Creative Movement Classes for Kids in Chicago

Creative Movement

It is normally a good idea to start Creative Movement dance classes from as young as 14 months up to 2 years. These organized and structured dance classes specialize in dance for young children.  They are used to acclimate little ones to the structure and energy of a dance class.  They are not as formal as a regular dance class, typically less structured and tend to sway their focus more on development and communication.  The young dancers will start learning key motor skills, listening skills, and work on following directions from someone other than their parents/ guardians. The term ‘Creative Movement' is used to describe the basics of dance such as:

*Listening to the music and learning to use their bodies to move with the music.
*Developing an expression of the body and the face.
*Creating awareness of their own body (where are different body parts located? How do they move?).
*Learning to distinguish the differences between movements (how does my elbow move compared to my fingers?).

Our trained EvOLvE teachers help your tiny dancer work on:
*Focusing on how to listen to the teacher and follow instructions.
*Learning how to move around an area with other dancers.
*Dance technique will gently be introduced to the class, but is not a main part of class.  We want them to be comfortable in their own movement and able to start moving on their own.

Two Reasons To Do A Creative Movement Class Prior To Introducing Technique:
1.  It is already part of the world your tiny dancers currently live in and therefore they will feel more comfortable to them.  It also makes it a more enjoyable class for them to be in.
2.  This is the best age to start developing awareness of different feelings/movement/music etc. The later you start, the more difficult it can be to develop those ideas.

Studies have shown that stimulation in the form of movement and sensory experiences during the early developing years is crucial. For more information, you can read about it here.

YOU&me Movement and Music Class

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