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Carmel Mountain/ Sabre Springs Recreation Center
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 CLASSES RESUMING IN FALL 2018!  See nearby summer class options.  Summer Camps Offered.

Summer Camps @ Carmel Mountain Rec Center

Registration and payment is the only part of our program that we do not directly manage at this San Diego location, which is taken online or at the Carmel Mountain Recreation Center's front desk (10152 Rancho Carmel Dr, San Diego, 92120). If registering for a kids activity in-person at the front desk, please see Carmel Mountain Recreation Center's hours of operation and call in advance to confirm registration can be taken, as it can vary from posted hours.

For more class options, see our full dance class schedule
For more information, see dance class descriptions or learn about our annual spring recital for our kids dance classes in Carmel Mountain/ Sabre Springs.

Pricing & Session Dates @ Carmel Mtn Rec Center

Although payment is organized in semesters or sessions, classes are designed to be ongoing and progressive, continuing throughout the year.  Simply re-register session to session. Enrollment is first come first served as places in class are not held.  Learn more details about registration at this location.

  SPRING 2018 
Dates & Pricing Options
SUMMER 2018 
Dates & Pricing Options
FALL 2018 
Dates & Pricing Options

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February 17  N/A Coming Soon

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Second Class Of Each Session N/A Coming Soon


3/8 - 4/19
7 weeks @ $120
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N/A Coming Soon


4/26 - 6/14
8 weeks @ $137
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N/A Coming Soon
FULL SEMESTER with 10% Discount
(Includes Sessions 1 + 2)
3/8 - 6/14
15 weeks @ $232
w/ 10% Discount
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Coming Soon

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Parent's Corner: "I am a mom of a student in one of the Tiny Movers classes. My daughter has really been enjoying her ballet/ tap dance class with the other children and looks forward to it every week! We are happy to be participants in the program!" -A Parent of a 3-Year Old Dancer In Ballet Classes at Carmel Mountain, San Diego

Carmel Mountain/ Sabre Springs Recreation Center (10152 Rancho Carmel Dr, San Diego, CA 92120)
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