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Get Excited for New Kids Dance Classes in Santee!

Posted by Brittany White on Nov 14, 2017 2:29:25 PM

This January 2018 the mobile kids dance company, Dance To EvOLvE, is thrilled to announce a brand new location opening in Santee, San Diego! Since San Diego has welcomed these fun and upbeat kids dance classes to the community with open arms, the Dance To EvOLvE team is very excited to join the family-friendly Santee area and bring kids dance classes to another beautiful Southern California location. Read on to learn about all the great activities in Santee and what makes Dance To EvOLvE truly a fantastic fit for this neighborhood!

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The city of Santee is located in the eastern region of San Diego County. In Southern California terms, this means on average there are only 268 sunny days per year and it is usually an unbearable 70 degrees (lol). Nestled between rolling hills and surrounded by sky blue lakes, it is a location that begins to look like heaven in mid January to anyone in Chicago or the eastern seaboard.

Interesting factiod: originally the city was named Cowleston, after its founder, George A. Cowles (of Cowles mountain fame). However after he died, his widow, Jannie Blodgett, remarried Milton Santee and the city saw it's name shift to Santee. Interesting that the city wasn't named after Jannie, but rather who she happened to be married to!

As a place to live or visit, Santee is certainly a nature lover’s dream come true! There is not one, but two extraordinary regional parks and plenty of sunshine. Mission Trails Regional Park is one of these beautiful major areas Santee has to offer.  It has plenty of trails for hiking, or if your family is bold enough to forgo plumbing for an evening, camping at Kumeyaay Lake. There are also several boating activities for the parents who would rather relax and leave the trailblazing for another day. The other park, Santee Lakes Park, is considered the top attraction in Santee! This park offers the family more camping options, outdoor concert events and fishing. Just in case a sunny day spent unwinding at the lake does not completely entice you to visit, here are some other fun things to do in Santee:


Bringing Dance To EvOLvE to Santee

Santee has plenty of outdoor kids activities, but sunshine everyday can get tiring even for us Southern Californians. Dance is a great way to get little ones moving, and lucky for Santee one of the best kids dance studios in San Diego is bringing kids dance classes to them!

Dance To EvOLvE offers a unique and fun way for kids to get involved in dance classes. The teachers at EvOLvE make sure to create an encouraging learning environment by keeping the classes full of energy and positivity. The team has already inspired children from all demographics to enroll in their classes throughout the San Diego area.  Since the main focus of EvOLvE’s dance classes for kids is not on preparing the students to join a professional dance company, every child is able to learn the fundamentals of dance in a fun, stress-free setting. For kids this means no yelling teachers and more stickers and smiles! And EvOLvE is certainly not lacking in the sticker department (seriously, we’ve got rolls and rolls of them!).

Besides maintaining this very important and never ending sticker collection, the team also focuses on teaching age appropriate classes with fun props and creative techniques. For example, the Tiny Movers class is a combination of ballet and tap dancing or tumbling designed for kid’s ages 3-4.5 years old. The class gets the kids moving and teaches them musicality, and most importantly the class is fun! It is also very adorable to watch little ballerinas twirl around, but that is just an added benefit. EvOLvE offers these great classes for children ages 14 months all the way through 12 years old.

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But Why Dance Class?

Well, there are actually several benefits to placing a child into dance at a young age. Besides the obvious “they are getting exercise” reason, dance class can also be a great place for kids to learn confidence, respect, and discipline in a positive atmosphere.

EvOLvE is happy to bring kids dance classes to Santee where the focus will be on building kids confidence. Dance class also helps children learn to listen to direction and apply corrections given to them by the dance teacher. While we cannot guarantee this will translate to your kid doing the dishes when asked, it is always worth a try!  Plus, the skills a child learns today in dance class from the teacher will carry on to be used in everyday life even after they stop dancing. The teachers at EvOLvE work specifically with the children on curriculum that ensures the entire class is growing and improving.  EvOLvE strives to instill impacting lessons in every class that the students can carry with them as they further their education.


With Dance To EvOLvE continuing to expand in San Diego, there is more opportunity for children to be exposed to the joys of dancing. The whole team at EvOLvE is thrilled to bring their kids dance classes to the Santee community. Please feel free to visit EvOLvE at their new location this January! Be sure to click below to check the website for more information. 

Santee @ Champion Gymnastics 10580 Prospect Ave., #101 Santee, CA 92071 

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