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Summer Dance Class Themes with Dance to EvOLvE

Posted by Helen McCarthy on May 27, 2017 11:14:01 PM

Summer is fast approaching - crazy right!? With the kids home all day without school you are going to want activities that keep them active, involved, and social. Luckily, at Dance To EvOLvE we have been hard at work planning themed weeks to keep our our current kids dance classes fun and fresh this summer!

FullSizeRender 2 copy.jpg

What better way to kickstart the summer than to dance outside? The summer themes begin with Dance Outside Week, where dancers get to enjoy the beautiful weather that comes with the new season (or lack thereof at our San Diego locations). Teachers often choose to spend the games portion of class outside, or even teach their entire class in the fresh air! These activities will be in safe, shady areas, but be sure that your dancers bring plenty of water on this day so that they stay hydrated! 

The fun outdoors doesn't end there – get ready for anything and everything bubbles on Bubble Day! Teachers might add an under the sea mermaid twist to the theme or opt for a more whimsical take on the idea. During game time dancers will have an opportunity to venture outdoors to play with all types of bubbles. From large bubbles they can chase with friends to small bubble wands they can twirl around with, your little one will have many opportunities to find creative ways to incorporate bubbles into movement and dance.


During Beach Week we bring the tropical mindset to the studio! Our San Diego students are already familiar with the sandy beaches by the ocean, so this is a fun way to incorperate their favorite summertime activities into dance class. Dancers at our Chicago locations will get to travel to more coastal shores without hopping on a plane. On beach days dancers get to dress in their favorite beach-going attire – a super fun way to switch up their normal dance class routine. Beach themed games will be set up during the allotted game time. Sure to be a blast! 

Families, you will get a chance to put on your dancing shoes and learn a few steps from your young dancer during Parents Get Involved Day! This class is all about being a part of the Dance To EvOLvE family, so you definitely do not want to miss out. You can look forward to some partner dancing with your little one, and they will love to show you what they have been learning in class. Older dancers will also have the opportunity to teach their families some new moves they learned – a super fun activity for all participants that is guaranteed to improve dance parties at home.


Switch Up The Style Day is a great way to expose our students to different dance styles that they might not have learned before! For example, classes during this week could potentially incorporate some hip-hop moves into a ballet/tap class. Teachers might choose to change up small sections of the routines throughout the class or simply change the entire class to a different style. The possibilities are endless with this theme, and we can’t wait to see the unique ideas our teachers come up with!

The Dance to EvOLvE team is excited to experience the creativity and laughter that our themed summer classes bring – from enjoying the great outdoors, to fun with costumes and bubbles, to seeing YOU bust some moves on the dance floor! Be sure to keep your eye of for these special classes on the announcement page so that your dancer is a part of the fun!

If you are looking for other ways to keep your little one active this summer, look no further than our Dance To EvOLvE summer camps! We are hosting a wide range of themes and locations this summer that are a perfect way to creatively focus their energy, keep their minds active, and build friendships outside of school. Go check them out!


Check out our amazing summer camps in San Diego!      

 DOWNLOAD The Ultimate Guide  To Prepare Your Dancer For Dance Camps 

Find out more about our awesome summer camps in Chicago!

DOWNLOAD The Ultimate Guide  To Prepare Your Dancer For Dance Camps     





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Three Reasons to Attend Kid’s Dance Camp In San DiegoYour Blog Post Title Here...

Posted by Brittany White on Mar 1, 2017 1:39:29 PM

1-3391805252010121953.jpgKid's dance camps are a fun way for your little ones to receive focused dance training. In addition to having more hours dedicated to dancing for a period of time, your little dancers will also be able to have tons of fun! Each city and location that kids dance camp takes place in, can offer a variety of benefits and unique additions to the dancing experience. San Diego is definitely one of those excellent cities! Here are three reasons to explore kid’s dance camp in San Diego.

1. Sunshine

Part of the appeal of kid's dance camp in San Diego is that it allows for plenty of outdoor activities. San Diego is a city known for its sunshine. It is estimated that there is sunshine in San Diego for 68% of the whole year! The sunshine and pleasant weather will allow your kids to do more dance activities outside and enjoy the warm weather! A downside to the amount of sunshine is that it can often be dangerous for the skin. That is why it is important to make sure your little ones are wearing sunscreen, and on those really hot weeks, check out an indoor summer dance camp.

2. Vibrant Dance Community

San Diego has a very vibrant dance community. The dance community breeches across various dance styles. This apparent in the various dance studios around the city for people of all ages. This sets the stage for a dance-positive atmosphere in kid's camp. Most teachers in kids camp in San Diego will not only be passionate about dance but will also be able to pass that on to your little ones. A positive dance atmosphere is something San Diego has and that is very apparent at kids camp!


3. Happy People

Perhaps it is because of the good weather but people in San Diego are generally nicer, happier and more relaxed.
For that reason your little one will most likely encounter some well-humored and nice people at kid’s dance camp. This will build a sense of community and make your child feel much better about themselves as they improve their social skills. San Diego is a great place for kid's dance camp! We encourage you to have your kids attend one!


DOWNLOAD The Ultimate Guide  To Prepare Your Dancer For Dance Camps

San Diego Camp Guide

DOWNLOAD The Ultimate Guide  To Prepare Your Dancer For Dance Camps

Chicago Camp Guide

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5 Benefits of Summer Dance Camps For Kids

Posted by Brittany White on Feb 15, 2017 2:25:06 PM

summer dance campAs the weather warms up and schools let out for the summer, many parents find themselves searching for daytime activities for their children. There are so many options available, it can sometimes be overwhelming to choose. Summer dance camp is a wonderful choice for both boys and girls. With a variety of benefits: physical, mental, and social (we’ve listed five benefits below)...why not find a summer dance camp near you today? 

1. Improved Learning Skills:

In dance class or summer dance camp, your child will develop the ability to focus and understand the concept of discipline. These skills learned through dance will carry into all areas of life, including both home and school settings. These educational skills learned and practiced in summer camp will stick with your child as he or she enters the new school year, and will lead to an improved academic performance!

2. Beat Summer Boredom!

While many children look forward to summer all year long, without a daytime activity, the days can tend to drag on. Summer dance camps provide a variety of fun for children as they learn new moves, play fun games, and develop creativity. As children experience new dance styles and learn new skills, they may just decide that dance is a hobby they’d like to stick with all year long!

3. Improved Social Skills: 

2-3.jpgSummer dance camp is the perfect place for your children to make new friends. As your child gains self confidence, he/she will also become more comfortable meeting new people and building relationships. As children learn new dancing skills and choreography together, they learn to work as a team. Additionally, more reserved children can learn to overcome shyness and stage fright through fun performances often held at the conclusion of a camp session.

4. Improved Physical Health:

Dance is a form of aerobic activity; it is a sure way to keep your child moving and grooving for an extended period of time. According to a study conducted by Pro Dance Center, regular dance practice can also increase your child's flexibility, range of motion, physical strength and stamina. Enrolling in a summer dance camp provides your children with an opportunity to improve their balance and coordination, and it is a great way for them to begin developing healthy habits and healthy hearts!

5. Improved Self-Confidence:

Dance provides children with an outlet for self expression. Learning to express their feelings in a new way provides opportunity for improved self esteem. As children master new dance skills and become more aware of how their bodies work and move, they will gain a sense of accomplishment. The pride that comes with achievement prompts children to feel more confident in themselves! The confidence found in dancing is something that often sticks with children through out their entire lives. 

3-5.jpgThese are only five benefits of summer dance camps, but the list goes on! Whether your child has years of dance experience or none at all, be sure to check out the dance camps near you this summer! Local dance studios offer a variety of options from ballet, to choreography, to hip-hop and more. Start your research and be sure to get registered a spot in the perfect camp for your child today!


DOWNLOAD The Ultimate Guide  To Prepare Your Dancer For Dance Camps  

San Diego Camp Guide

DOWNLOAD The Ultimate Guide  To Prepare Your Dancer For Dance Camps

Chicago Camp Guide

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Summer Activity Ideas for Kids or Toddlers in San Diego & Chicago

Posted by Brittany White on Jun 28, 2016 3:42:39 PM


Summer is the time when kids’ imagination run wild and they can be anything they want to be. This is the season where they make the most unforgettable memories, so make sure they do a lot of fun activities where they can learn and use their imagination. Watch them have fun and be kids because they grow up so fast! So here are some summer activities for toddlers in San Diego and Chicago you could do!

  1. Go To The San Diego Zoo or Lincoln Park Zoo!ZOO.png

             The zoo is a great summer activity with your kid or toddler because there are many things you can see and do! Learning about animals and seeing them in person is a great way for your kid to learn and explore what our oceans and lands consist of! Going to the zoo helps your children learn about how the zoo helps take care of endangered species and protects them from harm. Being with these amazing animals can bring fun to your day and maybe even a new passion for your kid!

  1.   Head To Balboa Park Museums or the Chicago History Museum!Museum_.png

            Going to any museum, whether it’s history, science, or art, is a great summer activity for kids that can bring out a hidden passion in your child. Every museum has something special about it and going there can uncover something that you never thought would interest you. Museums are super cool because you learn a lot about what the museum is about. Plus, going to a lot of different museums can help your kid become more well rounded culturally and intellectually. Check out the Chicago History Museum and find out about Illinois' own President Lincoln and "Lincoln's Chicago". Balboa Park in San Diego is also a great place because it has many museums and has unique architecture. It’s good for young kids to learn about things they never heard before and it gives them a sense of accomplishment and interest in different subjects and it is a great summer activity for kids in San Diego and Chicago.

  1.   Cool Off At Mystic Waters or Aquatica!waterpark.png

            A great way to stay cool this summer and to burn some toddler energy is to head to the nearest water park or local pool! Swimming is a great summer activity for kids in Chicago and San Diego and teaching toddlers to swim is very important! Kids should ideally be swimming on their own at around age 6. Plus, if the summer heat is getting to you, it’s a great way to stay cool while teaching your child a very important life lesson. If you want to have some more fun, head to a waterpark! Although swimming is fun, both Mystic Waters Family Aquatic Center in Chicago and Aquatica in San Diego have fun water slides and cool activities for your kid and for you to enjoy as well! 

  1.   Head To Your Local Body of Water       Beach.png 

              Going to the beach, lake, or even river can be a lot of fun for the family! If you are in San Diego head to Coronado or somewhere along the coast so your family can stay cool under that marine layer. Or maybe if you are in Chicago, head to Lake Michigan! You can head in the water, tan, or even have a nice picnic. It’s a great way to spend your time outside while having your kids run around and enjoy the summer sun. All of these waterways are free for us to use so take advantage of it! So go cool off, and get outside with the family and bring some beach games for all of you to enjoy as a fun activity for your kid or toddler.

  1.   Stay In And Build A Fort!                         Fort.png

                 Want to just stay in your air conditioned home but still do a fun summer activity for kids? Get some sheets and blankets and build a fort! It is so much fun to build and you can make a game out of it saying your fort is actually a pirate ship or maybe a tent in the jungle. This gets your kid to explore their imagination and create fun memories with you. You can watch movies in the tent or many other fun activities. This is a fun bonding moment to spend with your kid and it will create a lot of fun memories. Plus, and added bonus is that they may want to stay in their "secret fort" with "no parents allowed" which frees you up read a book (or more likely clean the kitchen).

  1.     Sign Them Up for Summer Dance Classes and Camps Kids_dance.png

                  Dancing is a great way to let your toddler find him or herself. Dancing at a young age can help them gain self-esteem and create a better focus, and is a great summer activity. Rhythm and dancing is a wonderful talent to have because it gets them moving around and they have fun while doing it. Dancing is in a way better than actual sports because you have the chance to be creative, make something of your own, and learn something new everyday. One of the best things about dancing is that there are no limits, you can tell a story through movement, and that is what makes it unique. Sign up your child for some fun dance classes or summer dance camps and you will have fun watching them grow. It is a wonderful summer activity for kids in San Diego and Chicago.

Summer activities for toddlers in San Diego and Chicago are everywhere if you look! Your kids will have a blast by dancing the summer away and much more! Go visit our website if you want to sign up your child for summer dance camps or try a free trial with us! We have many locations and kids summer camps to offer both in San Diego and Chicago. Let your kids have the best summer ever!



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Things To Do With Kids in Chicago!

Posted by Brittany White on May 5, 2016 6:13:55 PM

Thinking about having a family day out? Luckily for you, you’re in one of the best cities in America! There are so many different kids activities in Chicago! Chicago is the home to many hidden gems. So sit back, relax, and keep on reading to learn more about things to do with kids in Chicago.

1) The Bean

We have to start off with a classic! If you’re looking for things to do with kids in Chicago and you haven’t visited the Bean, you must go see it! The Bean is located in Millennium Park which is in the Loop area! Kids will love to see their reflections on this enormous stainless steel sculpture! It’s one of the best kids activities in Chicago because it is such a unique and fun experience! Another cool thing about the Bean is that it’s open everyday of the year, rain or shine! It’s also open all day long, so don’t sweat about going to see the Bean at a certain time of day. The Bean is one of the things that makes Chicago so special. You won’t find a giant bean in the middle of a city anywhere else!


2) The Navy Pier

Another idea for things to do with kids in Chicago is to go to the Navy Pier and watch the new live action Jungle Book movie, or any other kids movie, at the Navy Pier IMAX theatre! This is one of Chicago’s most famous kid-friendly spots. If that doesn’t work for your family, another idea is to take your kids to the Chicago Children’s museum. If you’re interested in stopping by the museum, don’t forget to take advantage of Target Free Night. Every Thursday from 5-8pm all entries into the museum are free! You can also save some cash by visiting the museum the first Sunday of every month to get free entries for anyone fifteen and under!


3) Bobby’s Tike Hike

If you’re in the mood for an afternoon adventure, Bobby’s Tike Hike is a must! This cycling adventure is a bike tour geared especially for little ones. You can find Bobby’s Tike Hike on the North Side in Streeterville. Your kids will love this because they can explore a hidden garden, pet the Lincoln Park Zoo animals, toss coins into a wishing fountain, and rub Abe Lincoln’s foot! If you’re interested in this activity, make sure you reserve your tour online for a 10% discount! Currently, the prices for this adventure are $33 for adults and $16.50 for kids! And don’t forget to bring your camera to capture all those unforgettable memories, this is one of the best kids activities in Chicago!


4) Washington Library Center

Do your little ones prefer to be inside and read some awesome books? Well, we have the perfect activity idea! Visit the Washington Library Center! It holds the largest collection of children’s books in the city! This awesome children’s library is called the Thomas Hughes Children’s Library and it is located on the second floor of the Washington Library Center! This beautiful library is located in the Loop and is the perfect fun and cozy environment, especially during the cold Chicago winter! This option is also easy on your wallet because it’s free! You can also enjoy free WiFi internet services while you’re in the library!


5) Dance To EvOLvE

If you’re looking for a fun activity for your kids, we have just the activity in mind! Here at Dance To EvOLvE we offer kids dance classes in Chicago with styles ranging from tap, ballet, and hip hop at convenient locations all around Chicago. Currently, we offer classes at the Loop, Evanston, Lakeview, North Center, Bucktown/Lincoln Park, and West Loop! Our kids dance classes in Chicago are the perfect fit for families looking to enroll their kids in a fun activity but also need an affordable option. If this sounds like a fun activity for your kids, you can schedule a risk-free trial on our website! Another idea is to check out our summer dance camps for kids ages 3-7 for a super fun summertime activity for kids! If you are interested in our summer dance camps, get the most bang for your buck and register for multiple camps! If you do, receive 15% rebate! Dance To EvOLvE kids dance classes in Chicago are the perfect option for families who want a year round activity and an activity that can even evolve with busy schedules and crazy Chicago weather!


 Whether we find you at the children’s library or at one of our dance classes, there’s a reason why people from all over the world come to see Chicago, Illinois! Take advantage of all the kids activities this amazing city has to offer. Encourage family bonding time rather than sitting your kids in front of TV, computers, and iPads. And now that summertime is approaching, there’s so many opportunities to take advantage of the awesome weather! So what are you waiting for? It’s time to start exploring our beautiful city Chicago!

Schedule Your Trial Dance Class In Chicago


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4 Fun Kids Dance Themed Party Ideas

Posted by Dance To EvOLvE Team on Nov 11, 2014 11:15:00 PM

Have you ever needed to plan a party for your little one, yet had a hard time coming up with some fun kids themed party ideas in San Diego? Have you gotten tired of just a simple get-together with desserts and some presents already? Here we give you four interesting kids dance themed party ideas for your child to have a special and memorable day! 

1. Ballerina Theme

How about a ballerina themed party! Because how could girls say no to dressing up in tutus, ballet shoes, tiaras and imagining being the princess in Swan Lake? Ballet Dance Theme PartySince your child might already be taking ballet dance classes in San Diego, a ballerina party would be a great way to make dance even more fun in their lives! Trust us, as the little princes and princesses leap and twirl, the other kids who have not taken kids ballet classes will try to join in the fun! You can even hire a ballet teacher to come in to teach all the kids at the party a choreographed dance. Then they all perform together and the kids become the party entertainment!  If that option is out of your budget, show a short ballet dance video for kids to mimic together. This theme works well for kids between the ages of 2 and 10.

 2. Hip Hop Theme

_kids_hiphop_dance_classes.jpgThis is a perfect theme for both boys and girls! Find a great, high energy kids hip hop dance instructor to come in and teach a fun class that will have your guests thinking of your party every time they hear the songs. The teacher can choreograph a customized routine to the birthday girl or boy's favorite song for a mini show at the end of the party. You can ask your little guests to dress in hip hop gear, including super star glasses, snapback hat, etc., and have them list their favorite hip hop songs. It would be even more fun to take pictures of kids in dance poses, and film the show to give as a party favor! With the right teacher, you and the other parents may spot the next Michael Jackson or Justin Timberlake in the house! Make sure that you host the party where there is enough space for children to dance it out, such as at a local kids dance studio in San Diego, or your backyard. This theme is great for kids ages 5 and up.

3. Disco Theme

Disco Dance Theme Party Idea and Planing

What is a better way to ignite your kiddos' intuitive sense of rhythm than a disco themed party? Simply decorating the room with a disco ball hanging from the ceiling, Christmas light around the room, and black lights for a glow-in-the-dark effect, will turn your living room or garage into a 70’s disco club. For dress code, ask your little guests to come wearing sparkling disco dresses or pants and hand out glowing jewelry or glow sticks to them after they arrive. You can hire a local kids dance teacher to teach the kids in all sort of various dance styles while they play dancing games (e.g. freeze dance, musical chair). This theme is great for kids between the ages of 2 and 6. 

4. Nutcracker Theme

Nutcracker Party theme party planningAre you on the lookout for a cool winter theme party for the holidays? Then a Nutcracker themed party would definitely be your first choice! Decorate your house with toy soldiers, Nutcrackers, fake snow and paper snowflake ornaments, DIY nutcracker character paper masks and Christmas lights. You can even set the dress code as “holiday attire” for more festive spirit! Since not every little guest may be familiar with the Nutcracker, you can begin the party by reading the story to them. Later, show them a video of the Nutcracker ballet and then organize the children to put on their own version of the performance. To add more fun, assign each child a character and ask them to play the show for you! As they enjoy the dancing and acting, this classic ballet is guaranteed to have little ones twirling with holiday delight!

Overall, hiring a professional for your child's dance party is the best way to reflect the dance party theme. We recommend researching your local dance studios that offer party planning. Compare pricing, reputations, and chat with other parents who may have some experience. If your child already takes dance lessons, try asking their teachers if they have party experience. If you would like to know about more kids dance party themes and options, fill out our San Diego dance party request form. We have plenty of other fun kids party theme ideas and don’t worry, we will do most of the work! With our assistance, we promise you and your kids will have a great time and an unforgettable party!

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Toddler Dance Classes in Chicago!

Posted by Brittany, Dance To EvOLvE on Aug 13, 2014 12:22:00 PM

Dancing is all the rage these days.  All you have to do is turn on the TV and you will find some variation of "So You Think You Can Dance With the Stars?"  People are flocking to dance studios to learn how to shake it like the pros, but despite the popularity of dance it can still be challenging to find proper toddler dance classes in Chicago.  Location is everything! What fun is a kids dance class if it is too difficult or too far to get to? It’s also important to take into consideration commute time on different times of the day. Crossing Chicago at rush hour?  No thank you!  With location being so important, EvOLvE has made it a mission to provide convenient kids dance studios in fun, accessible areas. Read on to find out more about our up and coming dance locations.

kids dance class chicagoRavenswood/Wrigleyville local dance classes

Our Ravenswood/Wrigleyville local dance classes are ballet, tap, hip hop and combination.  This new location offers dance classes for toddlers and preschoolers, ages 2-4.  Not far away is Wrigley Field, giving you the opportunity to take your toddler to a Cub’s game! Watching a baseball game with your child can prove to be an amazing, fun experience. If baseball isn’t your thing, check out Welles Park which has a fully enclosed, shaded playground and a spray water feature, perfect for hot summer days. With all the dancing, splashing, and baseball, your toddler is sure to have a blast in this exciting location.

Edgewater local dance classes

Similar to other locations, our Edgewater local dance classes are tap, ballet and hip hop.  This kid friendly area features parks on every other corner as well as an array of movie theaters and restaurants. In addition to this is a park facility called Broadway Armory that offers tons of fun activities for children such as soccer, volleyball and gymnastics.

Uptown & Old Irving Park local dance classes

 Our next two studios are in Uptown and the Northwest side of Chicago. These areas offer lotstoddler ballet class chicago of fun parks, restaurants and kid friendly activities for your toddler. Kids dance classes in Uptown and Old Irving Park include creative movement classes, tap and ballet combo classes and hip hop classes for ages 2 to 12. We want to ensure that our dance studios are in locations that are not only convenient for you but are safe and kid friendly for your dancing superstar.

Evanston local dance classes

Our upcoming location in January of 2015 will be located in Evanston. This location has it all from malls, parks, theaters and lots of fun places to eat. Starting in November, an indoor kids center called Little Beans Café will be opening that will have something for everyone including our Evanston local dance classes. This family friendly suburb is close to the city and a perfect place to get up on your feet.

Once you have decided on the best area for your toddler dance lessons in San Diego, you can begin to look at what studios in your preferred area offer; what the teachers teach, background on the studio and age appropriateness of the skills taught. A good kids dance studio will love children, but more importantly know how to speak to and motivate them.  Teaching children is much different than teach adults, and teaching toddlers is much different than teaching 8 year olds, as many of us know from first hand experience!  When you do a trial class, ask yourself: was the music appropriate for the age group? Were the skills challenging, yet achievable? Was the teacher patient?  Was the facility clean and safe?  Last, but not least, ask your child if he or she had fun!  Did your toddler experience lots of laughs and smiles in class? The right dance studio should have the perfect combination of learning and laughter to fully benefit your toddler.

kids hip hop class chicagoYour convenience matters to us, which is why our locations are in safe, kid friendly atmospheres with lots to do. We want the dancing experience to be fun, engaging and active for your toddler and a good location and studio are key to that. For more information on our Dance to EvOLvE locations, check our website or our twitter for updated information or any fun activities or themes for the week. We cannot wait to get dancing with you!

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Preschool and Toddler Dance Locations in Seattle!

Posted by Brittany, Dance To EvOLvE on Aug 11, 2014 5:22:00 PM

Dancing is everywhere. On the streets, in the kitchen, on the T.V., with so much dancing around us, it can still be hard to find proper kids dance classes in Seattle.  Location is everything!  What fun is a dance class if it is too difficult or too far to get to? It’s also important to take into consideration commute time on different times of the day. With location being so important, Dance to EvOLvE has made it a mission to provide convenient studios in fun, accessible areas.  Read on to find out more about our up and coming dance locations.

preschooler ballet class seattleNorthgate local dance classes

Northgate local dance classes are hip hop and combination tap/ballet.  These are specially designed toddler dance classes that we have scheduled at easily accessible times. Our Northgate kids dance studio is conveniently located behind the Northgate Mall. Drop your child off at their dance class and take some time for yourself or take your superstar for a bite to eat after they rocked their first lesson. We ensure that our toddler dance classes are in locations that are not only easy to get to but are safe and kid friendly for your child.

University Heights local dance classes

The University Heights community center notkids dance class studio seattle only offers kids dance classes in Seattle, but a whole calendar of events ranging from monthly picnics, to painting classes and art camps for your toddler. Take a kids dance class one week and an art camp the next week to keep your child busy, engaged and active throughout these summer months as well as throughout the year.  Similar to Northgate, University Heights local dance classes are tap, ballet and hip-hop. Take advantage of all these fun activities and we hope to see you and your toddler in the dance studio soon!

Mercer Island local dance classes

With beach living everywhere you look, Mercer Island is a great location for some fun kids dance classes and activities.  Nothing is better in a child's mind than dancing your heart out in the studio and then running right to the beach to get unbelievably dirty in the sand.  When it gets too cold to think getting wet and sandy is fun, kids and their parents can check out the Dragon Park (really Deane's Children's Park, but Dragon Park sounds so much cooler!) or the quaint downtown area with it's shops and unique restaurants. Mercer Island also offers toddler dance classes at Stroum Jewish Community Center as well as swimming lessons and summer camps that your toddler will love!

 Once you have decided on the best area for your toddler dance lessons in Seattle, you can begin to look at what studios in your preferred area offer; what the teachers teach, background on the studio and age appropriateness of the skills taught. A good kids dance studio will love children, but more importantly know how to speak to and motivate them.  Teaching children is much different than teach adults, and teaching toddlers is much different than teaching 8 year olds, as many of us know from first hand experience!  When you do a trial class, ask yourself: was the music appropriate for the age group? Were the skills challenging, yet achievable? Was the teacher patient?  Was the facility clean and safe?  Last, but not least, ask your child if he or she had fun!  Did your toddler experience lots of laughs and smiles in class? The right dance studio for children should have the perfect combination of learning and laughter to fully benefit your toddler. 


toddler ballet class seattleYour convenience matters to us, which is why our kids dance locations are in safe, kid friendly atmospheres with lots to do. We want the dancing experience to be fun, engaging and active for your toddler and a good location is key for that.  Along with finding a good location comes finding a reliable, trustworthy studio with great teachers that want to further your toddler’s growth. After all, your superstar deserves the best. For more information on our locations, check our website or our twitter for updated information or any fun activities or themes for the week. We cannot wait to get dancing with you!

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Ways to Keep Your Child Active and Engaged Through Dance

Posted by Brittany, Dance To EvOLvE on Jul 10, 2014 1:39:00 PM

 Keeping your child active and engaged can be challenging at times, especially in these summer months. However, kids dance classes and summer day camps are a great way to make the process easier. Not only will physical activity make your child healthier; it will also improve self esteem and confidence. Check out some of the reasons these activities can keep your child moving and grooving. 

kids dance classes, summer day camp, kids summer camp

Summer Camp: A great tool for engagement!     

Kids summer camps are one of many ways to keep your child active.  First and foremost, they offer new and exciting activities for your little one to try such as a karate, swimming or dance camp where your child can participate in learning new skills, making art projects and fun games all in one. These activities enable your child to open their minds and learn new skills such as social and educational ones all while having loads of fun. In summer day camps like these, your kid will have the opportunity to fully express themselves and maybe even find a new passion or hobby to engage in. 

Secondly, by participating in these summer camps, your child will not only activate their minds but will keep them activated and engaged by having to follow important directions and dance classes, kids summer camp, summer day camplearn these new skills they are presented with.  When the learning session is done for the day, summer day camps will almost always involve a craft time or a free time where your little one can engage his/her creative side or just spend time with newfound friends.  This activation of the mind and learning of new activities will prove to increase your child's self esteem; whether they are enjoying new friends or have just mastered a new skill, confidence levels will raise immensely.  Along with this constant engagement comes constant physical activity.  Rather your little one is walking from task to task, participating in obstacle courses or busting a move with a new friend; Summer day camp will ensure that your child is active and participating in some sort of way.

Dance classes: A powerful encouragement tool

Not quite ready to have your child go to a summer day camp?  No problem! Classes are another excellent option to keep your child energetic and focused. This shorter amount of time will ensure engagement and involvement in classes such as kids dance classes.  These classes such as hip hop or tap dance class will result in active learning. As fun as it is to take our favorite class over and over again, taking a different variety of classes can be extremely beneficial.  By taking all different types of classes, your child will not only develop different gross motor skills but will also develop a willingness to try new things.

dance classes, summer day camp, dance campsAlthough it can be scary for our little one’s to try something new, it is rewarding to them in more ways than one.  Engaging in new idea’s and activities will enhance your child’s self assurance and confidence by proving to them that they can accomplish anything they set their mind on.  The outcome may just be a new dream for your superstar.

Making sure your child is active and engaged should be fun and enjoyable for you and them. The best way to do this is to introduce your child to a number of activities as early as possible. There are several options out there varying from fun Summer day camps to new and exciting dance classes that will hopefully make being active the best part of your little one’s day! If you have any further comments or questions on any of these subjects please do not hesitate to let us know, we love hearing from our families! 

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Posted by Brittany, Dance To EvOLvE on Jun 27, 2014 12:40:00 PM

How many parents out there are starting to think about summer camps and vacations?! Summer is filled with so many different options for families to explore. It’s a great time for kids to try new things for as little or as long as they want and find interests that may last through the next year and beyond! So when choosing a summer camp for your kid’s, give them a break from the sun and heat and consider a summer hip hop camp! A Summer Hip Hop Dance camp allows kids to try a fun and modern genre of dance, work quickly towards a performance, and learn in a fun, relaxing environment. Here are some reasons why trying a summer hip hop dance camp could be an awesome experience for your kids!

1. Keep the Juices Flowing: Throughout the school year, kids spend their days learning new things and building their understanding and knowledge. Summer dance camps are a great resource to keep triggering kid’s brains in a fun and athletic way through physical and observational learning so that their minds keep working until the start of the next school year. Students memorize sequences of steps, rhythm patterns in music, spacing, and formations, keeping those brains active! Studies show that when we make split-second, quick decisions (like when we dance), we create new neuron pathways that increase our intelligence. Give your kids a break from school but keep their minds engaged through dancing!

2. Give Them A Sun Break: We all want to enjoy the sunshine this time of year and we know that kids will run around all day enjoying the heat but many parents might appreciate an alternative way to keep them busy. Dance camps typically take place inside with maybe a snack, lunch, game, or craft break outside for fresh air. Switch up your summer camps a bit and give your child some variation for dealing with the warm weather.

3. Try Something New: Many parents are interested in short commitments for their children until they find what they are truly passionate about. Summer is the perfect time to try a dance style like hip hop to see what really gets a kid moving! Boys and girls love dancing to the latest songs at home and with their friends so bring along everyone and let them experience the excitement of learning moves to their favorite jams! It will never get boring with new and up to date music and the kids will be having a blast for the week!

4. Get Maximum Creativity: If your child is drawn to creativity, summer hip hop camps are a perfect fit! Kids get many chances to share their creativity through movement, games, arts and crafts, and songs. Dance is one of the best ways for kids to express themselves and they will love learning, creating and performing dances that truly come from the heart!

5. Make New Friends: Dancing creates a team-like atmosphere because the participants must work together to create the finished product. Because camps tend to be half day, many kids will schedule play dates with new friends after camp too! This is a great way for kids to make new friends and create special memories that will last a life time! 

Summer hip hop dance camp

You can find hip hop dance camps through your local studios, community centers, or creative arts programs. Dance to EvOLvE offers hip hop dance camps multiple times this summer and you can find the information for camp dates here! Start searching now and see what kinds of options are available to you this summer! There are so many great exepriences in store for you and your family!


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