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The Truth about Hip Hop Dance for Tweens and Middle Schoolers

Posted by Brittany White on Dec 9, 2015 5:31:05 PM

We understand that there are stereotypes for some dance classes, especially hip hop for tweens and other ages, but the truth is that they aren't just for booty-poppers! With the right teacher and hip hop class, your dancer can be dancing to the beats in an environment that you are comfortable with!

With the hip hop stereotypes, it can be easy for people to assume there is a certain level of inappropriateness involved. But this does not have to be the case if you are considering the right children's dance studio or middle school hip hop classes. Just like any program you would involve your child in, it is always important to ask some questions to ensure it is the right fit for what you are looking for in a hip hop class for tweens or middle schoolers.

Here is what to look for in tween hip hop classes and what Dance To EvOLvE focuses upon:

-Does the teacher use age appropriate music?
-Is the teacher a positive role model that your dancer can look up to?
-How does the teacher go above and beyond to incorporate life-skills during the hip hop dance class for tweens or in the middle school hip hop dance class?
-Is the movement in the hip hop class age appropriate for children or twees, and is about having fun and creating a positive message? Or is it about something you're not comfortable with as a parent?
-Overall, does the tweens hip hop dance class you are considering seem professional and family friendly?


If this is your first time considering enrolling your child or tween in a hip hop class, it is helpful to know a bit more about some developmental benefits of hip hop dance in general. One of the hallmarks of hip hop dance is its use and encouragement of improvisational dance moves, known as "freestyle".  New dancers may find themselves feeling reserved and self conscious when asked to freestyle to hip hop music, but the mark of a great teacher and a great hip hop dance class for tweens (or middle school hip hop dance program) is the ability to encourage the dancer to experiment with new movements and feel the music in a way that feels authentic to them, while keeping with the style of the dance.

We all know that teen years are often fraught with uncertainty and identity searching, with a fair amount of self-doubt thrown in.  Hip hop classes can do wonders to pull kids out of their shells and expose a self-awareness and self-confidence your child never realized they had. Children's and tween's dance classes can be an amazing experience that does wonders for your dancer’s confidence. After participating in the right hip hop dance class, dancers should be sweaty, happy, and self-assured from learning something that presented the right amount of challenge mixed with fun. And then just watch them freestyle confidently with a flair all their own!

Some Other Fun Information About Hip Hop:

Hip hop dance is a category of dance that encompasses a variety of urban styles. The primary styles within this wide range include but are not limited to: breaking, locking and popping. Hip Hop dance is not a studio-evolved style and saw no formal beginning, instead, it was developed on the street in urban neighborhoods.  Hip hop can come in many different styles with a variety of music...find an age appropriate hip hop class for your dancer! Check out our kid's hip hop classes available for ages 2-12.

  • Black and Latino Americans were the creators of uprock and breaking in the Bronx of New York, whereas Black Americans in California created popping, roboting, boogalo and locking - or the funk style.
  • Hip Hop dance became widely known in the 1970s after the first professional street-based crews formed in the USA.
  • In the 1980s, hip hop social dancing started to develop, with novelty and fad dances such as the Roger Rabbit, the Cabbage Patch, and the Worm becoming widely popularized.  Who can forget those fun dances?

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Local Hip-Hop Classes for Kids & Toddlers

Posted by Brittany, Dance To EvOLvE on Sep 30, 2014 2:04:00 PM

There are so many types of dance styles available, it can be hard to find one that your child is interested in.   Along with the many kids dance classes out there comes the common questions, what dance styles are good for ages or personality types? What does each dance style offer? One of the most popular these days is hip-hop classes for kids and toddlers. Read on to find out if hip-hop dance classes will prove to be a good fit for your kids!

local hip hop dance classLocal hip-hop classes for kids in Chicago focus on creativity, coordination, and listening skills. These kids dance classes are great for expression as their own personal dance style can shine through. Hip-Hop promotes individualism and expression of all kind. Your child will be encouraged to be nothing other than themselves in this exciting, fast paced environment.  Chicago offers several opportunities for hip-hop as well as chances for creativity. Check out our schedule page to find a local kids dance class that is right for your little groover.

What Personality Type is Best For a Hip-Hop Dance Class?

Hip-hop can fit with lots of different personality types but those with a creative, energetic, fast paced brain may be a perfect candidate for this dance style. Local hip-hop classes for kids in San Diego are great for a variety of ages. Take the time to find an appropriate local dance studio and once that is done, see what ages are common for the hip-hop dance classes. Hip-hop can be catered towards any age, even for toddlers as young as two. Check out Kid Ventures in the 4S Ranch neighborhood of San Diego.  It has an imaginative play space and fun classes to enhance your toddler’s creativity. 

Hip-hop is a great dance class for a child to start with because it introduces creativity, individualism and basic moves. Your child will learn how to express themselves, dance with those around them and increase confidence by testing out any new moves they may have.  Local hip-hop classes for kids in Seattle are a perfect way to start your kid in a new activity. It’s hard not to enjoy a dance class that plays some of the latest beats and introduces some of the latest moves.  With all the amazing creative and cultural opportunities in Seattle, make our kids hip-hop dance class the stop local hip hop dance class

What Does Hip-Hop Really Entail?

There is sometimes a concern that hip-hop can be questionable for children or involve inappropriate music. While that can be the case in certain circumstances, it is not the spirit of hip-hop. Hip-Hop is a form of self-expression that involves energetic moves, such as popping and breakdancing, all within appropriate measures with appropriate music.  The main idea is that there are no wrong moves here and your superstar is free to create any original moves as well as test out some they have been working on. If you have a child who doesn't show a particular interest in dance but is into some serious ninja moves, check a hip-hop dance class out! You will be amazed how much they get into it. All styles and moves are free to be expressed here.

EvOLvE wants your child to have a blast when dancing as well as grow physically and mentally.  According to, “dance helps children physically, emotionally, socially and cognitively.”  Taking a local hip-hop class for kids is a great way to help your kid grow to their full potential.  These kids dance classes teach so much more than just basic dance moves. We hope that this information helped. As always, if you have any more questions or comments, please feel free to let us know or check out our twitter page for neat information on ballet and tap.

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Benefits of Summer Dance Camp

Posted by Brittany, Dance To EvOLvE on Jul 11, 2013 3:58:00 PM

summer campsPreparing For Summer Dance Camp

As the weather warms up and schools let out for the summer, many parents find themselves searching for daytime activities for their children. There are so many choices available, it can sometimes be overwhelming to choose. Kids summer camp is a wonderful option for both boys and girls. With a variety of benefits: physical, mental, and social (we’ve listed four below)...why not find a dance summer camp near you today?

4 Benefits of Attending Dance Summer Campssummer camps

1. Improved Physical Health: Dance is a form of aerobic activity; it is a sure way to keep your child movin’ and groovin’ for an extended period of time. Regular dance practice can also increase your child's flexibility, range of motion, physical strength and stamina.

2. Improved Learning Skills: In dance class or summer dance camp, your child will develop the ability to focus and understand the concept of structure. These educational skills learned will stick with your child as he or she enters the new school year and will lead to an improved academic performance!

summer camps3. Improved Self-Confidence: Dance provides children with an outlet for self expression. As children master new skills, they become more aware of how their bodies work and move, they will feel more confident in themselves!

4.Improved Social Skills: As your child gains self confidence, he/she will also become more comfortable meeting new people and building relationships. As children learn new dancing skills and choreography together, they learn to work as a team and overcome shyness through fun performances often held at the conclusion of a camp session.

Seeing the benefits that summer camp has to offer, why not get signed up today?

Summer Camp Note: Don’t worry parents, most camps offered at local studios won’t be dance overload for your little one. Summer camps, especially those specifically for tiny tots, have been designed to incorporate crafts, games, and more to go along with the dancing.

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7 Tips To Prepare For Summer Dance Camp San Diego

Posted by Brittany, Dance To EvOLvE on Jul 2, 2013 2:59:00 PM

summer camps

7 Tips To Prepare For Summer Camp

We understand that going to summer camp for the first time can be a bit scary for both dancers and parents, so we we’ve compiled a few tips to help put your mind at ease and get you prepared for a summer of fun!

summer camps1) Bring your positive attitude! If you don’t think camp will be a positive experience for your child, neither will he/she. Remain positive, give him/her a pump up talk in the morning if nerves kick in and offer encouragement and a reminder of how much fun camp is! For young campers, remind them that attending camp is definitely something for “big boys” and “big girls!”

2) Share your own camp experiences! Did you go to camp as a child? Show your dancer pictures of yourself from when you were a camper, and explain to them how much fun you had and all the neat things you learned! This will excite children for their own camp experiences.

3) Head to summer camp with a friend! If you enroll your child with a friend, they already
have a connection with someone, which makes for an easier transition.

4) Learn as much about the camp in advance together. Learn the names of camp staff andsummer camps what to expect by reviewing camp videos, brochures, etc. Calm your own nerves by reading over camp safety policies or reviewing safety with the camp provider.

5) Understand that day one of summer camp can be a bit hectic, so allow yourself plenty of extra time to get checked in.

6) Resist the urge to tell your child over and over how much you will miss him/her throughout the day. This increases the risk of separation anxiety. Instead, recognize that it is just a few hours a day, and your child will be having so much fun, there won’t be time to get homesick!

7) What to pack: An extra change of clothes in a bag (just to be safe in case of accidents), healthy snacks (nothing too sugary!), water bottle, a list of emergency contacts to leave with the camp providers, and be sure to label everything with your child’s first and last name!

Summer-Camp.jpgLocal dance studios offer a variety of summer options, from music/creative movement, to choreography, to summer hip-hop dance camps and more. Start your research and be sure to get registered early! Secure a spot in the perfect dance summer camp for your child today!

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Boys' Dance Classes: Dance Is A Sport!

Posted by Brittany White on Apr 11, 2013 12:29:00 PM


fred_astaire_male_dancer.jpgSome of the most influential and well-known dancers were men: Bob Fosse, Fred Astaire, Gene Kelly…the list goes on and on. Despite the common stereotype, dance class is not just for girls! Dance is a physical and athletic activity requiring great skill, strength, and agility. Sounds like an ideal
fit for energetic boys! To be a dancer is to be an athlete.

With the popularity of shows such as So You Think You Can Dance and Dancing With The Stars, more boys are taking dance classes than ever before, however the majority of classes still tend to be comprised of primarily females. Boys are instead encouraged to participate in more “masculine” sports as an outlet for their energies. The irony is that dancing is just as physically and mentally demanding as football or soccer…perhaps even more of a challenge!

It is incredibly important that we begin to eliminate the perception that dancing is a “girls only” activity.  Boys who are kept out of dance class are actually missing out on valuable life skills!

Benefits of Dancing for Boys:

Dance Training Improves Discipline and Study Habits!

Dance class requires students to follow an instructor’s directions and focus on new skills. Boys learn the importance of repetition and practice as they work hard towards meeting goals and successfully completing new steps. The discipline learned in dance classes can also help boys to focus on their academics and build study habits for school. Dancing teaches boys not only how to use their feet, but how to use their brains as well!

Dance Training Teaches Respect and Grace!boys dance class

We’ve all heard the saying “boys will be boys,” however dancing is a great way to begin shaping boys into young men. Physically, dance improves posture, teaching boys how to stand up straight and move with masculine grace and sophistication. Socially, dance class shows boys how to respect other people. Following a teacher’s instructions teaches students how to respect authority. Participating in performances and even in class shows boys how to cooperate with others and work as a team!

Dance Training Boosts Self Confidence!

Dancing is not only fun, but can also cater to the competitive nature that many boys are born with. Boys feel a sense of accomplishment and pride when they master a new routine or skill, and this is a great way to boost self-esteem! Learning how to move to music is very satisfying to a young boy, and provides an outlet for self-expression, leading to an improved sense of self and confidence.

boys dance classDance Training Improves Athletic Performance!

A little known fact is that many NFL players have cross-trained in ballet in order to improve their performance on the football field. Well-known players such as Vance Johnson and Hall-of-Famer Lynn Swann have even credited some of their success to their ballet classes, demonstrating that dance is not for "feminine" is fit for manly men! Dance improves overall body fitness, including flexibility, agility, muscle tone, balance, and endurance.  As an aerobic exercise, dance improves heart health, allowing boys to run, jump and play for extended periods of time without tiring, whether on the dance floor or on a field.

As you can see, the benefits of dance for boys extend far beyond the ability to leap or turn. If the young man in your life expresses an interest in dance classes…try it out! Whether your little boy tries out tap, ballet, or hip-hop…he’ll have a blast while picking up a variety of life skills along the way!

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