Dance! Design! Direct! Program

What is the 'Dance! Design! Direct!' program?
Do it all in this unique student-led class that goes beyond traditional dance classes.  The Dance To EvOLvE after-school program class blends instruction with creative freedom allowing the dancers to be the decision makers by exploring choreography, music selection, show management, and art and costume design for their end-of-session performance.  Dancers love this fun class because it allows peer interaction and truly lets their imagination shine. Parents love this positive and high-energy class because it builds confidence, teamwork and communication skills while also developing dance skills.

What is the program's curriculum?
Within a positive and high-energy environment, students work with an EvOLvE Program Mentor, in both group and individual settings.  Students will be individually mentored in music selection, choreography, lesson planning, and presentation skills in preparation for group work and mentored in performance management for upcoming shows.  The curriculum can be tailored to fit your current schedule and budget. 

What dance styles does EvOLvE incorporate?
Dance To EvOLvE encourages students to become the decision makers where they choose the music and style of dance they want to choreograph:  Hip-Hop, Jazz, Ballet, Contemporary, Tap, Salsa...

What ages are appropriate for the program?
Dance! Design! Direct! is great for a variety of ages because EvOLvE’s curriculum is catered to the students’ ages.  The younger students will receive a more structured curriculum that enables them to have fun and succeed, while the older students will have more creative and decision freedom to fully run their own program.  Typically the Dance! Design! Direct! program is a good fit for third grade and older.

What is the level of EvOLvE dancers?
EvOLvE is great for any level from beginner to advanced because EvOLvE’s curriculum will be catered to fit or challenge your students’ dance experience.

What else about the program?
Dance is an exciting, and often overlooked avenue to develop life-skills and personal character.  The Dance! Design! Direct! program enhances traditional learning by connecting artistic creativity to academic and personal development through a successful curriculum.  Here are a few ways EvOLvE is being implemented into schools:

1.  After School Program - PrimeTime
2.  An enrollment fee based after school program (parent paid)
3.  An after-school club
4.  During school hours to fill a wheel class or to partner with PE classes
5.  We love to think outside of the box and develop a way that works for you!

* Curriculum can be catered to fit regular or after-school hours.
* Curriculum can be catered for a short or long-term program.
* Appropriate for all ages and levels (boys and girls) because the curriculum is catered to each location.
* Students will take on ownership and responsibility that is age appropriate.  EvOLvE is self managed and does not add to your teachers' work load.

Already have a dance program at your site?
Great!  Compliment your current program and further develop your students by connecting the performing arts to leadership.  EvOLvE's curriculum is catered to fit your schedule and program.  We work with your teachers or existing programs to successfully implement the Dance! Design! Direct! program into your already structured classes.

Interested in having a dance program at your site?
Perfect!  Dance To EvOLvE can offer the Dance! Design! Direct! program after school program and/ or traditional dance classes.  Learn more about our two types of after school programs.