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What To Eat/Drink Before and After A Dance Class?

Posted by Brittany White on Nov 13, 2012 2:08:00 PM

Most dance classes (all ages) require a ton of energy, focus, and strength. Dancers and teachers need to be fueling their bodies in a healthy way to bust a move! Having a good snack before and after can really help with muscle soreness, cramps, energy levels, attention span, and comfort. You may want to adjust how much or little is consumed depending on how many classes are taken in a row and how physically demanding they are. This applies to little ones taking dance class as well!HealthyDance.jpg

What to avoid before dance class: 
-Candy: Sugar highs or crashes make focusing very difficult on anyone. (Be nice to your dance teacher too!) 
-Processed Foods: Food that is difficult to digest and low in protein sucks up energy.
-Big Meals: When dancers are too full it can make them lethargic, nauseous, or cramp easily.
-Soda: Soda is just bad in general because it can cause dehydration and add unnecessary sugar to the body.
-Fried/Fast Foods: These types of foods can easily cause an upset stomach, bloating, or gas while dancing.
-Not eating at all: Feeling hungry in the middle of dance class is distracting, hard on the body, and can cause fatigue. You want your dancer to pay attention in class to get your money's worth, right?
-Cigarettes: Do we need to say more? Smoking or second hand smoke makes it that much more difficult to breathe properly and is terrible for dancers in general. Ones endurance and overall health will suffer greatly from smoking or being exposed to it regularly. 

*Be careful with energy drinks, sports bars, and sport drinks. There is a huge stereotype that these are needed for exercise but they are completely overused and not usually necessary. Many of them are highly processed, difficult for the body to digest, and loaded with sugar. Check the nutrition labels to find the healthy and natural options.

What dancers should eat or drink before dance class:
-Protein: Protein provides the body with energy that it needs and can be filling in small amounts without making the dancer feel too full. 
-Fruits/Veggies: These can be light, healthy snacks to give you just what you need to get through dance class. Try mixing them with a little dairy or protein for more energy.
-Whole Grains: Good carbs help fuel the body for long periods of time.
- Water: Drink plain old water before, during, and after class to avoid dehydration and fatigue. 
-Potassium: Potassium can help with cramping and muscle soreness if the dancer is really pushing their body hard. 

*Great Examples: peanut butter and banana, apple with cheese, half of a tuna sandwich, veggies with a yogurt dip, avocado on wheat toast, a small smoothie...

What to eat or drink after dance class:
-Water: Hydrating after class flushes out toxins, helps with muscle soreness, and prevents dehydration.
-Fruits: Fresh fruits are good to eat after you dance because your body uses so much glucose during high levels of exercise. Fresh fruit will help replace that and aid in muscle development. Not to mention, fresh fruit juice is refreshing, light, and yummy!
-Potassium: Avoid muscle cramping and soreness with foods or drinks high in potassium. (Raisins, potatoes, bananas, tomato products, cooked spinach, yogurt)
-Protein: Refuel the body after expending so much energy. (Meats, nuts, cheese, beans) 

If we treat our bodies right, we can expect better results during dance class. It is important to encourage healthy eating habits in dancers so we help prevent harmful eating disorders. When dancers are unhealthy, they are more prone to injury, fatigue, soreness, stress, and stagnation with their development. If you see unhealthy habits at your studio, please speak up to the director. Stay fit, focused, and strong the healthy way and feel much better while you're at it!

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What is in your dance bag?

Posted by Brittany White on Jan 26, 2012 11:55:00 AM

It is a good idea for dancers to have a dance bag so that they come to each class prepared. When I say dance bag, it does not need to be a specifically bought dance bag as any bag will work.

Ideally, tiny tots should enter the dance studio already wearing their dance attire with their shoes on and tied, so their dance bag shouldn’t really contain anything except the necessary change of shoes and a water bottle. It is better not to put too much in the bag so there are not distracting things that have the potential to get lost. A dance bag for a tiny tot is not completely necessary, but it does help from shoes getting mixed up between students.

As the dancers get older, they will probably want a few more things in their dance bag. If they are taking multiple dance classes, they will need the various shoes with them. It also might be a good idea to have a dance type sweater for ballet class for when the studio is cold. I would encourage having some accessories for their hair to ensure that it can always be pulled away from the face. Depending if the dancer is taking pointe or hip hop classes, they may need some bandaids for toes to help with those pointe shoes or even a little towel to help with sweat. If a student is taking multiple classes, fresh water is always important and a light healthy snack. One of the great benefits of participating in dance is that there is no heavy equipment to drag around so any small bag should be able to hold all the necessary items!

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