Dance To EvOLvE's Commitment

Because Dance To EvOLvE specializes in children's dance, we know that one lesson is not a great indicator of class fit for a dancer.  In light of our years of experience teaching young children and our commitment to offering a great dancing experience, we ask you to trust our expertise by committing to one month or session.

Our training and experience has taught us the following:

* Children, ages 14 mos - 12 years, are still developing their personal interests, emotions, and physical ability. It takes time for a child to become comfortable and to fully participate in a new class.  (The first class will most likely not go perfectly and is why we encourage a few weeks.)  

* We know parents are excited to get their child moving and grooving in class like they do at home.  This heightened expectation can sometimes cause frustration when the child's enthusiasm is not equal to when at home.  This is very normal.  It is a lot of newness for a little one...a new activity, new location, new teacher, new friends...and they need time to acclimate, feel comfortable and let their amazi-ness come out and shine.

* It's important to minimize distractions in class when working with children, and we are committed to offering the highest quality class possible for our registered and returning dancers.

Something isn't the right fit?  Or want to know if there are other options?  Please contact the Director, Brittany.  Because we want you and your child to be happy, comfortable and thriving, we will work with you to find the right class or teacher to fit your dancer's needs or personality.  We want your child happy more than we want your money.  Just call us to talk it through...we are happy to help!

At Locations Where EvOLvE Manages Registration*:
Realize after the first month, that it isn't the right fit?  Simply email us by the 25th of any month to cancel and not be charged for the next month.

Locations Include: 4S Ranch Kid Ventures, Scripps Ranch, Santee, Dance House

At Locations Where EvOLvE DOES NOT Manage Registration*:
Per city policy, you are allowed to request a refund through the City prior to the second class through their front desk, although we highly recommend continuing for at least one session to get an accurate idea if the class is a good fit for your dancer.

Locations Include:
Carmel Mountain, Allied Gardens, Tierrasanta, Point Loma, Nobel (UTC), Doyle (UTC), Ocean Air (Torrey Hills), Carmel Valley

* See here which locations have registration managed by Dance To EvOLvE or through the actual location. Classes with a registration link are managed by DTE. All other locations have registration managed through the City.