What Our EvOLvE Parents Are Saying

A Parent of a Tiny Mover:  "We were not going to have our daugher in the recital and changed our minds. I thought she would just stand there on stage but she really enjoyed herself today. I want to thank you guys, especially Andrea, for helping my little shy girl come out of her shell a bit more. She is really loving dance and pretty much spends the whole day moving and singing."

A Parent of a Tiny Mover:  "My daughter loves Miss Kristen as do all the other girls in the class. We have had a few different teachers at other studios and she is by far the best! ”

A Mom of a Magical Munchkin:   "My daughter was not wanting to participate but I have to say the teacher impressed me with how she handled the situation. She was amazing and creative trying to get my daughter to interact. My daughter was having none of it:) but the teacher never gave up. I know I have said this before but I feel as though I have to say it again... The teachers you have are amazing. Their ability to adapt and to be in tune with the kids is exceptional. We are so glad to be a part of your program and hats off to the teacher for trying her best today!"

A Parent of a Star Shiner:  "We just finished class and Ms. Andrea was amazing! We loved it! Zoey asked to do it again as soon as she came out of class. ”

A Parent of a Magical Munchkin:  "Ms Laura is a truly fantastic instructor. Each girl in the class adores her probably because of her caring, patient and fun demeanor. My 2-yr-old daughter has been in her class for about 3 months and has gotten so much better at following directions from other adults. She loves it and looks forward to class each week! And her physical coordination is much improved as well...thanks for providing such a great program!”

A Mom of a Tiny Mover:   "My 3-year old loves her EvOLvE teacher! She had never been to a dance class before, but after working with the teacher, you would have thought she had been attending her classes for a year! After 30 minutes, my daughter peeked her head out of the class and enthusiastically announced to us "I like this class!!!" Each week she asks us when her next class will be! The teacher has the perfect combination of knowledge, skills, and personality to work with children. She is genuinely nice and caring to each and every student. She displayed great professionalism in answering all our questions. She is a wonderful instructor, and we are so happy our daughter has the opportunity to work with her. I recommend Dance To EvOLvE for all parents!" 

A Mom of a Dancer in Ballet Class:   "My daughter is constantly playing 'I'm Ms. Laura and you're taking my dance class.' She uses all the terms she has learned– passé, arabesque, heel-toe, etc. and leads her little sister, her dad and myself in a class, helping us out if we are doing a move incorrectly. She even gives us a sticker on our hand and a hug when 'class' is over. :-)" 
- A Parent of a 6-Year Old In Ballet Dance Classes In Lakeview, Chicago