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Dance Culture in Different Countries: Dancing in Russia – Ballet as National Pride

Posted by Brittany White on Feb 13, 2015 2:58:00 PM

Ballet classes for kids in San Diego

Russian culture is often associated with classical music and the long tradition of dance, especially folk dance and ballet. Russia's classical ballet had considerable influence on world ballet culture – so also on American ballet culture. The director and owner of Dance To EvOLvE, Brittany White, who is called by the kiddies of her classes Miss B, teaches ballet to all, from tiny tots to adults. Brittany's ballet classes for kids have just the right balance of bubbly fun and classical ballet education according to the age and level of the kids in her class. It is well known, that most famous ballerinas started their dance education extremely early, at the tiny age of two or three years.  Brittany considers this age a perfect age to start taking Dance To EvOLvE ballet classes! Even at this early age kids are able to internalize dance skills, and at the same time have fun with dance moves and simple group choreography. There are so many real benefits of ballet classes for toddlers, the tiny tutus and ballet slippers are like an adorable bonus!


San Diego Dance To EvOLvE ballet classBenefits of Ballet Classes for your Child:

1. Posture and Confidence: Our dance teachers insist on keeping a straight back, which can become a habit outside of the dance class room. Ballet exercises help improve your child's poise, confidence and add a touch of grace.

2. Support for Physical Development: Ballet classes for kids provide core strengthening and stabilize children’s developing muscles. The stretching improves flexibility.

3. Flexing Mind and Memory: Ballet choreography helps to train a child’s mind and memory.Tthey are guided to process and remember each movement and step, and translate that memory into physical movement.

4. Forming a Sense for Beauty and Aesthetics: Our Dance To EvOLvE ballet teachers use classical music for their classes which has a proven positive influence on kids' development of receptiveness to beauty and aesthetics.

With all these benefits available for little growing bodies and minds, just check out our San Diego Dance To EvOLvE locations and find the one close to your neighborhood!


Ballet - from Royal Entertainment to Physical Education and Fun for KidsDance To EvOLvE ballet classes

Originally, the purpose of the ballet in Russia was to entertain the czar (Russian king) and his imperial court. The first ballet company in Russia was the Imperial School of Ballet, founded in St. Petersburg long time ago in the 1740s. Later on, the most influencing ballet company was Ballets Russes, founded in the 1909. The company traveled abroad and profoundly influenced the development of dance worldwide. Finally, an offspring of the first Russian ballet company, George Balanchine, founded the New York City Ballet Company in 1948. Today, ballet is not only a very intelligent and aesthetic entertainment for the audience, but also a lot of fun for your kids. When they dance, they are learning to feel and value the joy of dance moves and receiving excited applause from their “imperial court” – you!

During the last 20th century, Russian ballet dancers rose to fame and preserved the perfection of the ballet traditions. Russia's choreography schools produced one internationally famous star after another. Nowadays, the Bolshoi Ballet Theater in Moscow and the Mariinsky Theater in St. Petersburg remain famous throughout the world. Both of these theaters do regular tours in the USA.


Swan Lake at the Copley Symphony Hall:

Copley Symphony Hall (San Diego Downtown, located near Dance To EvOLvE’s location in Point Loma) gave stage to The Russian National Ballet Theater's famous masterpiece “Swan Lake” on Thursday, February 12.  Swan Lake is considered by many to be one of the greatest classical ballets of all time. Its romance and beauty has allowed the classic ballet to mezmorize audiences for more than 100 years since the successful performance in St. Petersburg in 1895 (the very first performance in Moscow was not well received by the audience). The first American production was performed by the San Francisco Ballet.

Because of the tragic story and the length of the masterpiece (Swan Lake is traditionally presented in four acts) please use your best judgment when deciding if attending a performance of Swan Lake is appropriate for your little dancers.


From Russia with Love

From Russian ballet in the 1740’s to modern day ballet in New York, it is clear that both Russia and the U.S.  celebrate a long history with the love of ballet.  It continues with our children and teaching them the same techniques that have been performed for hundreds of years.  That doesn’t mean learning them effectively has to be stuffy and stiff.  Dance to EvOLvE has perfected the art of teaching classical ballet to kids as young as 2 in a fun and enriching environment.  Sign up for a trial class to unleash the historied potential in your child!

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