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5 Easy Steps to Enhance Your Child's First Dance Class Experience

Posted by Brittany, Dance To EvOLvE on Feb 28, 2014 11:45:00 AM

The first day of dance class is something to be excited can also raise a lot of questions, though! What should we expect? How can we get ready? What will we experience and what does my child need to wear? In hopes of answering these questions (and more!), we've outlined a few things you can do for your dancer to give them a fanatistc first experience.

1. Talk About The Class Ahead Of Time:  It’s a great idea to talk about the new dance class beforehand so that your dancer knows what to expect.  For the toddler dance classes and older, it’s important your dancer knows ahead of time that you will not be going into the room.  Offer ongoing encouragement such as “I’m going to be so proud of you to watch you dance with the big kids.”  “I will be right outside if you need me.”  “You are going to have so much fun.”  “We will do something special afterwards for my big boy/girl dancer like get ice-cream.” “You are in a big kid class now, so mommy’s/ daddy’s have to sit outside.”   This way, there are no surprises.

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2. Meet The Teacher Ahead Of Time:  Use the teacher’s name when talking about the class ahead of time and show them the dance teacher’s bio and picture to get your tiny tot excited to meet their new teacher.

3. Bring A Friend:  It always adds to the fun and eases any butterfly nerves to have a friendly face with you. Invite a friend to join by having them schedule a trial dance class.

4. Come Dressed Appropriately:  It also helps, especially for the young dancers, to understand they are going to a structured class (versus unstructured playtime) if they are wearing the appropriate clothing.  We do not require you to buy anything specific, but get creative on the clothes choices to make them feel like a dancer.  If you are ready to make a purchase, receive 10% off your first order with by using Dance To EvOLvE's code TP35961. You will also find affordable dance attire and shoes at stores such as Target, Payless, and sometimes Walmart.  If you do not have the ballet or tap shoes, just let your dancer know you are going to try it for today and if s/he likes it, then you will get the fun dance shoes. 
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5. Get Involved:  If your dancer is participating in Baby Boppers or Magical Munchkins the more you get involved, the more engaged your dancer will be and the sooner they will start doing the activities on their own.  If your dancer is in an older class, just stay near-by (at least that first day) so s/he has the visible comfort of you close-by.

Remember, every dancer’s first experience will be different, depending on their age, the type of class they attend and their past experiences. And yes, tears are normal! Adjusting to a new activity can take time and it is very common for it to take a few classes before a new dancer is comfortable and fully engaged. The best thing to do is give it some time because only time will tell.

We can't wait to get dancing with your little one!


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Where should you buy dance clothes or shoes?

Posted by Brittany White on Dec 2, 2011 3:17:00 PM

This is a common question from parents with new or young dancers with an endless answer. There are tons of places that sell dance clothes and it depends on what you are looking for. For a nearby retail store, an easy internet search of “dance clothes stores” will bring up a few options. Those results will probably include a couple of privately owned stores. (Just confirm that they are selling what you are looking for as some of these stores may be directed towards partner dance styles.) You will also find results that include dance name brands such as Capezio. Many studios sell dance wear or their own studio branded wear and can be purchased on site. These types of places will definitely have everything that you are looking for, but it will come with a higher price tag.

For some more budget friendly options, I have a few suggestions. If you are comfortable ordering online, I think the best two sites are and (with Discount Dance being my preference). You will find absolutely everything that you need on these sites, including name brands and store brands for dance wear but at a much lower price. (If ordering from Discount Dance, receive an additional 10% off with our code of TP35961.) I am a store brand buyer as they work for me and are really great options, especially for tiny tots. Both of these sites also sell shoes. Again, for tiny tots, a basic pair of tap or ballet shoes are fine as they do not need the most expensive ones. As the dancer gets older, he or she may prefer different brands because of the way they fit or the quality (and therefore how long they last).

If you would like to make your purchase in person, Target, Walmart and other such stores will also sell basic dance clothes to include leotards, tights and sometimes tutus. (If you are in Southern California, Discount Dance has two retail locations.) Before you buy anything, I do suggest that you check your studio’s dress code policy. (Also check out our blog on dress code.) Final words, is don’t overbuy until you know if your child is really committed to dance and never overpay with so many options out there.

Brittany White, EvOLvE Dance Director

Tags: Dance Clothes, Where to buy dance clothes & shoes?