Dance To EvOLvE's 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Why A 30-Day Guarantee?
Dance To EvOLvE specializes in children’s dance classes, ages 14 mos - 12 years, when children are still developing their personal interests, emotions, and physical ability. We have 20 years of teaching experience, which is why we encourage you to allow your child to come to dance class for a month to decide if this is the right fit.  It is normal that the first class will most likely not go perfectly and is why we encourage a month.  It takes time for a child to become comfortable and to fully participate in a new class.  It is a lot of newness for a little one...a new activity, new location, new teacher, new friends.
(* This is not applicable for after-school or daycare/preschool programs.)

What Is The Money Back Guarantee?
We will work with you during the first month to see if any changes need to be made for your child. If during your 30-days, you find this is not the right fit, we greatly appreciate your open feedback, and we will refund you the cost of one month of classes, or four classes. (Registration fee is not refunded).  We want your child happy and thriving in any activity more than we want your money.

How To Cancel?
All you need to do is let the office know via email prior to your 30-days ending.  (No cancellations can be accepted through the teacher.) 
* The money back guarantee is only valid once per dancer.

What If You Want To Continue In Class?
Great! You are set-up for auto-renewal.  If you chose the automatic monthly renewal, your second month will be prorated as needed so that going forward you are on our payment schedule of the 28th of each month.  If you chose the automatic semester renewal, you are good to go and will see the next charge prior to the next semester starting.  (Note that semester prices change depending on length of semester.)