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New Miramar Location for Kids Dance Classes!

Posted by Brittany White on Feb 22, 2016 5:01:34 PM

As many people know, San Diego is worthy of the name, "America's Finest City". With the perfect weather, beautiful scenery, and endless activities, it is truly one of the best places to be. Dance to EvOLvE has proudly been a part of this wonderful city for eight years, and we are so excited to continue our involvement in San Diego. That being said, we now get to provide children's dance classes in Miramar! Miramar has so much to offer with countless kids activities, a less than 20 minute drive to the beach, and is also home to the Marine Corps Air Station.
This air station is named Mitscher field after Admiral M.A. Mitscher who was a commander in World War II. Most people, however, know this site as the location where the movie, TOPGUN, was filmed, in response to the training program that was offered here. 
In addition to TOPGUN, this air station is also home to the Miramar Air Show! This is one of San Diego's most popular events. At this show, visitors have the rare oppportunity of seeing the talented Blue Angels, the Navy's top pilots. Our new location, held at Flip Force, is literally right across the street from this Air Station. How Cool! 
Flip Force is a multi-sport competition gym providing many kids activities in Miramar including cheer, tumbling, trampolines, and more! We are so lucky to partner with them to now provide families with more children's dance classes in Miramar.                                    
Another great thing about our Miramar location is the surrounding shops! While your kids are in class, get a membership at the 24 Hour right down the street and get a workout in of your own! Or, UTC mall is only a short 10 minute drive away!  After class, grab some pizza at That's Amore or get some grocery shopping done at Miramar Cash and Carry!   Flip Force is also centrally located in San Diego between the 805 and the 15. This results in easy access from anywhere in the city. Miramar is a wonderful are and we are so excited to add to the list of kids activities in Miramar. 
We hope you will take advantage of this new location and join us at Flip Force. Dance to EvOLvE is always seeking to enrich the lives of our students and make a positive impact on them. We also truly believe in the impact that dance has on kids. It helps them not only have a healthier lifestyle and improve their coordination, but also teaches them how to better express themselves and grow into the person they are meant to be.   
We do have a FREE dance day available at this location! This free day is used as a teacher training day, so classes may be a bit larger than usual. However, it is a great way to see if your child enjoys the class and if it would be a good fit for them. Come check out the new kids dance studio in Miramar on Monday, March 7th by attending a risk-free trial! We will have a great variation of classes available to check out including ballet, hip hop, and tap for all ages. Click HERE to RSVP. 
 Miramar @ Flip Force 9282 Miramar Rd., San Diego 92126
Hope to see you at Flip Force soon!

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