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Discounted Children's Dancewear for Dance Classes!

Posted by Brittany White on Sep 30, 2016 4:13:55 PM

When you are a dancer, it is tradition to be in tights, a leotard, and a tutu (depending on the style of dance). It has been that way for as long as dance has been around. It not only has been around to keep tradition, but because it is important to have the proper dance attire when taking any type of dance class.

As you may know dancewear can be costly, but it does not always have to be that way! If you go to a local dance store, it will most likely be more expensive. But don't fret, there are several places where you can find discounted dancewear for kids!  Keep in mind that it is essential to have the appropriate dance attire for each class.


If you are not aware, Target is a discount retailer. There is a high chance that you may have come here for school supplies or clothes – boy, do they have cute clothes! What you may have not known about Target is that it not only has regular discounted clothes, but discounted dance clothes! You can find leotards, tights, tutus, and ballet shoes for cheap! Be aware that discounted kids dancewear will not always be available, however, and stock of kids dance shoes can be a hit or miss.



If you're looking for cheap dance shoes, check out Payless! Payless has more shoe variety than Target, plus they not only have ballet shoes, but tap shoes and jazz shoes as well! You can also find some cheap dance tights as well.

Discount Dance

Discount Dance is a dancewear mega store that offers brand name dance clothes for kids and adults, shoes, tights, recital costumes, and anything you can think of that is needed for dance! This is a great website to constantly look at because they always have discounted dancewear – I mean… their name has the word discount. 

For those of you in Southern California, there are a couple physical stores as well: in La Mesa, CA and Santa Ana, CA. Staff are kids dancewear experts and they will help you figure out what clothes and shoes are appropriate for your child. That way you don't purchase shoes so small they can only be worn for a month, or too big that your kids are tripping over clown feet!

Why is it important to buy the right attire?

For classes such as ballet or tap, it is important that dancewear fits properly and comfortably; there should not be anything loose or baggy. This allows the teacher to see the child’s form and give corrections. Hair should be pulled back because it is important keep from hair falling on little faces to avoid any distractions. Concentration and focus are key to a successful class! 


As far as hip hop classes, there is more freedom when it comes to what attire to wear! With this class, dress code is typically clothes that provide comfort and freedom of movement. Here is where you go for the bag and swag!


Following dress codes in dance classes is very important because it allows children to feel a part of a group or team. When they are all dressed appropriately, they will know that class is in session and will be ready to listen. Not only that, but they will feel like a dancer because they are dressing the part!

Note: Each studio can be different when it comes to dress codes because they might require a specific dress code to differentiate the level they are in.

The best thing to do before purchasing dancewear for your kid is to check with the instructors at your dance studio. 

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Dance To EvOLvE is a mobile dance company in San Diego and Chicago. It is unique in a sense where it is not just ‘one’ studio; all classes are held at third party venues. Dance To EvOLvE specializes in teaching children ages 14 months – 12 years and offers high quality and affordable dance classes for kids! The amazing part of it all, is that dance classes are affordable, dress codes are open to expression as long as it follows standard dance dress codes, and when purchasing dance attire, you can receive 10% off your first order with Discount Dance by using Dance To EvOLvE’s code: TP35961!

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