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Father's Day Kids Activities

Posted by Brittany White on Jun 9, 2016 5:30:39 PM

Father's Day is coming up! It’s one official day out of the year where Dad gets the opportunity to be pampered. It’s also one of the best days to learn more about Dad while having fun! If you’re looking for simple, inexpensive, and meaningful Father’s Day activities for kids, these activities will surely be a blast for kids of all ages and dads of all interests.

  1. Take Him Camping

This first Father's Day activity for kids is a classic! Taking dad for a camping trip with the family would be the perfect activity for any outdoors-y father! Dad will love spending quality time with his family in the great outdoors! Many campgrounds offer Father’s Day discounts throughout Father's Day weekend. So make sure you check online for discounts at a campground near you! Start a camping tradition. This is an activity dads and their families will love for years to come! Pitch a tent, start a campfire, and go wild!



  1. Play Mini Golf

For some dads, it isn’t a perfect day without sports! If Dad is a golf lover or even just a sports fan, this kids activity for Father's Day will surely be a great time! Take Dad out to your local mini golf course! Some healthy competition will be a blast for him and the kiddos. For younger kids, hitting up the mini golf course will make for a great afternoon. For older kids, you can take dad to a golf course so he can start teaching his kids how to play the “real” game! Hit the local driving range and play a full 18 holes. Make sure to do your research for the most price-friendly and closest courses near you! Regardless of whether you play mini golf or normal golf, sports=fun for dad!

  1. Go Fishing

Casting a line into a lake is the perfect kids activity for Father's Day! It’s a relaxing yet fun way for fathers and kids to spend time together. If dad or the kiddos don’t have a fishing pole, many fishing poles start around $15. Even stores like Wal-Mart carry a great variety of fishing poles! Find your local lake or beach online to start catching some fish! Also, don’t leave home without researching locations that offer license-free fishing. Dad will love teaching you tips and tricks for catching the biggest fish! Who knows, maybe dad and the kiddos will love fishing they will go more often. This Father's Day activity for kids is sure to be a great Father's Day memory for Dad!


  1. Take A Bike Ride

There’s nothing better than cruising down the city on bicycles with Dad! This awesome Father's Day kids activity is not only extremely fun, but a great way to get your exercise in for the day. If your kids aren’t too comfortable on a bicycle yet, don’t fret! You can attach training wheels to the kids’ bikes or rent a tandem bike. This kid-friendly Father's Day activity is free if you already have a bike, but if you don’t you can always research locations where you can rent bikes for the entire family. This bicycle adventure will definitely be a blast for Dad and the kids!


  1. Have A Dance Party

Forget getting Dad an expensive gift, what he really wants is the gift of your time! This kids activity for Father's Day will be so fun! Turn up the kids Pandora station and have a dance party! For some extra fun, you can even play games like Just Dance for the Wii or Dance Central for the Xbox. Dancing all day will be a fun and memorable way to spend Father’s Day. If you have any doubts about the kind of awesome bonding that Dad's dancing with their kids can bring, check out this adorable video of one of our families preparing for Recital. It is too adorable!

Maybe both the kids and Dad will enjoy dancing so much that your kids will want to pursue dance classes! Kiddos will love shaking their tail feathers with us at Dance To EvOLvE! Sign up for one of our risk free dance trials to pick your dancers’ favorite style of dance. For more information about the dance trials visit our website here!


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Father’s Day is one of the most fun times of the year and gives children the opportunity to spend quality time with family. Whether you’re catching fish at your local lake, taking your bicycle for a spin, or jamming out to Just Dance on your Wii, these Father’s day activities for kids will surely bring a smile to your children’s faces and all the men in your life! We can’t wait to hear how you spent your Father’s Day!

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Dance, Chicago!

Posted by Brittany, Dance To EvOLvE on Jan 3, 2014 2:50:00 PM

To a lot of people, Chicago is one of the greatest city's in America.  With so much to do, things to see, and people to meet, how could you not love it?  What most people don't know or aren't aware of, is that Chicago has some of the best dance shows, programs, and classes out there.  It is home to hidden dance gems throughout the city.  While actually taking the stage and dancing might not be for everyone, there's a dance for everyone.  Let's dance, Chicago!

There's definitely not a lack of dance programs in the city for you to choose from.  While there are a plethura of well-known dance companies, there are some smaller ones that are just as beneficial to dancers and non-dancers.  Some companies offer you the opportunity to perform in front of live audiences, while some are meant for the sole purpose of gaining more knowledge and experience with a particular genre of dance.  Then there are those classes that you go into to move for the whole purpose of moving.  If you love to dance, you need to check out one of Chicago's many dance classes.  Everyone should dance, Chicago!

If you'd rather watch someone else dance, Chicago has many professional and student based dance companies that put on performances throughout the year.  Whether you're interested in ballet, hip hop, jazz, latin, or ballroom there's always something for you to go see.  Some of the Chicago favorites are The Nutcracker Ballet performed by both professional and student groups, spontaneous street Hip Hop performances, or Salsa nightclubs where the professionals show off their moves.  You are always filled with dance, Chicago!

On top of the fact that Chicago has a multitude of dance programs to choose from...the dance festivals are unlimited here.  Summer brings all sorts of dance festivals to the city: Latin, Jazz, Hip Hop, etc.  If you want to be outside listening to great music and dancing, summer in Chicago is where it's at.  You make it hard not to dance, Chicago!

Whether you want to be in the spotlight or watching from your chair, there's so much dance in Chicago that there's something for everyone.  It's just about going out and finding what speaks to you.  Dance is something that makes most people happy and that most people can do or enjoy on a certain level, so if it's out there then you should become a part of it.  So...what are you waiting for??  Let's dance, Chicago! 

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