Children's School Programs in Chicago

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* We have professional, talented, and reliable teachers for your school programs or as part of an after school program in Chicago.
* Our trained dance teachers come prepared, providing a fun, age-appropriate, and challenging curriculum while maintaining a well-structured and progressive after school program for kids.
* The music and dance moves are always age appropriate and will keep your kids moving and excited to come to the after school program.

Enhance your during, before, or after school program in Chicago with Dance To EvOLvE by choosing the program that is right for your kids:


This one-of-a-kind student directed leadership dance after school program allows your students to become the decision makers while working towards an end-of-session performance.


Programs for 3rd - 12th kids 

Flexible Chicago after school program to fit your schedule and budget.


Our talented dance teachers are dancers that will not only teach but inspire your kids as well.


End-of-session performance.

Daycares & Preschools.
For Kids in all Grades.

Flexible Chicago after school program to fit your schedule and budget.


Offer dance and music classes at your daycare or preschool.  Our 45-minute once a week classes create a fun, high-energy, and safe environment.

Pre-School & Daycares More Information

Parent Paid or School Paid

After School Pricing 
After school programs can either be parent paid (enrollment based), funded through the school with grants, the PTA, or fundraising, or a combination of parent paid and school funding.

School funded after school programs are based at $100-$125/hour. (Pricing varies based on location, length and frequency of the program.)

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Contact Laura, Chicago Manager, for more details.

Parent's Corner:   "Although it was only the first class for the Chicago after school program, I can't even describe in words how impressed I am! The kids were engaged and active throughout the entire session (the first time I've ever seen them like this with an outside provider). The teacher's energy and enthusiasm kept the kids focused and excited. The steps she demonstrated were clear and easy for the kids in the after school program to follow. I even had teachers and parents tell me they wanted to join. Thank you so much for providing a quality after school program with an amazing instructor!" -A City of Chicago Recreation Center Director With Feedback On Our Children's Dance Classes