Tap Dance Classes for Kids In Chicago

Tap Dance Kids Tap dance gets it's name from the sound that tap shoes make when they hit the floor.  That makes the person doing it both a dancer and percussionist.  Here are some helpful tips for choosing the right dance class for your child in Chicago.


A Brief History of Tap Dance:

  • It was developed during the jazz era in the United States in the 19th century 
  • Tap dancing has a number of influences - two of the most well known are the Irish step dance and the African “juba” dance
  • In the mid 19th Century, tap dancing was considered a form of comedy
  • During the 1930s and 1940s tap dance was very popular.  It lost some appeal after that.
  • In 1989 the film, Tap, was made and helped to rejuvenate the interest in tap dancing.

Tap Dance Fun Facts:

  •  May 25 is National Tap Dance Day 
  • Tap dance is often known as Jazz dance since majority of the dancing was done to jazz musi