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What Are the Benefits of Combination Ballet/Tap Dance Classes For Toddlers?

Posted by Brittany White on Jan 28, 2015 11:55:00 AM

Time and time again, parents come to us talking about how much their children love either ballet or tap dancing. However, when they look at the ballet/tap dancing combination classes we offer, they wonder if it is necessary to study both of the dance styles at such a young age. So why do we offer combination classes rather than simple ballet or tap dancing classes for toddlers? Because, we believe exposure to more dance styles means more benefits to your young dancers. Both ballet and tap dancing can bring special physical and mental benefits that the other cannot offer. In other words, taking combination classes is a good opportunity for tiny dancers not only to master both ballet and tap dancing skills but also to learn the spirit and joy behind each dance and movement.

san-diego-ballet-dance-classBenefits of Ballet Classes For Toddlers:

There is no other dance form that exercises dancers’ muscles like ballet does. It works every part in the body from fingers and abdominals to bottom and legs. It helps develop long, lean and strong muscles, which are required for a healthy body shape. In toddler ballet classes, little dancers also learn coordination, balance and how to control their bodies in motion from moves such as lifts and toe points. Also, combinations that involve jumping and leaping increase heart rate, which can improve endurance, stamina and overall cardiovascular health. Thus, ballet dancing is an ideal way for toddlers to stay fit and healthy. In addition, one of the mental and emotional benefits that occur through the study of ballet is focus and concentration.  Ballet classes for toddlers boost little dancers’ concentration through the process of memorizing movements in sequence or specific details of poses using hands and feet. This type of concentration, which comes with the ability to learn faster, can be utilized in many areas of one’s life outside dance studios as well. Besides the physical and mental benefits of ballet dancing, we include this dance style in our ballet/tap dancing classes for toddlers because the skills learned in ballet are useful for other forms of dancing. For little dancers who are interested in exploring other forms of dance—such as jazz, hip-hop or tap dancing—ballet offers a solid foundation and serves as a great starting point.

Benefits of Tap Dancing Classes for Toddlers:Cute_tap_dances

Tap dancing classes for toddlers are beneficial to children in a different way than ballet. As for physical benefits, as dancers’ feet move continuously back and forth at a fast pace, tap builds strength in the legs and feet in addition to increasing flexibility in the hips, knees and ankles. Plus, the quick movements little dancers experience while tap dancing are sure to make them work up a sweat, and therefore burn their calories and increase cardiovascular conditioning. The mental benefits brought about in a toddler tap dancing class are unlike those of ballet classes as well. The disparity lies in the music. Tap dancing music usually consists of more beats and higher energy, while ballet music is inclined towards the softer, classical genre. The nature of tap dancing music allows young dancers to develop a great sense of rhythm and timing. To incorporate tap steps with the tapping sound made by the shoes while following the beats in background songs, a high level of music awareness is enhanced.

Ballet and tap dancing are two popular dance styles that totally differ from each other: ballet is graceful and classical while tap dancing is quick paced and entertaining. Even though you and your little dancers may have a preference for one of them, taking a combination ballet/tap dancing class for toddlers will maximize the benefits for young dancers. Toddler ballet dance classes help improve muscular strength, motor fitness, balance, focus and concentration, while toddler tap dancing classes promote strength in feet and legs, calorie burning, and a raised understanding of music and rhythm. Thus, our combination classes allow dancers to enjoy the benefits of both dance styles and develop comprehensive dancing skills at the same time. 

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