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5 Best April Fool's Day Jokes to Play on Your Kids

Posted by Brittany White on Mar 24, 2017 9:09:00 PM

April Fool’s Day is just around the corner and if you’re like me, you enjoy playing a little prank on your child! April 1st is the one-day out of the year that we get to act like kids too. Heck, your kid gets love and affection from you the other 364 days out of the year, so now it’s your time to have a little fun! Obviously we want to stay away from any pranks that may end in tears so here are 5 kid-friendly April Fool’s Day pranks that parents can play on their kids.



1. Stuff toilet paper in their dance shoes

This April Fool’s Day joke for children will have your kid thinking they grew over night! While your child is asleep, stuff toilet paper inside their dance shoes. As they are getting ready for dance class and putting their shoes on, they will have a startling surprise! Their feet can no longer fit in their shoes! This will definitely throw them off and make them believe they grew while they were sleeping. There is nothing better than messing with their minds!


2. Fill their closet with balloons

While your child is at school, fill their closet with balloons. When they go to get dressed for their San Diego dance class there will be a surprise waiting for them. The second they open the closet door they will be bombarded with balloons! They won’t have any idea what hit them (literally). Imagine their face when they see 20 balloons coming at them! This April Fool’s Day joke can sure be a priceless one!


3.  Have Jell-O be their juice  

After a fun filled dance class, your child might be a little thirsty. Prepare a nice after dance class snack for them with some juice to drink. The night before, make Jell-O and pour it into you child’s favorite cup. Put a straw in it so the Jell-O can form around it. When your child goes to drink their juice the next day, nothing will come up! See all long it will take for them to notice what you have done! Being creative is the best part about playing an April Fool’s Day joke for kids.


4. Put a For Sale sign on the front lawn

This next best April Fool’s joke for kids may require a bit more planning. If you can get your hands on a For Sale sign put it on your front lawn. Tell your child that you guys are moving away from San Diego and they will now be attending our Chicago dance class. Don’t let this prank last too long though, for we know how much kids love our dance classes and we don’t want them to get upset.


5. Cover the TV remote sensor with a piece of tape 

The last prank can be beneficial to you and your family! When your child is not looking, place a piece of tape over the TV sensor. When they go and try to turn it on, it won’t work! Tell your child that the TV must be broken and you don’t know when it will be fixed. Now you can spend time with your child without having them be distracted. It’s a win-win! Maybe ask them to show some dance that they learned at dance class!

Now that you have a list of the best April Fool’s Day jokes for kids, it’s time to get started!! Just remember that this day is supposed to be fun and a day full of lots of laughs! It’s important to create some memories with your kids by pranking them in a way they will never forget! Someday they will be able to pass the tradition on to their family!

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New Children’s Dance Classes in Chicago

Posted by Brittany White on Nov 29, 2016 7:53:14 PM

The Windy City has new children’s dance classes available! Here at Dance To EvOLvE, we are proud to announce that we will be holding kids dance classes in Rogers Park beginning January 2017. Additionally, we will also be hosting after school/daycare programs where your children can dance with us!

If you’re on the fence about signing your child up for kid’s dance classes, check out the reasons we encourage even the littlest ones to start dancing! Here, we have put together great information about the benefits of dance at an early age. It introduces kids to a different way of thinking, expands their socialization skills and keeps them physically healthy.


What Dancing Does at a Young Age

While you might think that your children are too young to be taking dance classes, think of all the benefits that dance brings along. Dancing allows children the freedom of expression in a way few other activities can. This can often open up a new perspective of thinking that will carry on with them throughout their lives. Examined Existence, a website that studies the different activities that affect the human body, states that “experts from Stanford University say that dancing is great at involving all the brain functions simultaneously – from musical and kinesthetic, to rational and emotional.” Not only does dance help young individuals feel more confident in expressing themselves and utilizing their mind, but overall young dancers have a major advantage of unlocking their fullest potential. Children’s dance classes help those who want to learn the true art form of expression the opportunity to channel their skill and energy into a positive and grand spectrum. As an added bonus, allowing them to exhaust all their energy in a kid’s dance class instead of home means less clean up work and a happier/healthier child (and parent for that matter)!


The Importance of Arts Within a Community

When it comes to the arts, The Windy City is blowing us away with their new innovative and intricate mindsets.  Whether it be music, drawing or children's dance classes, these mindsets often stem from young individuals that make an impact within the community. Allowing for a community to build means a better future, which is the true purpose of art. In Strengthening Communities Through Dance by Dee Decker, the author states “Many key principles of social interaction including creativity and teamwork are displayed at community dances.  Dancers are allowed to express their creativity in a nonverbal format. [...] Through dance, we are laying the foundation to share in the camaraderie, to be healthier, and to strengthen communities.”

Art allows for individuals to come together to build, create, and discover. Within a community we build relations with one another, we create memories that will last us a lifetime, and we discover ourselves. Be involved in your community by signing your child up for kid’s dance classes and watch the social connections blossom!


How Can I Make Sure My Child Fully Expresses Themselves

Allowing your child to stray from daily routine by putting them in some extracurricular activity that they enjoy is the first step. The second step is to make sure that your child works to their fullest potential, which means balancing work, nutrition, and fun. The third step, which is the most important step, is to guide them throughout the process and in life in general. It’s not enough to just hold their hands or to sign them up for what you see as beneficial, but actually get involved. Parental Rights, a website that delivers information to protect children by empowering parents states, “students with involved parents tend to earn higher grades, have better social skills, and are more likely to graduate and go on to post-secondary education.” So this means that the parent cheering for their child during a basketball game or practicing dance drills with them before a recital is more encouraging than the parent that just lets their child run amuck. Get involved with your children, because to them you're irreplaceable.  


Here are some of our newest kid’s dance options in Chicago! Be sure to check out the following locations.

Lincoln Park

Little Beans Cafe (1809 W Webster Ave, Chicago, IL 60614) 

In Bucktown, there are many things to do with your children. You could visit the Windy City Fieldhouse, The Purple Monkey Playroom or perhaps even Old Town’s aquarium. And now at Little Bean’s Cafe, in Bucktown, children’s dance classes have already begun. They have a wide variety of classes from Tiny Mover Tap to Beat Breakers Hip Hop and so much more that your children will love. On top of that, when you register your child at Dance To EvOLvE, you’ll receive a discount during play time at Little Bean’s. Instead of taking your kids out to see the big Bean (because we know you’ve bean there, done that), take them to Little Bean’s where they can dance today for their life tomorrow!


Studio Fit Chicago

Studio Fit Chicago (1011 W Armitage, 2nd floor, Chicago, IL 60615)

Studio Fit Chicago wants people to know that there is no "one size fits all" mentality and believes that there should be no stereotype when it comes to overall fitness and dance! Studio Fit is located in the heart of Lincoln Park and encourages those who join to empower their lives by embracing new change. Studio Fit wants to help individuals set goals and pursue passions that are sparked from within. Now that Dance To EvOLvE is having children's dance classes at Studio Fit, it gives children the opportunity to dance to their fullest potential in an overall encouraging and motivating environment. These new kid's dance classes in Lincoln Park will help children discover the true joy of dancing and their best fit in life!


Rogers Park

Glenwood Dance Studio (7017 N Glenwood Ave, Chicago, IL 60626) 

By Rogers Park at Glenwood Dance Studio, located in the heart of the Glenwood Art District, Dance To EvOLvE will also be hosting a few dance classes, such as Magical Munchkins and Tiny Movers for your children of the ages 2-4. Chicago’s Art’s Festival is held in the area yearly with outdoor entertainment and music, so expose them to as much art/culture as you can and they’ll get their chance in the spotlight. These kid’s dance classes in Rogers Park will teach your little ones the basics of tap and ballet while putting in our signature Dance To EvOLvE touch. Be sure to sign up early when Winter registration begins in early January.


After School Programs

Dance To EvOLvE will also be organized with after school/daycare programs in several Chicago locations. For your convenience, we offer childcare where they can dance, sing, and play with us. Allow your children to play with us as we inspire and motivate them through dance. Dance To EvOLvE will be working at Wee Care Daycare, University Commons Dance, and St. Paul’s. For more information or time listings, visit our Dance To EvOLvE website and see all the different children’s dance classes/after school programs we have to offer.

Come join us here at Dance To EvOLvE and schedule a trial class!

Schedule Your Trial Dance Class In Chicago

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Father's Day Kids Activities

Posted by Brittany White on Jun 9, 2016 5:30:39 PM

Father's Day is coming up! It’s one official day out of the year where Dad gets the opportunity to be pampered. It’s also one of the best days to learn more about Dad while having fun! If you’re looking for simple, inexpensive, and meaningful Father’s Day activities for kids, these activities will surely be a blast for kids of all ages and dads of all interests.

  1. Take Him Camping

This first Father's Day activity for kids is a classic! Taking dad for a camping trip with the family would be the perfect activity for any outdoors-y father! Dad will love spending quality time with his family in the great outdoors! Many campgrounds offer Father’s Day discounts throughout Father's Day weekend. So make sure you check online for discounts at a campground near you! Start a camping tradition. This is an activity dads and their families will love for years to come! Pitch a tent, start a campfire, and go wild!



  1. Play Mini Golf

For some dads, it isn’t a perfect day without sports! If Dad is a golf lover or even just a sports fan, this kids activity for Father's Day will surely be a great time! Take Dad out to your local mini golf course! Some healthy competition will be a blast for him and the kiddos. For younger kids, hitting up the mini golf course will make for a great afternoon. For older kids, you can take dad to a golf course so he can start teaching his kids how to play the “real” game! Hit the local driving range and play a full 18 holes. Make sure to do your research for the most price-friendly and closest courses near you! Regardless of whether you play mini golf or normal golf, sports=fun for dad!

  1. Go Fishing

Casting a line into a lake is the perfect kids activity for Father's Day! It’s a relaxing yet fun way for fathers and kids to spend time together. If dad or the kiddos don’t have a fishing pole, many fishing poles start around $15. Even stores like Wal-Mart carry a great variety of fishing poles! Find your local lake or beach online to start catching some fish! Also, don’t leave home without researching locations that offer license-free fishing. Dad will love teaching you tips and tricks for catching the biggest fish! Who knows, maybe dad and the kiddos will love fishing they will go more often. This Father's Day activity for kids is sure to be a great Father's Day memory for Dad!


  1. Take A Bike Ride

There’s nothing better than cruising down the city on bicycles with Dad! This awesome Father's Day kids activity is not only extremely fun, but a great way to get your exercise in for the day. If your kids aren’t too comfortable on a bicycle yet, don’t fret! You can attach training wheels to the kids’ bikes or rent a tandem bike. This kid-friendly Father's Day activity is free if you already have a bike, but if you don’t you can always research locations where you can rent bikes for the entire family. This bicycle adventure will definitely be a blast for Dad and the kids!


  1. Have A Dance Party

Forget getting Dad an expensive gift, what he really wants is the gift of your time! This kids activity for Father's Day will be so fun! Turn up the kids Pandora station and have a dance party! For some extra fun, you can even play games like Just Dance for the Wii or Dance Central for the Xbox. Dancing all day will be a fun and memorable way to spend Father’s Day. If you have any doubts about the kind of awesome bonding that Dad's dancing with their kids can bring, check out this adorable video of one of our families preparing for Recital. It is too adorable!

Maybe both the kids and Dad will enjoy dancing so much that your kids will want to pursue dance classes! Kiddos will love shaking their tail feathers with us at Dance To EvOLvE! Sign up for one of our risk free dance trials to pick your dancers’ favorite style of dance. For more information about the dance trials visit our website here!


      Chicago Trial Class                                                                           San Diego Trial Class

Schedule Your Trial Dance Class In ChicagoSchedule A Trial Dance Lesson in San Diego

Father’s Day is one of the most fun times of the year and gives children the opportunity to spend quality time with family. Whether you’re catching fish at your local lake, taking your bicycle for a spin, or jamming out to Just Dance on your Wii, these Father’s day activities for kids will surely bring a smile to your children’s faces and all the men in your life! We can’t wait to hear how you spent your Father’s Day!

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April Fool's Day Pranks You Can Play On Your Kids

Posted by Brittany White on Mar 29, 2016 1:27:44 PM

April Fool’s Day is one of the most overlooked holidays. I mean a holiday where you’re allowed to prank people all day? Even your kids? There are so many different practical jokes to play on your kids that will get a laugh out of them, and only a little bit of embarrassment. Here are a few ideas…

Food Pranks

There are so many ways you can prank your kids on April Fools Day with their food. One easy, but great idea is to fill up their cup with jello instead of juice. When they go to take a sip from the straw, they will be so confused! And, it’s a win for them too because then it turns into a yummy snack!


Food dye is a wonderful invention. You can put food dye in just about anything, and get some startled looks from your kids when they realize the milk is suddenly blue. Grab some dye from your local store and go crazy!

As they’re getting ready for their dance lesson, prepare a nice cereal snack for them. Make sure you make it a few hours early though, because you’re gonna need to stick it in the freezer for a while. Imagine their face when they try to get a big spoonful of Lucky Charms, only to realize it’s frozen.


Mess with their Mind Pranks

These April Fool’s Day jokes will make your kids take a second look. If you have a good 20 minutes to spare, turn as much as you can in your house upside down. This means pictures, clocks, chairs, toys, anything you can think of! This will for sure throw them off.

When you pick up your kids from their dance school on April Fool's Day, make sure you have a crazy wig on! Whether it’s a hot pink afro, or a rockin’ mullet, you’ll be looking great and your kids will be the perfect amount of embarrassed in front of their dance friends.

Another funny idea would be to swap out their dance clothes with a larger size, causing them to think they have shrunk! This means their leotard, tutu, shoes, etc. Plus, you can use the bigger clothes later on!


For those of you in Chicago, there are plenty of ways to use the city to your advantage on this holiday. If your child is a big fan of the Cubs, convince them their Chicago dance school got moved to Wrigley Field for the day! This one may cause some disappointment, but could still be funny as long as they have a good sense of humor. Same goes for the Soldier Stadium if they’re more of a Bears Fan.


San Diego

There are endless possibilities for practical jokes in San Diego. One idea would be to convince them your family is going to be leaving the San Diego sun and moving to a much colder city in the middle of nowhere. 


Another good one would be to tell them that they are unfortunately going to miss participating in the recital with their San Diego dance school, because you are going out of town. If you’ve ever been to recital before, you know that this is not something to be missed.

Now that you have all of these ideas in your mind, it’s time to get to work! Just remember that April Fool’s Day is supposed to be fun and be a day full of extra laughter! Create some more memories with your kids by pranking them in a way they will never forget, so they can pass the tradition on to their family one day!

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St. Patrick's Day Kids Activities

Posted by Brittany White on Mar 16, 2016 1:21:15 PM

It's about that time when the color green is starting to appear everywhere you look! Images of leprachauns and 4 leaf clovers seem to fill the streets. This holiday is celebrated all over the world, thanks to a guy named Saint Patrick, who was apparently called, the "Apostle of Ireland".  St. Patrick's Day was made a traditional "feast day" in the 17th century to celebrate this former Saint. Now, however, the celebration of St. Patrick's life has turned into a celebration of all things Irish! This includes wearing green, using food coloring to make everything you eat green, and, of course, chasing leprachauns. Kids love to celebrate St. Patrick's Day, and there are so many ways to do so! 
Here are a few different ways to celebrate St. Paddy's Day with your kids! 
St. Patrick's Day Party Ideas for Kids
What better way to get your children involved in St. Patrick's Day than to host a party? You can have them invite friends, or just keep it between family! Either way, with these St. Patrick's Day party ideas, you are guaranteed a good time.  
The first thing you need to make any party great is yummy snacks! This Shamrock Shake is so festive and, yes, it is quite healthy! This means there is room to drizzle some chocolate syrup on top for the perfect mint and chocolate mixture. This shake is a great way to get your kids in the St. Paddy's Day mood! You can find the recipe here. 
Another delicious snack to celebrate the day with is a Shamrock Rice Krispie Treat! It may not be as healthy as the shake, but hey, calories don't count on holidays, right? Plus, your kids will absolutely love not only eating these Rice Krispies, but making them too! What a great way to spend some quality time together and to see they joy on their face when they see what they have made! 
Another party idea for kids to celebrate St. Patrick's Day is crafts! After having both the Rice Krispie treats and the shake, use their sugar-fueled energy to have them make their own 4 Leaf clover! 
This craft is pretty easy and requires only a paper plate, some paper, green paint, glue, and glitter if you'd like! It is the perfect St. Patrick's Day activity for your kids to get in the spirit of the day while also using their creative sides! (P.S. If the sugar hasn't worn off yet after the craft, send the kids on a treasure hunt around the house to expend some extra energy!)
If your children are pretty artistic and like to build things, a fun St. Patrick's Day kids activity is to have them build a way to "catch" the leprachauns! Maybe they lead the leprachauns into a shoebox by creating a trail of lucky charms, or lure them in with a mini pot of gold! This is a fun activity to do the day before St. Paddy's day, and see the kid's excitement and anticipation to see if they caught any leprachauns! 
Hint: Leprachauns are rarely ever caught, but always seem to get away with the gold, and leave a mess behind....
A simple St. Patrick's Day party idea is just to have some Irish music playing! Irish music is so fun to listen to and, with the help of those snacks earlier, could get the kids dancing! If the idea of a kid's dance party sounds a bit daunting, hire a teacher from Dance to EvOLvE to come do the work for you! It doesn't have to be a birthday to schedule a dance party with us. Our teacher will come to you for your St. Patrick's Day party! All you have to do is fill out the information here
Another great St. Paddy's Day Kids Activity: Go to a Parade!
It would not be St. Patrick's Day without an endless amount of parades that thousands of people attend every year! If your family feels like going out and doing something fun, a parade could be just the thing! Kids always love the excitement of the parades and the countless vendors and activities there is for them to do! Because Dance to EvOLvE has locations in both San Diego and Chicago, we have some specific examples of parades that could be fun for your family this St. Patrick's Day!
In San Diego, Balboa Park is having their St. Patrick's Day Festival and Parade for the 36th year. The parade is Saturday, March 12th, starts at 10:30 am and the festival goes until 6 pm. This event will have countless St. Patrick's Day kids activities including rides, face painting, art displays, entertainment, and more! 
How much more festive can you get than to dye a river green?! The Chicago river is set to be dyed green on Saturday, March 12th at 9am. Afterwards, get a good seat for the parade which is set to start at noon. All of the information you need can be found here.  
St. Patrick's Day is another holiday that gives you the opportunity to enjoy being with your family and to create memories for your children. Kids love to celebrate just about anything, and St. Patrick's Day is a perfect excuse for you to heighten their imagination, creativity, and ultimately just enjoy seeing their joy as they partake in these St. Patrick's Day kids activities. Don't let the opportunity pass you by! Get started on the fun now! 

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8 New Years Resolutions for the Whole Family!

Posted by Brittany White on Jan 20, 2016 2:09:17 PM


We rang in 2016 with celebrations and declarations of “new year, new me!”, deciding to finally drop that ten pounds, or go after that job of our dreams, or do more volunteer work. But in this time of self improvement, there’s an opportunity to teach valuable life lessons to our children as well. Our little ones are always growing, and learning methods of self improvement now will be beneficial to them later on in life. Here are some suggestions of how you can help your kids EvOLvE in the new year.


1.) Reduce screen time. 

Yes, in the digital age, it’s getting harder and harder to not be looking at a screen every hour of the day. With jobs, it’s even harder for a lot of us. But for kids, especially, it’s important to set time aside for off screen activity. For one hour a day, reading a book, playing outside, doing some arts and crafts, sand or water play, or cooking a meal with family, is a great way to disconnect from the web. Not to mention, this is a great time for you to get some away-from-keyboard time as well. You may also consider having your kids "earn" their screen time by reading books or doing chores. This method teaches kids that screen time is a privilege, not a right, and can incentivize preferred behaviors (like cleaning their room or reading to their little sibling). Go play!                                        

2.) Eliminate wrappers.

Kids like snacks. Especially the kind that come in shiny, colorful packaging. But most of those snacks come loaded with sugar, fat, and lots of empty carbohydrates. For 2016, get kids eating healthy snacks that come in edible wrappers. No, we don’t mean these, (although, they are pretty cool). We mean fruit. Bananas are great on the go, with zero mess. They can get bruised and black, but consider getting a banana keeper. They protect the fruit so it will remain “kid approved” all day. Or, try a peanut butter banana quesadilla! You can add spices like cinnamon, ginger, or cardamom to give this classic a flavorful twist. For those who like the sweeter things in life, add honey!  Apples also offer great portability, and there’s an apple to suit nearly every taste profile! Well, except salty, but sliced apples dipped in salted caramel are a match made in heaven. This healthy snack drawer is genius! Kids are increasingly busy with day to day activities, so let’s make healthy eating a breeze!


3.) Establish happy mental health habits. 

Your kids work hard. In school to keep up good grades, at home to help out around the house, in extracurricular activities, and some of our older ones are even balancing part time jobs, college applications, and relationships on top of it all. But every now and then, everybody gets stressed. Even our kids, who like to feel invincible. It’s important to teach younger and older children alike that stress is alright as long as you find healthy ways to alleviate it. Teaching children to recognize their personal reactions to stress is a key part of establishing emotional resilience in young people. Coaching kids on how to manage their stress, create methods of tackling large to do lists, and never be afraid to ask for help when needed is how we get healthy, emotionally stable, and happy children. 


4.) Reinforce healthy sleep habits.

You think they’ve gone to bed hours ago, but when you walk past their bedroom door,  you see it: a little blue glow peeking out from beneath the blankets. It’s 11:00PM, and you can practically already hear the meltdown you are in store for if these little monkeys don’t get some sleep, STAT! The best way to combat after-hours web surfing is to leave all electronic devices in the living room, or another place away from sleeping areas. Make bedrooms a phone free zone, and keep chargers in community areas. Keep lots of reading material, or small notebooks around, for some wind-down activities before it’s time to sleep. Looking at a screen too close to bedtime leads to less restful sleep, while reading before bed reduces insomnia.


5.) Teach accountability. 

We hear it all the time from our kids, “but he started it!” It’s time we start asking “what did you do to end it?”  Pointing the finger is a tough habit to break. But if we start teaching children how to  take responsibility for their actions, and that they have no control over what anyone else does, only         how they react to it, it’s a lesson they will take with them all through adulthood. 

6.) Teach bravery.

Many things in a kids life takes courage. Trying out for the school play or sports team, making friends in a new school, taking on new responsibilities around the house, or asking for new privileges. In doing all of these things, they are bound to fail at some point. As hard as it is as a parent to watch your kids struggle, it is important to remember that they’re not going to die, and the world is not going to come crashing down. They may feel hurt for a little while, and that’s justified. But teaching our little ones to bounce back from the “no”, will make rejection a tool for success later in life.


 7.) Teach kindness.

Just like it takes more muscles to frown than to smile, it takes much more energy to be mean than to be nice. From complimenting someone’s outfit, or piece of work they produce, to holding the door for someone, or helping someone with a heavy box, or even just smiling at someone, being nice is easy. A wise person once said, “You can tell a lot about a person's character by how they treat someone who can provide nothing for them”. When kids learn to be nice to everyone, not just those they want to be liked by, it builds great character, and will most likely lead to your kid being pretty popular anyway. Win-win!



8.) Teach the importance of taking care of your body.

While health and wellness comes in all shapes ans sizes, physical fitness is  always important to maintain health of mind and body and manage stress. Encourage your little one to join a sport at school, or take up a physical hobby, like rollerblading, mountain biking, gymnastics or dance! Dance is fantastic way to improve coordination, memory, and self confidence. Get your little ones moving in 2016, with our toddler dance classes, and dance classes for kids aged 4-12! Schedule a risk free trial class today. 

  Trial Dance Class in San Diego                Trial Dance Class in Chicago

 Schedule A Trial Dance Lesson in San Diego             Schedule Your Trial Dance Class In Chicago


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Free Kids Activities in San Diego!

Posted by Brittany White on Jan 14, 2016 6:01:46 PM

    Ah, the holidays. A time of giving, of spending time with family, and spending the money. Between travel, family gifts, office gift exchanges, having to buy a last minute present for that neighbor that sent you a fruit basket, and holiday dinners, it adds up quickly. No doubt, the holidays don't leave much wiggle room in the budget for post-December entertainment. But never fear! Dance to EvOLvE is here to make sure broke bored in San Diego now that January is here.

    For starters, if you're near Mission Hills, you can bring the kids to scenic Balboa Park, close to downtown San Diego, where there's lots to see, whether it’s the talented street performers, beautiful gardens, or even heading in for Free Museum Tuesdays! Balboa Park has something for everyone in the family, even the dog! Nate’s Point is a cool, well-maintained off leash dog park in the heart of Balboa, where lots of San Diegans bring their pups. Your four legged pal is bound to make some friends, and bonus, you get to pet all the dogs you want! Pro tip, go in the mornings, there are lots of puppies there.


              Look at these cuties!


     A fun family friendly museum, The Museum of Contemporary Art Downtown, has free daily admission for anyone under 25, and free for all ages on the third Thursday of every month. It's conveniently located within a two minute walk from the America Plaza trolley station. The trolley, but the way, is an excellent activity for the kids. Who knew preschoolers and kindergarteners would 

    Just a hop, skip and a jump away is Mission Beach, one of the many beautiful beaches in San Diego, where there’s lots of space to set up camp for the day, have a picnic, a sunset bonfire, and watch the SeaWorld fireworks on summer nights. There’s a bike trail, and another off leash dog park too, Fiesta Island. Bring a flashlight if you go to Fiesta later in the day, it gets dark early nowadays!

    Closer to Point Loma? A five minute drive from Liberty Station is the Pearl Hotel, where the Dive-In Theater is offered. Every Tuesday, guests can gather around or lounge in the vintage oyster shaped pool, and enjoy kid friendly favorites like Elf, Frozen, or a Christmas Story. It is recommended that you make a table reservation for your family in advance, and while tableside viewing is free, pool access requires a drink purchase. Showtime is 8:00 PM!

    It’s a well known fact that food tastes better when it’s free. For tons of free samples, check out the Little Italy Mercato Famer's Market every Saturday morning! One of the largest weekly farmer's markets in San Diego, free samples of delicious fresh prepared food and farmer’s finest fruits, good music, family friendly arts and crafts for the little ones, are spread out over several blocks. This is also a great way to expose your kids to different fruits and vegetables without having to prepare a whole meal!


                                                        A most plentiful bounty.


      For the cheese enthusiast, go tasting at Venissimo, where delicious cheeses from around the world are sold. This is a great way to discover new ingredients for your grilled cheese sandwiches, without breaking the bank! We all know kids love cheese, so let them sample some more exotic varieties like manchego, chimay, or little boy blue.

    Got a pair of binoculars at home? Take the kids to the Torrey Pines State Nature Reserve, and spend the day doing some bird watching! An extra fun twist, bring some colored pencils and a sketchbook along, and take turns drawing the colorful birds you’ll see. All done bird watching for the day? Take a hike! No, really, this place is great for hiking, and has some seriously spectacular views.

  If you’re looking for some springtime landscaping inspiration, the San Diego Botanical Gardens have got you covered. On the first Tuesday of every month, free admission is offered, and family friendly bonus: if you have more than four people in your car, the parking charge is waived too. Score! There's lots of green space to run around and play in, as well as tons of rare and exotic flowers to ooh and ahh at, so this is bound to be a hit with kids and adults alike! 

    Looking for a park experience that just keeps on giving? Sunset Park near San Elijo offers 19 acres of free kid friendly activities, with walking trails, lots of green space to run around, playgrounds aplenty, a soccer field, volleyball and basketball facilities, a picnic area, and a dog park, you’d be hard pressed to run out of things to do here.Kids_activities_Sunset_Park_San_Elijo.jpg

   Last, but certainly not the least, there are free children’s dance classes happening in all of these areas! In Grantville, at the Party Fitness Studio, in San Elijo, at the San Elijo Park & Recreation Center, in Liberty Station at the new Kid Ventures, and in Mission Hills, at RISE Studio. All of these locations feature our EvOLving Dance Days, where our instructors offer free classes! This is a chance for your kids to try out several types of dance for free! We will be collecting donations benefiting the Rady Children's Hospital of San Diego. The minimum suggested donation is $3.00.

And feel free to schedule a risk free trial dance class at any of our locations, so you can see what kind of dance your little one likes best!

Schedule A Trial Dance Lesson in San Diego

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