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Welcome San Elijo, Grantville, and Mission Hills, to the Dance to EvOLvE Family!

Posted by Brittany White on Dec 16, 2015 8:46:58 PM

As the temperatures drop in our sunny San Diego, family-friendly activities are slowly moving indoors. The sun goes down earlier, the evenings are chillier, and kids have more and more time off from school for the holidays. But never fear, we at Dance to EvOLvE have got the perfect activities to keep your little ones moving and happy, at three new fabulous locations!

San Elijo

At our San Elijo location, the San Elijo Parks and Recreation Center, classes start in January, but registration is open now! Find us at 1105 Elfin Forest Road, San Marcos 92078. Parking is free, and a trial class is too! Sign up for a risk-free trial class, and we’ll help you find the class that best fits in your family’s busy schedule. San Elijo is home to tons of great family friendly attractions, like it’s proximity to the Del Mar Fairgrounds, lots of sweet camping spots, and a 2-mile stretch of one of California’s most beautiful state beaches. 


Dance to EvOLvE’s high-quality San Elijo dance classes for kids are just one of the many must-do’s of the area. Our kids dance classes are very affordable, and it’s been proven that dance classes for two and three year olds improves motor skills, self esteem, and socialization. Registration funds are collected online through the recreation center’s website, or at the San Marcos Community Center’s front desk, located at 3 Civic Center Drive. Exact cash, check, and all major credit cards are accepted. 


Grantville, San Diego is a historic part of town, close to Allied Gardens, Serra Mesa, and Mission Valley East. As one of California’s oldest communities, Grantville is easy to navigate by Friar’s Road, Mission Gorge Road, or easily accessed by San Diego’s Metropolitan Transit System’s Green Line.


Being a hop, skip and a jump away from Mission Valley Shopping Center and Fashion Valley Mall, this is a great location to sign up for Dance to EvOLvE’s kid-centric dance classes if you want to drop the kids off while you pick up some holiday cheer. Find us at Party Fitness Center, 4659 Mission Gorge Place. We’re here on Fridays, from 10:45am-12:30pm. This location features free parking, but don’t forget to pack a reusable water bottle or two, as this dance studio has no water fountain on site. Right now, Grantville’s classes feature a 10% discount on registration fees, and there’s our educational development days, which feature free classes as well. As this is a location where Dance to EvOLvE personally handles registration, there are two auto-renew options for your enrollment in children's dance classes. The monthly option automatically renews your registration each month, while the semester option auto renews after each semester. Don’t want auto-renewal? That’s totally fine! Just make sure to cancel by the 25th of each month, to avoid fees for the following month.


    Our other new location in Mission Hills opens in February of 2016. We’ll be bringing down the house at RISE Studio, 2971 India Street. Mission Hills has something for everyone, with great restaurants and boutique shopping, perfect for picking up a bite to eat after working up an appetite in dance class. Registration is open now, so reserve your spot today. Feel free to contact us for updates on Mission Hills kids dance class offerings, or if you have any questions on our attendance and enrollment policies. We’re looking forward to seeing you at one of our new locations.

Shop around, with 13 locations and 50 classes per week, we at Dance to EvOLve hope you find something that fits your needs perfectly to get your little one moving for the holidays! A session of dance classes makes the perfect gift for your toddler so make sure to spread the word! Now you will have an answer when the aunt, uncle, cousin or grandparents asks "what do the kids want for Christmas this year"! 

Happy Holidays! 

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How Kids Dance Schools Benefit Early Development of Little Dancers

Posted by Dance To EvOLvE Team on Dec 8, 2014 12:47:00 AM

Time and time again, parents always ask us, “It is beneficial for toddlers and young kids go to kids dance school? Aren't they too young to be dancing?" The truth is, the ability to start dancing is innate and primal, developing in children before they can even form words! And dance is a powerful tool for developing physical, emotional, social and cognitive attributes of a growing child. Our kids dance school designs dance classes to make it age appropriate for children as young as 14 months. Participating in kids dance classes and exploring their innate ability have numerous benefits on early childhood development. These benefits of partaking in kids dance classes ranges from increasing their amount of daily exercise to making new little friends with shared interests.

kids dance schoolPhysical Development

Physical development is one of the most obvious benefits dance classes have for children. They are learning a great range of motion, body awareness, balance, muscle strength, coordination, and endurance. Movement patterns require the child to use their entire body to reach a level of fitness that is unparalleled by other activities. At kids dance schools, little dancers begin to understand that the possibilities of movement are endless and fun to explore.

Social Awareness

At kids dance schools, children have the opportunity to learn in a comfortable social setting. They must take turns, work as a group, cooperate, share, understand space, form lines, watch and support one another, perform, and interact. The group dynamic at a child's dance class challenges young ones to understand themselves in relation to others and to respect others as they share and move through space in unison. They also learn how to communicate, listen and express ideas with people other than their parents. For example, at kids dance school, little dancers start to pay attention to when it is and is not appropriate to talk in class. Taking classes at a dance school for children also helps to reduce anxiety about new people and places as children learn the social skills required to initiate relationships with other children their age.

Cognitive Developmentbenefits of dancing for kids

Through experiences in dance school, children understand that movement can be used as a response to an idea or problem at a young age. This creates a cognitive link to a solution or outcome. This type of cognitive development creates an awareness of how to function in the world. For example, it is very common in EvOLvE dance classes for children to be taught to leap over a "river" (scarf or mat) so they don't get wet. This idea achieves several different concepts: leg extension, transferring weight, problem solving, imagination, balance, space recognition, etc. The idea is that physical expression or solutions give young ones another way to handle the world while their verbal communication develops.

kids dance schoolEmotional Maturity

Kids dance school provides a structured outlet for a healthy physical and emotional release that helps develop emotional maturity of the little ones. There are endless opportunities for little dancers to experience and share various emotions through dance moves. Dancing not only helps them achieve the ability to creatively express their emotions, but also increases their self-esteem and confidence. Take EvOLvE annual recital for instance. At first some dancers may be intimidated or too shy to perform in front of an audience. However, through practices and dance classes, dancing helps them to get more and more comfortable with their own body and abilities, thus alleviate their fear of performing in public.

Therefore, as long as kids dance schools design kids and toddler dance classes in an age-appropriate way, it can maximize benefits on early childhood development. Taking dance classes allows young children to be more physically active, more comfortable in socializing with their peers, and encourage cognitive development. If you have a very young toddler and would like to start slow, try our You&Me: Parents/Toddler interactive class first and see how your little ones handle it. We know that taking the first step can be the hardest, but we guarantee that both you and your little dancers will be thankful for your choice later!

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Local Hip-Hop Classes for Kids & Toddlers

Posted by Brittany, Dance To EvOLvE on Sep 30, 2014 2:04:00 PM

There are so many types of dance styles available, it can be hard to find one that your child is interested in.   Along with the many kids dance classes out there comes the common questions, what dance styles are good for ages or personality types? What does each dance style offer? One of the most popular these days is hip-hop classes for kids and toddlers. Read on to find out if hip-hop dance classes will prove to be a good fit for your kids!

local hip hop dance classLocal hip-hop classes for kids in Chicago focus on creativity, coordination, and listening skills. These kids dance classes are great for expression as their own personal dance style can shine through. Hip-Hop promotes individualism and expression of all kind. Your child will be encouraged to be nothing other than themselves in this exciting, fast paced environment.  Chicago offers several opportunities for hip-hop as well as chances for creativity. Check out our schedule page to find a local kids dance class that is right for your little groover.

What Personality Type is Best For a Hip-Hop Dance Class?

Hip-hop can fit with lots of different personality types but those with a creative, energetic, fast paced brain may be a perfect candidate for this dance style. Local hip-hop classes for kids in San Diego are great for a variety of ages. Take the time to find an appropriate local dance studio and once that is done, see what ages are common for the hip-hop dance classes. Hip-hop can be catered towards any age, even for toddlers as young as two. Check out Kid Ventures in the 4S Ranch neighborhood of San Diego.  It has an imaginative play space and fun classes to enhance your toddler’s creativity. 

Hip-hop is a great dance class for a child to start with because it introduces creativity, individualism and basic moves. Your child will learn how to express themselves, dance with those around them and increase confidence by testing out any new moves they may have.  Local hip-hop classes for kids in Seattle are a perfect way to start your kid in a new activity. It’s hard not to enjoy a dance class that plays some of the latest beats and introduces some of the latest moves.  With all the amazing creative and cultural opportunities in Seattle, make our kids hip-hop dance class the stop local hip hop dance class

What Does Hip-Hop Really Entail?

There is sometimes a concern that hip-hop can be questionable for children or involve inappropriate music. While that can be the case in certain circumstances, it is not the spirit of hip-hop. Hip-Hop is a form of self-expression that involves energetic moves, such as popping and breakdancing, all within appropriate measures with appropriate music.  The main idea is that there are no wrong moves here and your superstar is free to create any original moves as well as test out some they have been working on. If you have a child who doesn't show a particular interest in dance but is into some serious ninja moves, check a hip-hop dance class out! You will be amazed how much they get into it. All styles and moves are free to be expressed here.

EvOLvE wants your child to have a blast when dancing as well as grow physically and mentally.  According to, “dance helps children physically, emotionally, socially and cognitively.”  Taking a local hip-hop class for kids is a great way to help your kid grow to their full potential.  These kids dance classes teach so much more than just basic dance moves. We hope that this information helped. As always, if you have any more questions or comments, please feel free to let us know or check out our twitter page for neat information on ballet and tap.

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Local Tap & Ballet Kids Dance Classes

Posted by Brittany, Dance To EvOLvE on Sep 12, 2014 1:26:00 AM

There are so many types of dance styles available, it can be hard to find one that your child is interested in. Along with the variety of kids dance classes available comes the common questions, what dance styles are good for ages or personality types? What does each dance style offer? These are great questions and we are here to answer them! Read on to find out if ballet and or tap dance classes for kids will prove to be a good fit!

Ballet Dance Class for Kids

kids ballet dance classLocal ballet classes for kids in San Diego focus on ballet technique as well as strength, balance, and grace. A pre-ballet dance class is good for kids as young as 2, but when advancing to higher levels of ballet, it is best if your child is six or older. San Diego has a ton of great ballet schools as well as ballet performances you and your child can go watch and see if that is something that might interest them. Is there a lot of twirling in the living room? What about a lot of tutu shopping? If so, a ballet dance class may be a perfect fit for your child!

Tap Dance!

Along with ballet dance classes comes local tap dance for toddlers in Chicago. Tap is an energetic and expressive way for your kid to make some noise, learn some moves and listen to fun tunes. It’s that type of dance style that makes everyone feel good! If your toddler is in love with those shoes that make noise or tapping their little feet on all of your hardwood floors, give tap dance class a shot! Tap is great for all ages as it involves learning basic motor skills, rhythm and musicality. Chicago offers so many dancing opportunities as well as kid friendly activities.  Check out a play at the Chicago Children’s theater and then try a tap dance class in the afternoon. 

Ballet/Tap Combination Classes

The great thing about local tap and ballet dance classes is that they go great together! Can’t decide on one? No problem. Combination dance classes in Seattle are an excellent option for your little one. In dance classes such as these, your child will develop dance, listening and coordination skills as well as fundamentals in both tap and ballet. Check out the Seattle Aquarium for an exciting morning and a combination dance class in the afternoon for a fun filled day.

All dance classes offer development of muscles, enhanced self-esteem and social skills.  Kids ballet and tap classes are specifically great for self-expression. Who doesn’t feel great after tapping around on a dance floor or being a graceful ballerina for a day? Tap and ballet are a great foundation for all other styles of dance because they teach the basics such as posture, movement and coordination. Make the dancing even more fun by doing it in vibrant areas such as San Diego, Chicago and Seattle.tap dance for toddlers

EvOLvE wants your child to have a blast when dancing as well as grow physically and mentally.  According to, “dance helps children physically, emotionally, socially and cognitively.”  Taking a local ballet class for kids or a local tap dance class for toddlers is a great way to help your little one grow to their full potential.  These kids dance classes teach so much more than just basic dance moves. We hope that this information helped. As always, if you have anymore questions or comments, please feel free to let us know or check out our twitter page for neat information on ballet and tap.

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Local Dance Lessons for Toddlers

Posted by Brittany, Dance To EvOLvE on Aug 28, 2014 1:49:00 AM

Searching for age appropriate local dance classes for toddlers can prove to be a struggle at times. You want your toddler to be challenged in their dance class but not so much so that they feel overwhelmed. Luckily, Dance to EvOLvE has locations in San Diego, Chicago, and Seattle where we offer a wide variety of kids dance classes. If you are in another area, we are here to provide some helpful tips when looking for an age appropriate dance class for toddlers.

Check Out The Current Dance Classes Offered:

toddler dance lessonsWhen searching for a local dance lesson for toddlers, check out the current dance classes offered. Are there a variety of classes for all ages?  Do the dance classes accommodate to the appropriate ages such as with music, moves and parent involvement? It is important that the dance studio offers local dance classes for specific, target age groups such as 2-3 so that the toddlers are developing motor skills as well as benefitting fully from the others around them.  You wouldn’t want your 2 year old doing the same activities that the 10 year olds are doing!

Next, you want to look at what types of kids dance classes are offered at your local dance studio.  Are only hip-hop classes offered? What about creative movement classes? It is very important to find the right local dance class for your toddler, as it will allow them to grow and succeed. Once your toddler has mastered one, then you can advance to other classes. Popular dance lessons for toddlers are creative movement classes, hip-hop classes and combination classes that include a mixture of tap and ballet.

Take Note On What Your Toddler Is Interested In:

One of the most important things you can do is take note on what your toddler is interested in!local toddler dance class If you are noticing a lot of twirling and tapping around the house, take a look at local dance studios that offer dance lessons for toddlers in ballet or tap.  Once you have that narrowed down, then you can look at the professionalism of the studio, the cleanliness and the philosophy.  Does the studio place a high emphasis on ensuring the toddlers feel welcome? What about laughs and smiles? An age appropriate local dance lesson for toddlers will have the perfect balance of fun, learning and challenge.

Make Sure The Music & Moves Are Age Appropriate:

Another important factor to look into when finding an age appropriate local dance class for toddlers is the dance moves and the dance music. Not only do the dance moves need to be appropriate but they should also be catered towards the age of your toddler. For a 2 year old, advanced ballet technique should not be introduced yet. Rather the toddler dance class should be focused on practicing coordination, as well as developing the motor skills and learning how to move to the music. The dance music also needs to be catered towards the age of the toddler. A two year old in a ballet dance class should be dancing to different music than a ten year old in a hip-hop dance class.  To ensure the music and dance moves are appropriate, take a trial class at a local dance studio or try a few different ones before settling.  There is nothing wrong than taking the time to find the perfect local dance lesson for your toddler.

local toddler dance lessonAn age appropriate toddler dance lesson makes all the difference.  This age is crucial for your toddler to grow, learn and try new things. According to, a two year old should be able to follow simple instructions as well as imitate the behavior of those around them. Dance to EvOLvE wants your toddler to reach their full potential while experiencing lots of smiles and giggles. A great way to do this is to find a fun, exciting and age appropriate local dance class for  your toddler.  We hope you found this guide helpful.  If you have any further questions or comments do not hesitate to let us know!  You can also check our Facebook for lots of neat information on dance lessons for toddlers. 

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Five Things To Look For In A Children’s Summer Camp!

Posted by Brittany, Dance To EvOLvE on Apr 25, 2014 1:25:00 PM

With summer just around the corner, time is ticking and the pressure is on to find the right summer camp in San Diego for your kids! But don’t worry! You’re not alone and we have put a helpful guide together to help you in your search for the perfect children’s summer camp!

1.  The first and most important thing is the staff:

Every parent is worried about whom they will be leaving their children with all day and that is a completely normal and important concern. That is why it is important to look for a camp which hires experienced staff that will make you and your child feel comfortable. The more experience the better! Try and look for staff that is child friendly and will help your kids feel welcome when they come to camp alone. Other than the friendliness, make sure the camp leaders have been thoroughly inspected by the organization and have passed a security check. If you aren't sure as to what reputable staff looks like, take a look at the EvOLvE list of friendly teachers and read about how we select our awesome staff!


2.  Look at the goals:

When choosing a summer camp in San Diego, it is important to look for the goals that they have set for the children! Make sure summer is not only a time for fun but for learning
as well. The best camps will provide a variety of activities for your children which will enhance your child’s learning skills, and improve their social skills along with teamwork! Look for a camp which really emphasizes the skills you would like your child to develop and is supportive in your child’s dreams!

3.  How hard do they push?

It seems like a weird question at first but it’s definitely one of some importance. During a day camp your child will be kept busy with different sorts of activities. Although these activities can be healthy and beneficial, it is important to not push children too hard and allow them plenty of breaks. Ask about the amount of breaks they will be getting throughout the day, how many potty breaks, snack breaks, etc. What about downtime? Is there a time in the schedule when the kids can take a break from all of the commotion and listen to a story or take a short nap? Even with just a day camp, kids might get overworked and tired so be sure to check if the summer camp you’re looking at provides the right combination of fun and relaxation. For a great reference on how a camp schedule should look like. Check out San Diego's EvOlvE's camp schedules and Chicago's camp schedules SummerCampSanDiego

4.  Communication

As a parent, it is not pleasant being left out of the loop and not knowing what your child is up to all day. Make sure that the camp you are looking at supports open communication between parents, staff and children. Also, as a parent, you want to stay included and have access to any information about your child at all times. It makes you feel comfortable and safe leaving your child in their hands every day.

5.  Fun!

Last but certainly not least, ask yourself if your child will really enjoy this camp! Don’t settle for an average summer camp. Summer is a time for adventure and fun, a time to let your child’s curiosity soar. Dance to EvOLvE prides itself on providing children opportunity to have an amazing time learning and creating with their wonderful teacher. Kids love it and it's not only fun but also beneficial for them. So talk with your children and find out exactly what they want and sign them up for a camp, such as a Summer dance camp in San Diego for example, that will provide them with a variety of activities, challenging and fun, and one that they will miss when they are finished with! This will save a huge hassle of having to switch camps or rearrange plans!

Make the most of this summer and be smart with your decisions! We hope you consider some of these questions when searching for a summer camp in San Diego. Let us know if there are any additional tips for choosing camps or if you have any comments, don’t be shy!


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5 Easy Steps to Enhance Your Child's First Dance Class Experience

Posted by Brittany, Dance To EvOLvE on Feb 28, 2014 11:45:00 AM

The first day of dance class is something to be excited can also raise a lot of questions, though! What should we expect? How can we get ready? What will we experience and what does my child need to wear? In hopes of answering these questions (and more!), we've outlined a few things you can do for your dancer to give them a fanatistc first experience.

1. Talk About The Class Ahead Of Time:  It’s a great idea to talk about the new dance class beforehand so that your dancer knows what to expect.  For the toddler dance classes and older, it’s important your dancer knows ahead of time that you will not be going into the room.  Offer ongoing encouragement such as “I’m going to be so proud of you to watch you dance with the big kids.”  “I will be right outside if you need me.”  “You are going to have so much fun.”  “We will do something special afterwards for my big boy/girl dancer like get ice-cream.” “You are in a big kid class now, so mommy’s/ daddy’s have to sit outside.”   This way, there are no surprises.

kid's dance class

2. Meet The Teacher Ahead Of Time:  Use the teacher’s name when talking about the class ahead of time and show them the dance teacher’s bio and picture to get your tiny tot excited to meet their new teacher.

3. Bring A Friend:  It always adds to the fun and eases any butterfly nerves to have a friendly face with you. Invite a friend to join by having them schedule a trial dance class.

4. Come Dressed Appropriately:  It also helps, especially for the young dancers, to understand they are going to a structured class (versus unstructured playtime) if they are wearing the appropriate clothing.  We do not require you to buy anything specific, but get creative on the clothes choices to make them feel like a dancer.  If you are ready to make a purchase, receive 10% off your first order with by using Dance To EvOLvE's code TP35961. You will also find affordable dance attire and shoes at stores such as Target, Payless, and sometimes Walmart.  If you do not have the ballet or tap shoes, just let your dancer know you are going to try it for today and if s/he likes it, then you will get the fun dance shoes. 
dance class with your child

5. Get Involved:  If your dancer is participating in Baby Boppers or Magical Munchkins the more you get involved, the more engaged your dancer will be and the sooner they will start doing the activities on their own.  If your dancer is in an older class, just stay near-by (at least that first day) so s/he has the visible comfort of you close-by.

Remember, every dancer’s first experience will be different, depending on their age, the type of class they attend and their past experiences. And yes, tears are normal! Adjusting to a new activity can take time and it is very common for it to take a few classes before a new dancer is comfortable and fully engaged. The best thing to do is give it some time because only time will tell.

We can't wait to get dancing with your little one!


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Toddler Dance Class Can Benefit Your Child

Posted by Brittany White on Oct 3, 2013 5:01:00 PM

toddlerdanceclassThis is an age-old question that parents have been wondering about for years. Your little one can start benefiting from dance class from as early as 6 months, but ultimately, it is up to you, the parent to determine when you want your child to begin; depending on what you deem is best for them.

As a teacher and founder of the toddler dance class here at EvOLvE, I can say without a doubt that my dancers never cease to amaze me. At the rate their minds are still growing and expanding, this is a prime time for them to start learning dance and developing the motor and coordination skills that dance teaches. Toddlers are very versatile and you’d be surprised at the vast amounts of knowledge that they can absorb.

Dance to EvOLvE offers a YOU&me parent interactive class for little ones as young as 14 months all the way up until 2 years. Now you may be wondering, “Is this class going to include all the fancy terms and the same structure as a regular ballet class?”   Of course not. toddlerdanceclass

But what we do offer is a fun and creative learning environment in which your little one can start developing essential life skills, such as coordination, social skills, understanding the connection of music to movement, and can help forge a deeper bond between parent and child as well.

What if your child is younger or older than those defined ages? It’s important to keep in mind that every child develops differently, so slightly younger or older students are perfectly acceptable. For example, a 12-month old can enjoy and benefit from the class, but will be physically limited...and that’s okay!Creative Movement classes have a general and more relaxed format to accommodate the various ages.

Students who are eligible for older classes are still welcome to take the Mommy or Daddy & Me class if the parent feels the child is not ready to advance or if the parent is simply looking to get that special experience with their child. toddlerdanceclassMany dance studios say that 3 years old is the average age for a student to start learning dance but there is so much dancing fun to be had before then. 

If you’re simply looking for a class that introduces movement, music, and’s never too early to start! Get them dancing!

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