving their balance and coordination. Homeschooled students have a particular advantage since they can usually devote more time to practice. When they diligently apply themselves, homeschooled students have the opportunity to accelerate and improve, which in turn, increases their self-confidence.

Ballet, as well as other dance forms, has many physical, mental, and emotional benefits for homeschooled students. It instills principles that help them become better students, children, and members of the community. If you’re considering putting your homeschooler in an extracurricular activity, never underestimate the power of dance.

About the Author:
Bethany Leger taught ballet for 7 years in Dallas, TX. She is the founder of Ballet For Adults, a site dedicated to educating adults about ballet.

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Local Tap & Ballet Kids Dance Classes

Posted by Brittany, Dance To EvOLvE on Sep 12, 2014 1:26:00 AM

There are so many types of dance styles available, it can be hard to find one that your child is interested in. Along with the variety of kids dance classes available comes the common questions, what dance styles are good for ages or personality types? What does each dance style offer? These are great questions and we are here to answer them! Read on to find out if ballet and or tap dance classes for kids will prove to be a good fit!

Ballet Dance Class for Kids

kids ballet dance classLocal ballet classes for kids in San Diego focus on ballet technique as well as strength, balance, and grace. A pre-ballet dance class is good for kids as young as 2, but when advancing to higher levels of ballet, it is best if your child is six or older. San Diego has a ton of great ballet schools as well as ballet performances you and your child can go watch and see if that is something that might interest them. Is there a lot of twirling in the living room? What about a lot of tutu shopping? If so, a ballet dance class may be a perfect fit for your child!

Tap Dance!

Along with ballet dance classes comes local tap dance for toddlers in Chicago. Tap is an energetic and expressive way for your kid to make some noise, learn some moves and listen to fun tunes. It’s that type of dance style that makes everyone feel good! If your toddler is in love with those shoes that make noise or tapping their little feet on all of your hardwood floors, give tap dance class a shot! Tap is great for all ages as it involves learning basic motor skills, rhythm and musicality. Chicago offers so many dancing opportunities as well as kid friendly activities.  Check out a play at the Chicago Children’s theater and then try a tap dance class in the afternoon. 

Ballet/Tap Combination Classes

The great thing about local tap and ballet dance classes is that they go great together! Can’t decide on one? No problem. Combination dance classes in Seattle are an excellent option for your little one. In dance classes such as these, your child will develop dance, listening and coordination skills as well as fundamentals in both tap and ballet. Check out the Seattle Aquarium for an exciting morning and a combination dance class in the afternoon for a fun filled day.

All dance classes offer development of muscles, enhanced self-esteem and social skills.  Kids ballet and tap classes are specifically great for self-expression. Who doesn’t feel great after tapping around on a dance floor or being a graceful ballerina for a day? Tap and ballet are a great foundation for all other styles of dance because they teach the basics such as posture, movement and coordination. Make the dancing even more fun by doing it in vibrant areas such as San Diego, Chicago and Seattle.tap dance for toddlers

EvOLvE wants your child to have a blast when dancing as well as grow physically and mentally.  According to, “dance helps children physically, emotionally, socially and cognitively.”  Taking a local ballet class for kids or a local tap dance class for toddlers is a great way to help your little one grow to their full potential.  These kids dance classes teach so much more than just basic dance moves. We hope that this information helped. As always, if you have anymore questions or comments, please feel free to let us know or check out our twitter page for neat information on ballet and tap.

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Ways to Keep Your Child Active and Engaged Through Dance

Posted by Brittany, Dance To EvOLvE on Jul 10, 2014 1:39:00 PM

 Keeping your child active and engaged can be challenging at times, especially in these summer months. However, kids dance classes and summer day camps are a great way to make the process easier. Not only will physical activity make your child healthier; it will also improve self esteem and confidence. Check out some of the reasons these activities can keep your child moving and grooving. 

kids dance classes, summer day camp, kids summer camp

Summer Camp: A great tool for engagement!     

Kids summer camps are one of many ways to keep your child active.  First and foremost, they offer new and exciting activities for your little one to try such as a karate, swimming or dance camp where your child can participate in learning new skills, making art projects and fun games all in one. These activities enable your child to open their minds and learn new skills such as social and educational ones all while having loads of fun. In summer day camps like these, your kid will have the opportunity to fully express themselves and maybe even find a new passion or hobby to engage in. 

Secondly, by participating in these summer camps, your child will not only activate their minds but will keep them activated and engaged by having to follow important directions and dance classes, kids summer camp, summer day camplearn these new skills they are presented with.  When the learning session is done for the day, summer day camps will almost always involve a craft time or a free time where your little one can engage his/her creative side or just spend time with newfound friends.  This activation of the mind and learning of new activities will prove to increase your child's self esteem; whether they are enjoying new friends or have just mastered a new skill, confidence levels will raise immensely.  Along with this constant engagement comes constant physical activity.  Rather your little one is walking from task to task, participating in obstacle courses or busting a move with a new friend; Summer day camp will ensure that your child is active and participating in some sort of way.

Dance classes: A powerful encouragement tool

Not quite ready to have your child go to a summer day camp?  No problem! Classes are another excellent option to keep your child energetic and focused. This shorter amount of time will ensure engagement and involvement in classes such as kids dance classes.  These classes such as hip hop or tap dance class will result in active learning. As fun as it is to take our favorite class over and over again, taking a different variety of classes can be extremely beneficial.  By taking all different types of classes, your child will not only develop different gross motor skills but will also develop a willingness to try new things.

dance classes, summer day camp, dance campsAlthough it can be scary for our little one’s to try something new, it is rewarding to them in more ways than one.  Engaging in new idea’s and activities will enhance your child’s self assurance and confidence by proving to them that they can accomplish anything they set their mind on.  The outcome may just be a new dream for your superstar.

Making sure your child is active and engaged should be fun and enjoyable for you and them. The best way to do this is to introduce your child to a number of activities as early as possible. There are several options out there varying from fun Summer day camps to new and exciting dance classes that will hopefully make being active the best part of your little one’s day! If you have any further comments or questions on any of these subjects please do not hesitate to let us know, we love hearing from our families! 

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Dance Classes Can Be Positive For Your Child

Posted by Brittany White on Oct 17, 2013 2:39:00 PM

dance classes kids2 resized 600For those of you who have seen Miley Cyrus’ MTV Video Music Award performance, you might have found yourselves a bit appalled at the former Disney star’s obscene actions. Some of you may even have wondered in horror “Is this how kids dance nowadays?” and find yourselves not wanting to let your own little ones get dancing experience. But no matter how cringe-worthy Cyrus’ performance was, rest assured that dance isn’t quite all that bad! In fact, it has been proven that dance can have a strong positive influence on your child, so don’t be deterred! Here are some of the ways dance can have a strong positive influence on your child.

 Improved Physical Health

Dancing is a remarkably physical activity, and kids who regularly attend dance classes should expect to see a vast improvement in their overall physical health. Benefits include increased flexibility, physical strength, range of motion, stamina, and better posture. For children who are slightly overweight, dance can help them become healthier and improve their eating habits!

 describe the imageSocialization Benefits

Dance is also an exceptionally social activity - many of our dancers have become best friends with other children in their classes! Dance classes can help children practice their social and communication skills, learn teamwork, and develop a greater sense of trust. If your little one is shy, we have heard from many parents that after taking dance lessons, their child has become much more outgoing and comfortable around new people and places. Dance can help overcome stage fright as well!

 Educational Benefits

As your dancer begins to blossom into a skilled dancer, they will learn discipline, focus, and skills that will be useful in other areas of his or her life. Dance lessons can help get those creative juices flowing and an appreciation for the arts. FamilyTalk magazine has estimated that students with a dance background tend to do academically better than students who don’t have a dance background. They are also said to do better in science and math competitions and are observed to achieve higher SAT scores.

 describe the imageImproved Self-Esteem

The more comfortable your little dancers get with their body, the more their self-esteem will improve. As they get more familiar with the movements and postures they learn in dance class, they start to get a better sense of their bodies. The skills they develop help them foster a more positive attitude and encourage them to explore self-expression. For children with physical or mental disabilities, this can be particularly beneficial.

 Even with the notorious dance reputation that celebrities are giving nowadays, it certainly does not have to be that way! Dance is can be profoundly beneficial, so why not give it a try today? You can sign up for one of our free trial classes today both in San Diego and Chicago - you and your little one will love it!


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Finding The Best Children's Ballet Classes In Chicago

Posted by Laura Spicuzza on Apr 18, 2013 1:54:00 PM

MTM2NjQ0ODQyMjA0NzAyMzA1.pngI've never been to a studio that told me ballet wasn't important.  Quite the opposite,

 actually.  When I was a young girl growing up, I wanted to be a "jazz" dancer - with the sparkly costume and fingers spread out wide.  What I learned was, to be a great jazz dancer (and any other type of dancer for that matter), you have to have ballet.  It is true in every aspect of dance.  If you carry the understanding, form, and vocabulary of ballet all of dance becomes easier.  There's no better time to start ballet than when you're a young child.  That is why I'm going to help you understand how to find the best children's ballet classes in Chicago.

If your dancer is under 6 years of age, it's structurally impossible for their bodies to fully handle some of the techniques of classical ballet.  That is why most studios offer  pre-ballet or tiny tots classes for children.  Many studios are different, but now-a-days, you can get your dancer in a pre-ballet class as early as 2 years old.  When you're looking for children's ballet classes in Chicago, it's important to look for certain qualities within the program.  Between teaching your child the vocabulary of ballet, learning dance class etiquette, and introducing ballet to a young dancer in a way that makes them love the practice for life...finding these key elements will make your dancer into a beautiful/ handsome ballerina.

describe the imageThe Vocabulary of Ballet:  I often have dancers join me in class after their parents have told me that the dancer has taken ballet for the last year, only to find out that they know none of the vocabulary that corrolates with ballet.  While a tiny tots ballet class should be fun, it should also be instilling the practice of ballet into the young dancer.  Make sure when you're looking for children's ballet classes in Chicago, to ask the studio if you can observe a class prior to signing your dancer up.  If they are having a good time but still learning, that's a great start.

Dance Class Etiquette:  The next thing I look for is how a class is conducted in terms of dance class etiquette.  Are they listening to directions?  Are they being cautious of one another and not constantly bumping in to each other?  Are they kind to their peers and respectful to their teachers?  When you're observing the class, make sure to look for these things in the classroom.  While some chaos can be fun (who doesn't enjoy a round or two of Freeze Dance), the overall class needs to feel structured and be a safe environment for all those in it.

Tkids activitieshe last thing to look for is tiny dancers leaving the room with a smile on their face.  There is plenty of time in life to take things seriously, but sometimes it's just nice to be happy and have a smile on your face.  In children's ballet classes in Chicago, ballerinas should be learning but they shouldn't feel drained or stressed.  Ballet is supposed to be fun and enjoyable!

So there you have it.  The key components to finding the perfect children's ballet classes in Chicago.  In every aspect of dance, ballet plays a part.  Whether it's learning to have grace in tap dancing, perfect technique in jazz, or simply finding the strength that it takes to be a prima ballerina...ballet is essential.  For young kids, the practice of ballet can be used in their every day life so make sure you find the best class for your kiddo. 

The truth is, "dance is the song of the body" start making the music.

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The Best Types Of Dance Classes For Kids In Chicago

Posted by Brittany White on Sep 5, 2012 10:11:00 AM

William Edgar Stafford once said, “Kids: they dance before they learn there is anything that isn't music” and he couldn't be more right.  Dancing is such a natural thing for kids.  They start moving their bodies before anyone tells them that there is a right or wrong way to do so.  Not only does dance help with kids motor skills and coordination, it can also be great for them to build confidence and boost their self-esteem.  There are so many great types of dance classes for kids that help them express themselves.  Here are some of the best types of dance classes for kids in Chicago:


Tap & Ballet Combination Classes:
A lot of dance classes for kids in ChicaDSC 0330 2 2go are hour long dance classes that focus on one genre of dance.  If a child is older than 6 years old, those types of classes are great.  If they are younger, an hour dance class focusing on one genre of dance can be a very long hour.  That's why combination classes are great for little ones!   The tap section lets them use their high energy, while the ballet section teaches them grace.

Hip Hop Classes:
Hip Hop is one of the best dance classes for kids in Chicago.  It gives the kids a chance to listen to popular music (should be age appropriate) and let loose.  Hip Hop builds strength and rhythm through fun tricks and dances.  It's the perfect class for kids to move and groove in.

General Dance Class:DSC 0494 2
A general dance class is normally offered at any type of kids creative center or kids gym.  This type of dance class works on motor skills, coordination and rhythm.  They would work on a large spectrum of movement instead of a focused genre.  These classes are fun and good for kids who are just starting to get into dance and great for all ages.

With all these options of dance classes for kids in Chicago, it's in your best interest to see if the studio you choose to take a class in offers a trial class so you can make sure it's a good fit for you and your dancer. Every child loves to dance and should get the chance to truly experience it for themselves.

Download A FREE  Parent Guide To  Choosing The Best  Dance Class For  Your Child

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5 Things To Look For When Finding Chicago Dance Classes

Posted by Brittany White on Aug 7, 2012 6:52:00 PM

Whether you're a toddler who is just starting to grasp the idea of dance or you are a veteran dancer who wants to continue with the practice of dance...finding Chicago dance classes can be hard!  There are a lot of things to look for and a lot that we forget to look for.  Here are some tools to help you find the Chicago dance class that's right for you!Chicago dance class

Location!  No one wants to drive or take public transportation to a studio that's nowhere near you.  You want to be able to find a class that is closeby and convenient.  When you're searching for classes, do a search by your zip code instead of just a general Chicago search.  This will help to narrow down the hundreds of Chicago dance classes offered throughout the city.

Class Type!  While a lot of people simply want to take a class that they have never taken, many will have a specific dance class in mind.  If you are looking for a specific class, you need to make sure that the studio you are researching offers it.  Don't waste your time trying out a studio that doesn't offer what you want.  You need to find the Chicago dance class that's good for you.

Class Schedule!  Every studio has a set class schedule.  The most frustrating thing can be to find a studio that is nearby you that only offers the class you want while you're at help at all!  Always look over the studio's class schedule before committing.

Teachers!  Teachers make or break a class.  When it comes to younger children, a bubbly, trained, experienced instructor is always great!  For more adult classes, make sure that the teacher has credibility and experience working with adults.  Adults need to be aware of injuries and no one wants to be injured because the teacher was inexperienced.

Customer Service!  Some studios have a front desk staff while others are managed by one person or use a 3rd party vendors space.  Whatever the situation is, the customer service should always be great.  The studio should be communicative and helpful.  If you call a studio and they don't know half of the answers to your questions, more than likely that is not the Chicago dance class location for you.

Finding a Chicago dance class that suits your needs can be like finding a needle in a haystack if you're unaware of what to look for.  Take the time to pick a class that is good for you.  Don't be deserve to have the best class possible!

Download A FREE  Parent Guide To  Choosing The Best  Dance Class For  Your Child

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How To Choose A San Diego Dance Class

Posted by Brittany White on Aug 1, 2012 6:15:00 PM

A How To Guide On Choosing A Dance Class For Your ChildChildren's Hip Hop Class BS robot

You’ve done the legwork and found a studio(s) that offers dance classes at a location that is convenient for you, as well as a schedule that provides variety and growth opportunities for your child. (See here for our discussion on how to choose a studio.) After deciding which San Diego dance studio fits yours and your child’s needs, the next step is choosing what class(es) to enroll your child in. A lot of parents will ask their child’s current teacher, which I believe is a wonderful way to start as they are a vital resource! But if this is your child’s first dance class you may not have that resource to rely on. Many of the questions I’ve often heard parents ask are: 

- Should I start solely with ballet classes?

- How will tap dance lessons add to my child’s development?

- Is hip hop appropriate at my child’s age? (see here for our discussion on age appropriate hip hop classes)

- My child is high energy, will ballet suit them?  My child is quiet, will hip hop suit them?

All of these are wonderful questions to ask and the answer will depend based upon your kids tap class MM in tap shoes holding hand child’s age as well as their individual interests. For tiny tot dance classes (ages 2-5), enrolling them in any dance class will prove to be beneficial for them. It will teach them basic motor skills and instill confidence, as well as help them learn classroom etiquette (listening, waiting their turn, etc.). I always strongly urge parents to start with ballet, as it is a strong basis for all other dance classes, and if possible look into tap dance lessons or a combination class where their child can receive both ballet and tap in one dance class. 

Once your child gets a little older and their individual personalities start to shape, they will be able to vocalize where their interests are, and whether they would like to try something new. Trying something new is often a great way to refocus a child that has become bored with one particular style of dance. It also gives them opportunities to explore and develop new strengths!

No matter what dance style your child tries (and remember to try and take more than one!), the important thing is to get them into a class to try it out! Some San Diego dance studios offer free trial classes! If this is an option at your studio I strongly recommend it. Often the best way to figure out what class your child will like is to dive into a class and get firsthand experience! Remember that it will take a couple of classes for your child to get used to the structure of the class, so stay with it and potentially try a different teacher if the first class wasn’t a huge success. 

Any form of dance will increase confidence, coordination, balance, and flexibility. So get your child up and ready for a San Diego dance matter the style!


Download A FREE  Parent Guide To  Choosing The Best  Dance Class For  Your Child


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A Starting Guide On How To Choose Dance Classes In Chicago

Posted by Brittany White on Jul 27, 2012 5:53:00 PM

The "Windy City" is the ideal place for dance for our sometimes harsh weather.  Not only is it home to great professional dance has so many options for all genres of dance and all ages.  To pick dance classes in Chicago, you need to know what you're looking for, how to look for it, and how to begin.

What style of dance classes in Chicago are you looking for?  Many Chicago studios offer ballet, hip hop, children's dance classes, salsa, ballroom dancing, and much more!  Once you know what type of dance you are interested in, the search for dance classes in Chicago becomes mdance classes in chicagouch easier!  If you are not sure what style of dance you are intersted in, see if the studio offers a trial class or at least go and watch a class.  It would always be recommended to start at a beginner level class so that you do not become overwelmed and frustrated.  Dance is a learned skill like anything else and it takes some time to get the general feel of it.

With your dance genre picked out, you can now begin to pick and choose which classes you want to take.  Many studios offer drop-in classes.  These classes allow you to pay for one class so you can try it out before committing to a package or monthly fee.  Make sure to try a couple different studios before settling.  There's so many options for dance classes in Chicago...make sure you find the best fit for you.

Once you've found a class that you love, the rest of it is easy.  Simply ask your instructor what they will expect from you each class (ex.: wearing certain shoes, bringing a water bottle to class, etc.).  Instructors who teach dance classes in Chicago are happy to answer any questions you have, so always ask.  Of course this information is often on the website too.

You're on your way to enjoying dance...what could possibly be better than that?

Download A FREE  Parent Guide To  Choosing The Best  Dance Class For  Your Child


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